Joe Cheng will be heading to the big screen this year
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Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
Father of the young Taiwanese artist Zheng Yuan Chang is addicted to his idol series [It Started With A Kiss] and [They Kiss Again]. He not only asked Zheng Yuan Chang for the female lead Lin Yi Chen's handphone number but he has also turned himself from a strict father to "buddy" and wants to have heart-to-heart talk with him, makes Zheng Yuan Chang feels weird about it and wants to 'run away'.

Last week, Zheng Yuan Chang was performing the stage play [Design for Living] in Singapore; it is this year's Huayi Opening Show.

Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have been playing as onscreen couple for numerous times already, after [It Started With A Kiss] and [They Kiss Again], [Love or Bread] will be their third [relationship]. So in the end Zheng BaBa has viewed Lin Yi chen as the best candidate to be his daughter-in-law. During the interview, Zheng Yuan Chang smiles and said his father is the same as the other fans from [It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again]: ["They" are too "engage" to the story, tremendously in love with Lin Yi Chen. Maybe he loves Xiang Qin (Lin Yi Chen's role) more than me, Ha Ha!]

Ever since his father has become the fans of [ISWAK & TKA], their father and son relationship has started to changed. Zheng Yuan Chang said: [Originally he is a very conservative and strict father. Now he has started to try to have heart-to-heart talk with me, like asking me what type of girls do I like, now it was me who are not used to his new behavior, so every time he wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with me, I will try to get an excuse and run away. My father has been asking me non-stop for Lin Yi Chen's handphone number, I didn't dare to give it to him because was afraid that he will be overly hyper about it and will want to have more heart-to-heart talk with me.]

The amount for his father's red packet will increase to 6 digits
Before coming to Singapore, Zheng Yuan Chang has went back to his hometown Taichung to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year he has a very good fortune: [Playing mahjong and won NT$600 in just 3 rounds. It was my first time to win this much in the recent years. We were playing healthy mahjong, so the amount of wining and losing will be very small, the main reason is to have conversation with the family while playing mahjong.]

When talked about fortune, Zheng Yuan Chang's father will be even more fortunate because Zheng Yuan Chang has given him by far the biggest red packet ever. Zheng Yuan Chang said: [2008 is a very good year for me, so I have prepared a very big red packet for him, wants him to know that my work are going smoothly and also as a token of appreciation to him.]

How big was the red packet? Zheng Yuan Chang was using his fingers on the table to count, almost unable to calculate the amount just by his 10 fingers, in the end he said: [This year is more that last year, about 6 digits in TWD.]

Able to have 'love relationship" with Sylvia Chang was a very great experience
Other than tv series and stage play performances, at the moment Zheng Yuan Chang is busy discussing about movies and record album. He said: [There are a lot of movies invitations but because this is my first movie so it will be very important, doesn't have to be the lead but hopefully the scripts will be heart warming.]

Looking back to the greatest gain that he had in the year 2008, Zheng Yuan Chang smiles and said: [To have 5 days holiday in Bali! I have been waiting for 2 years to have this holiday.]

While taking part in the stage play [Design for Living] is is another breakthrough for Zheng Yuan Chang, especially the experience for having a 'love relationship" with Sylvia Chang in the play, he said: [Enjoyed it very much because able to have close contact with her, able to smell her scent, very lucky, she contains the national treasure type of power.]

Both Hong Kong famous director Edward Lam and Sylvia Chang have been praising Zheng Yuan Chang. Edward Lam thinks that Zheng Yuan Chang is very different from the other male actors in the idol series, [Because other male actors will be compromising with the characters while Zheng Yuan Chang will add in his own personality, exceed the boundary of the idol series.]

Sylvia Chang said: [Zheng Yuan Chang is very special, it has been a while for me to see an actor who could takes on comedy and drama, he still has a long road to go.]
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good luck to him
love u,joe cheng<333
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keep it up! and i hope they will really end up together in real life!
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