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Posted 2/9/09
Meanwhile back in the hotel lobby…

After Sung Hoon and the others gave the new recruits instructions and about the meeting, they all went back to their rooms. “You think there’s something wrong with Matthew hyung?” asked Jae Jin. “Yeah,” said Jae Duc. “Did you see the way he held the new guy?” They began to shudder.

“No, it’s nothing,” answered Sung Hoon.

“You think maybe Matthew is gay?” asked Ji Yong.

“You’re the one who looks gay,” said Jae Duc, jokingly.

“Shut up!” yelled Ji Yong as he punched Jae Duc lightly.

The others began to laugh. Then Su Won said, “Could be though. I never saw him ‘be’ with a girl before.” Sung Hoon lets out a sigh. “Okay, I’ll tell you guys the real deal. But don’t let this get back to Matthew okay?” They all nodded and leaned forward to hear the story.

“It was like 5 years ago when Matthew hyung met this girl named Nam Mina….”

“She a babe?” asked Jae Duc, interrupting.

Sung Hoon gave him a look. “Yes, Duc-ee, she’s a babe.”

“Oh, okay,” said Jae Duc. “Continue.”

“Anyways, Matthew knew her before he met me. It turns out that she was the first person who ever really cared about him and Matthew fell in love with her. But you know how hyung is. He could never tell anyone exactly what’ s on his mind or how he feels. Instead of saying he wants Mina to be his girlfriend, he said he wants her to be his dongsang—“

“That’s stupid!” yelled Jae Duc, interrupting Sung Hoon. “Why he say that for? She’s a babe!”

“Sh..!” yelled Jae Jin, Ji Yong, and Su Won at Jae Duc.

Sung Hoon continued. “Well, Matthew ended up having this blood ceremony with her. They scarred each other’s back with their initial. It looks like a blood tie but later on I found out it was his symbol of promised love-“

“Ow..that must have hurt,” said Jae Duc, as he hugged himself. Jae Jin smacked him on the head for interrupting again.

“I think they knew each other for a year before they met me. At first I thought Mina was cute, but then by the way Matthew acts, I can tell she was off limits. See, Mina had this heart condition where air would suddenly be closed off and she couldn’t breathe. The only way to get air in was by this respirator—“

“The one hyung always carry?” asked Jae Duc.

“Yes Duc—ee,” said Sung Hoon, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, it was either that or mouth to mouth. Once when Matthew went collecting shells for Mina, I was walking along the shores with her. One of her attacks came on. I freaked out of course, but I knew what to do. I laid her down and I was about to give her CPR but then Matthew ran the speed of light and knocked me into the ocean and he gave her CPR.” The others started laughing.

“Dang, ain’t he a Romeo?” said Jae Duc, laughing.

Sung Hoon smiled. “It’s cause he loves Mina and didn’t want any other guy touching he. I mean, during school, if any guy talks about wanting to date her, Matthew made sure he didn’t. Oh yeah, Matthew hyung hasn’t always been Matthew. His real name is Ji Won. The ‘M’ scar on his back stands for Mina, not Matthew.” The others opened their mouths in shock. They never knew Ji Won had been this much in love before.

“How romantic,” whispered Jae Duc.

“Shut up hyung,” said Ji Yong. “Quit interrupting!”

“Okay, okay,” said Jae Duc, blocking himself from Jae Jin’s hand.

Sung Hoon began talking. “If there are no more interruptions, then I’ll continue.” He paused for a second and then continued. “The day before Matthew and I made it to Korea, he and Mina were supposed to get married. Matthew didn’t like his dad and there was this feud in their family on who gets the grandpa’s inheritance. Matthew got it, of course, and he took it all and left Hawaii. He took me and he was planning on taking Mina too. When he went to her house though, his uncle’s men were guarding the place and he couldn’t take her. He ended up leaving Hawaii without saying goodbye to Mina.” All of them remained silent.

Then Su Won spoke. “Last year hyung sent me out to get some news on Nam Mina. She had died drowning.”

Sung Hoon nodded. “Yeah but Matthew and I think she committed suicide. He think it’s because Mina can’t handle living with her stepmom, who always abuse her. If you ask me, I think Mina committed suicide because Matthew left her without any reason. I think hyung thinks that too but he won’t say it. I think he blames himself for her death and since then he hasn’t been the same. He used to be nicer and not this touchy. Also that’s why he’s never been with another girl. I mean, we see him flirt with other girls but none of us actually see him ‘be’ with another girl right?”

The others nodded in agreement. Sung Hoon continued. “About this new boy today. I think Matthew is losing it. He probably thinks when he sees the boy he is see—“ Sung Hoon stopped talking as he looked up. He finished his sentence with a “—See you later!” and he ran off.
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