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Posted 2/10/09
Hi, there. The name’s Choi SunMin. I’m probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Because you don’t know a single thing I’m thinking. That’s right; underneath that adorable, sweet smile of mine…I’m manipulating you to my own will. And why can I do that? ‘Cause I’m the cutest thing alive, and no one can say no to me.

I heard about Seoul High School. Apparently they have some seriously hot guys there, so I convinced my parents to transfer me here because the “education” is better. They’re such losers. I can’t believe I’m actually their child.

So the teacher introduced me, yeah, yeah, get on with it. Hmm…I need a victim to give me the scoop on this school. Well, since I’m sitting here, I’ll ask that poor sucker next to me.

“Excuse me?” I say in my really sweet voice. “Would you mind showing me around this school during break?”

“Oh, of course!” she answered enthusiastically with a smile. Bingo.


The teacher was such a bore. Seriously, why do they even hire them? It’s not like any of us learn anything. Well, except nerds but they don’t count.

“My name’s Kim MiYoung, by the way,” the girl introduced. Yeah, like it matters.

“It’s so nice to meet you! I just know we’re going to be great friends,” I responded. That is until you lead me to my hotties.

God, this girl actually thinks I CARE about this school. Whatever, classrooms, teacher’s lounge, gym, cafeteria. Oh…

“Wow, who are they?” I asked her, pointing at the group of students eating in the courtyard under this tree.

“Oh, that’s Super Junior, the most cutest guys ever,” she gushed. I smirked inwardly. Perfect. “They kind of do their own thing in school, but on some days, they’ll perform at this really popular café.”

“Really?” asked I as innocently as the rest of our conversation has been.

“Really, that’s LeeTeuk, their leader – he’s the Student Council President. He’s like an angel; one cute speaker, he can probably convince you to do anything.” Not interested, he sounds like a handful. Next.

“HeeChul: he’s probably the prettiest boy you’ll ever meet. He’s a bit arrogant but that just makes him all the hotter.” Pretty boy with an attitude? No, thank you.

“HanKyung: he’s from China and has the most adorable accent ever. He’s such a good cook, too, which is why he’s part of the Cooking Club.” Cooking Club? That is so lame. Moving on.

“YeSung: he’s so clueless, it’s cute. He’s really funny, too. He has an amazing voice. He’s in the Photography Club because he really likes taking pictures of himself.” Because a clueless boy with an obsession with himself is SO attractive.

“KangIn: he’s really strong. He can probably beat anyone in this school at arm-wrestling. His muscles are so hot. He’s captain of Taekwondo.” Ugh, attractive muscles, been there, done that.

“ShinDong: he’s chubby, but I think he’s pretty cute.” Don’t care, next. “He’s part of the dance club and practices with SuJu after school, too. He’s really dedicated.” Not good-looking, next.

“SungMin: he’s so adorable! He can be so cute one minute and then really manly the next minute. He’s actually captain of the Martial Arts Club.” Oh, he has potential. I’ll put a check next to his name.

“EunHyuk: the funniest guy ever! He is also really nice, but he can be quite the tease. He’s also really sporty. He’s part of the Soccer Team.” Funny guys are usually not funny.

“DongHae: he’s really cute, too. He’s great with kids and an awesome dancer. He’s part of the Drama Club because he’s a really good actor.” Another cutie, check.

“SiWon: he’s so polite, it’s amazing. My parents would probably love him. He’s also really strong, though. He’s captain of the Basketball Team.” Ugh, parent-friendly is not what I’m looking for.

“RyeoWook: he’s the most gentle and sensitive guy you’ll meet. He has a really nice voice, but he’s in the Music Club only as a pianist.” He’s cute, but sensitive guys are way too clingy.

“KiBum: he’s really shy, but he has the most KILLER smile. I don’t really know much about him, but he’s a good actor, too. He’s in Drama with DongHae.” Hot, but shy? Geez, killer looks and no backbone? No way.

“Wow, they’re such a diverse bunch of people. They all look really nice, too.” I might as well pretend I actually care about all of them. But right now, I just have to see how I’m going to get down there and get close to…

“Hey, who are those girls?”

“Oh, that’s Anna, HyeSun, and HaNeul.”

“Anna’s SungMin’s girlfriend: she’s really cute and sweet. They’re one of the cutest couple ever.” I’m so much cuter, but whatever, not worth the trouble.

“HyeSun is DongHae’s best friend: she’s crazy and like a child. I think she may have a crush on DongHae.” Psh, like that matters, he’s going to be mine.

“HaNeul is DongHae’s sister.” Awesome, I’ll use her. I snuck away to go to the bathroom and make myself prettier. Not that I’m not pretty already, but hey, a little make-up couldn’t hurt.

“She’s-SunMin?” MiYoung stopped when she realized the transfer student was no longer standing behind her.

Hmm, it would look too suspicious if I went right now. I’ll talk to her after-school.


So I ditched that stupid girl from earlier. I think she ACTUALLY wanted to be my friend. Get real. Get a life. I also realized that HaNeul (I thought she was a guy at first though. Man, does she not care what guys think of her? She’s even wearing the guy’s uniform) was in my class. This was too perfect.

