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Posted 2/12/09
Ryou turned around at the commotion and stared at Eltron, confused. Everyone imitated him. We stared at Kisae, er Eltron, in awe and confusion. I didn't know what was happening, but I cared to listen of what Ryou was going to say.

Ryou: What are you talking about? I don't even know this girl! *points at Reiya* I don't think I've even met her before. But yet, she does seem familiar in a way...
Posted 2/12/09
Posted 2/12/09
Ryou: What the heck are you talking about?! Who are you?! Why am I even talking to you?! My younger sister died long ago during an accident and I've never seen her since! I don't even remember seeing you guys at all! What's with all this nonsense?!
Kyo: Ergh...let's get a move on, shall we? Of course Reiya doesn't want to listen anymore...Just look at her. It seems that all of her life and energy has gone out of her! Now shut it and start walking!
Posted 2/12/09
Eltron:Dont you dare talk to me like that Kyo

I forced her out of my place.

Kisae:Sorry Something came up!
Posted 2/12/09
Kyo: Pfft! Whatever. Come on, Reiya. *grabs Reiya by the arm and drags her*
Ryou: Let's go already! No more stalling!

Everyone began to ascend to the island again with Ryou still leading the way. I didn't pay much attention to where I was stepping on the coral pathway. So, Kyo had to support and help me along the way oftenly.

Reiya's thoughts: Ryou is right...Who's Eltron? I don't remember meeting her at I?
Posted 2/12/09
Eltron forced her way back but didnt dare say a word.

Eltron thots:Why are they so pushy
Verita thots:Dont know
Kisae thots:Well as long as she knows hes sa-
Verita thots:Kisae!

SUddenly Urin,Cink,Taniya,and Ashin stopped at Kisae's name.

Taniya:Dont tell me....
Cink:her limit came eariler!!!
Ashin:That cant be but Urin checked he said he did
Urin:I did but....why?
Tama:Wats happening?
Posted 2/12/09
Ryou groaned and turned around again. Kyo and I did the same.

Ryou: Now what?! What the heck is wrong?!
Reiya:...It's Kisae...
Ryou: What?
Reiya: Her "limit" has come. Verita and Kisae, er Eltron are able to control Kisae's body more functional now. That means that they can appear within her at any given moment...And...
Kyo: Kisae will die earlier. Her life is limited as well.
Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/12/09
Eltron's ear twitched at these words.Verita smirked and became wild.
Verita forced Eltron out and Verita no longer kisae's eyes turned a blood thirsty

Verita:Dont worry brother i WILL save you I promise and so does Eltron

Verita ran toward the dark forest but before she could get there,Cink
knocked her unconsious.

Verita:Curse HUmans
Taniya:Urin do you think she will come back
Urin:I hav faith in our Leader she will she told us she would never leave us
till we hav died with her
Posted 2/13/09 , edited 2/13/09
Reiya: *sigh* verita...u try too hard. just shut up and you will get ur bro bak. now is not the time.
Ryou: can we plz move on?!
Kyo: i agree wit ryou. stop stalling and keep moving!! we dont want another battle cuming up do we?
Reiya: yes...we shuld move on...come on!!!

Ryou bgan to walk bak up the coral path again. Kyo and i followed behind. i wasnt sure of the others, but i didnt care. i wanted to get outta this place as soon as possible. i didnt turn around again, no matter wat the subject was about.

-------------------------------------------------------The Coral Pathway--------------------------------------------------------
Posted 2/13/09
Urin looked at Reiya in disgust but had Verita on His shoulder and moved on.
Tama looked terrified.Taniya and Ashin went over to comfort him.Ashin put his
hand on tama's shoulder,and tama wiped it off.

Tama:Wats going on with sis.i know everything about her.
Taniya and Ashin:Not everything.
Cink:Lets get a move on

Urin followed Reiya and Kyo few feet behind,with the others close to Him.
Tama ran up to Reiya.

Tama:Reiya wats happening to sis?
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
i looked down at Tama beside me. my tears were gone but it seemed as if i were about to cry again. i sighed.

Reiya: its...sumthing...the girl dat Urin is carrying is not ur sister, Tama. its another person, er soul, living within her. she has two souls now as a matter of fact. i dont know how the heck she's getting all these souls and stuff but, its really bothering me now. the one rite there, behind us, is Verita. Kisae is still inside but she wont come bak out unless she forces Verita bak in. and the other soul? i suppose dats Eltron, a "new soul" dat was yelling at Ryou awhile ago. *Groans* this is irritating me...
Posted 2/14/09
The Assasin Crew trailed behind Reiya,Cink watching Verita for any moment
of his masters return.Then Urin whispered something in Taniya's ear.
Taniya passed it to Ashin,then Ashin passed it to Cink she said.

Ashin:(whispering)Urin said that her body right now is souless Master Kisae,and
the other souls wondered off(whispering)
Cink:(whipering)does he know where they are(whispering)
Urin:No clue

They contuined to follow Reiya,Kyo,Ryou and the other guard
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
still walking thru the coral pathways, i began to stare at the wall of water around us, amazed but yet nervous.

Reiya: hey...Ryou...wat will happen if the water fell down on us? wuld never do dat....unless u let go of the shell ur holding rite now. then we'd all get washed away. along with the shell. it will never appear again until it is created again. it takes years for dat shell to become whole.
Reiya: oh...o-ok *grips shell tighter*

i looked at the huge massive wall of water again. i saw some ocean creatures swimming within it. a whale, a few sharks, tons of different types of fish, and sumthing else...i wasnt sure of wat it was. it was too far away. A mermaid? I thought. No, it can't be. Don't be silly now, Reiya. Hehehe...
Posted 2/14/09
We reached the forest,and nearby was a village.When the first house came
into view Ashin was happy.If we could rest then Urin could see where Kisae's
soul went along with verita and eltron
Ashin thought.

Ashin;(whispering)Should we tell Reiya and Kyo(whispering)
Urin:(whispering)No t will cause more trouble besides i dont
think we should it will probably worry Reiya since they were like
friends forever(whispering)
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
Ryou: here you are. the mainland is just up ahead. this is just the beach for now.
Ryou: dont cause too much trouble or there will be sum consequences.
Reiya: of course...let's go Kyo.
Kyo: rite behind ya. *stands near Reiya's side* Hikari! Mamoru! Lets go!

Hikari and Mamoru ran up to me and Kyo. Then, we paced into the forest. A new land and area we're in now.

(btw r u goin to church? theres a wedding today)
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