[Jdrama] Teru Teru Ashita- Kurokawa Tomoka
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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
Teru Teru Ashita

Set in a town called Sasara, strange events occur one after the other. The episodes in this drama are interweaved tales from popular skilled author Kano Tomoko's books, "Sasara Saya" and "Teru Teru Ashita." In this new re-telling, we get a one-of-a-kind view of this fantasy world. The main character, Teruyo, writes of various parent-child relationships and also of couples' love. With a mix of mystery and horror genres, "Teru Teru Ashita" provides a little thrill as well as being a fantasy drama which allows you to understand love and kindness. So on Friday nights, won't you come and experience the warmth of a little town called Sasara?

Kurokawa Tomoka as Amemiya Teruyo
Kimura Tae as Mizuno Saya
Kaneko Noboru as Matsumoto Youta
Brother Tom as Suehiro Daihachi
Nakazawa Junko as Suehiro Masumi
Sakura as Mizoguchi Erika
Takabe Ai as Yamada Yoriko
Oomori Akemi as Hayashi Natsue
Fukuda Mayuko as Sawai Yasuko
Fuji Manami as Teshima Tamako

-credits to Dramawiki

I watched this drama a couple of months ago, and I know that it's kinda old, but the drama was great!! It's not exactly a romance drama or anything like that, maybe more of a family drama, but the town of Sasara is so memorable that it'll remain in your mind. I love how Kurokawa Tomoka (from Detective Conan for people who don't know) portrayed her character, Teruyo. It's also a great thriller, how a ghost named Yasuko, played by Fukuda Mayuko, keeps appearing before Teruyo, while Teruyo searches for Yasuko's past and how they are related. There are actually two protagonist as you can see from the picture, about a single mother played by Kimura Tae, but I didn't really find her part of the story that interesting. Who knows, maybe you will. I also love the opening theme, Unmei no Mukou by Hirakawachi Icchome. It's so folky and addicting!! So give it a try, it may not be your genre, but I, who am such a picky watcher, definitely liked it and definitely recommend it too!!

Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
it looks good :D
i'll condsider watching it
guahh but i wish there was a hott guy in it!~
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Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/12/09
^ i agree with you
Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/12/09
if it includes something scary..
IM NOT gonna watch it..
japanese horror movies are the scariest!!
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Posted 4/25/09 , edited 4/25/09
so?... this is horror?
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