TRENDY : Rules and Regulations
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Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09

• NO severe cursing/bad mouthing/swearing
• Please, at least try to nice to everyone, okay?
• NO giving out of too personal information to people you are not very familiar with, besides your first name, age, etc. Surnames, address, telephone #s are too personal, and are not to be demanded of, or to be given
• Respect moderators, and me, the creator
• Rating: PG-13; NOTHING indecent, or pornography allowed. And I mean it. >:(
• Observe equality; discrimination of races, or any other similar to the like, is NOT allowed
• NO spamming unless allowed to in forum games
• Report problems or errors in the group's system to a mod or the creator immediately
• NO advertising of one's group; just ask for it to be put in the "Affiliates" section, and it will be put in, so advertising is discouraged
• Fighting, arguing over petty matters, and the like are prohibited

WARNING: Those found violating any of the following rules above will be punished by being booted from the group, or maybe even banned. Keep aware.
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