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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
Ok, about 20 minutes excluding Op and Ed...

What did you think about the anime?

My opinion
It was basically too short, but it's alright. What the creators needed to do was put a little more time for each character. Putting a full length wise episode(about 24 minutes) would be more then enough for character development for each girl and the epilogue. If they had at least done that, I'm sure the ONA would be way more popular, but hey, it's a ONA, supposedly suppose to be short >.>.

Story: 6/10
Artwork/Animation: 9/10

Ichiru is Aida Hiro's childhood friend and loves dinner dates.
Sayo is compassionate towards animals and plays classical music.
Miyo is popular and gets ample attention from the boys.
Momoka is constantly harassed by children on her way to school.
Ayano is skilled at archery.
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