Which girl is better: Kyoko or Mio?
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Posted 2/9/09
Kyoko and Mio are just one person. But which one do you like seeing more: the strong Mogami Kyoko who vowed not to fall in love ever again and swore revenge, or the inferiority complex Hongo Mio from Dark Moon acted by Kyoko?

A little overview:

MY ANSWER as for me:
I love seeing our Kyoko developing along the way, and how she brought herself on her own since she was a kid. Nobody could ever live on their own like that at such young age, I don't think. But I love the mysterious character Mio Hongo even more, because not only was Mio the major role of Kyoko, but also Mio wasn't loved and treated well by her parents just like Kyoko.

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Posted 2/21/09
I love Kyoko's quirky, fun character. She's so easy to love and understand. The story lets us know Kyoko so much more and in a way, connect with her more than Mio. But Mio is a unique and powerful character. You could never forget a character like that and I almost wish there was a manga about her.. Mio is so much more terrifying, and just sends shivers down your spine when you see Nakamura-san's art.

It's so hard to choose. But since I'm a sucker for happy endings..and it's more likely Kyoko to have that happy ending, and that we'll actually see her grow back into a loving, beautiful character..and I want to see that more than I want to see Mio make others suffer..(although I'd love to see others freeze in fear at her glance more often in the manga) I would pick Kyoko Mogami.

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