“Excuse me, could you show me where the Drama Club is? I’m new at this school but I’m really interested in joining. I’ve always loved performing in front of others.” She stared at me indifferently. Her stare was sort of chilling, but I’m not that easy to scare off.

I put on my sweetest voice and even puppy-dog pouted. “Please?”

“Follow me,” she finally said. Oh, this is just too good.

“Thank you so much!” You’re too easy. I followed her like she told me. It was taking ages to get there; I should not have to walk this much for a guy. She finally stopped and opened a door. I smiled victoriously. But once I walked in to the room, there was no one there.

“Um…does the Drama Club meet here later?” I asked. I felt a chill up my spine when the girl laughed.

“No one uses this room.” My eyes widened, but then I chuckled nicely.

“Why would you lead me to an empty room?” She glared at me with extremely piercing eyes. Something tells me, I picked the wrong person to use.

“I’m sure you’ve probably fooled a lot of people in the past with that ADORABLE smile of yours. But I can see through that fake attitude of yours from a mile away. It’s an odd time for a transfer student to just pop out of no where, wouldn’t you say?”

Crap, she can see right through me? Bull shit! No one has been able to see through me before. “My parents moved here because of their job. There was nothing I could do about it.”

“Lies, that’s all you’re feeding to me. But I’m not biting.” She smirked widely. “You can stop faking it. I’m not letting you anywhere near my brother or KiBum.”

“But-” I tried weakly. Her glare toward me intensified. Her eyes seemed to have flashed a dangerously blood red.

“Do yourself a favor and transfer out of this school. I’d better not see your face around here tomorrow. Or else, that pretty face of yours…won’t be so pretty.”

She walked out and closed the door behind her. I fell on my knees from being unable to support myself any longer. How…how could this have happened? My plan was perfect.


The next day, SunMin didn’t come to school.


HaNeul made her way to the Drama Club after she left SunMin in the empty room.

“HaNeul~” Suddenly, a girl attached herself around her neck.

“HyeSun, get the fuck off of me,” she stated bluntly with no emotion. The older girl chuckled.

“Aww, don’t get mad, HaNeulie. You know what happens when you get too mad!”

“You’re just testing my patience for fun, aren’t you?” The other girl nodded enthusiastically.

A giggle could be heard at the two girls’ interaction. Anna asked the two with a smile, “What are you two doing in the middle of the hallway?”

“I jumped HaNeulie because I saw her. What were you doing anyways?”

“Scaring off the new girl, you’re typical bitch underneath a sweet smile.” Her eyes narrowed. “She was after DongHae or KiBum, too.”

HyeSun frowned at her answer and got off of HaNeul. Anna watched HaNeul with a close eye and was ready to calm her down if she needed to.

“HaNeul~” another one sang as the girl was once again glomped. Except this time, it was by someone a lot larger than HyeSun.

“Please act your age, Ding-Dong.”

“Hey, you should, too, and be more respectful to me!” DongHae complained childishly. “Most sisters would call their brothers, Oppa~.”

“Dream on.” She removed his arms from her neck and walked away, sticking her tongue out.

“HaNeul~” he whined as the other two girls laughed at him.

Once her back (and head) was turned away from him, she stared straight forward with an intense glare.

She promised herself that if anyone gets anywhere near DongHae or any of the other Super Junior boys with any ill-will at all; she’d rip their heads off and eat them alive.

"Who am I? Super Junior’s Bodyguard. And no idiotic girls are getting past me."
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25 / F / South Korea
Posted 2/10/09
“Okay, so…then you…” RyeoWook pouted, realizing he didn’t know the next step in the problem. HaNeul sighed.

“Do you even listen in class?”

“I do! I really do!” RyeoWook slumped down onto his desk. “I just don’t get math…it’s hard…”

HaNeul shook her head at him, hopelessly.

“HaNeul~” he whined.

“KiBum~” she whined.

The other boy smiled at the two, obviously amused.

“I’ve been trying to explain to him this problem for like…5 minutes now. I beg of you, before I shoot myself in the head.”

KiBum laughed and got up from his seat to explain to RyeoWook. At the same time, the door busted open with a very mad-looking SungMin.

“Uh oh,” HaNeul whispered. She tried hiding behind KiBum, who just gave her a confused look. While some of the freshman girls gushed that SungMin has graced his presence in their classroom, he glared over at the far corner of the classroom next to the windows where the Freshmen Super Junior sit.

“HaNeul!” he yelled as he stomped over. “You! You skipped the club meeting yesterday!”

“I had other things I had to do!”

“That’s not an excuse!”


“Not this time, Anna’s not here to save you!”

But before he could go on, the door slid open. The girls immediately blushed and giggled amongst themselves about how cute the guy was. HaNeul just shook her head and looked at the guy.

Sure, he was good-looking, but seriously? In her opinion, he looked kind of clueless, but then again, YeSung always looked clueless, too. She just shrugged and thanked him inwardly for diverting SungMin’s attention.

He turned to a nearby girl and asked innocently, “Is this Class 1-A?”

The girl turned a few shades redder and could only nod.

“Thank you.” As he walked further into the classroom, the girl turned to her friend and started squealing quietly.

“Lame,” HaNeul commented at the two. HaNeul chuckled at the two girls, who glared at her. She noticed the two girls’ (and the rest of the class’) expression change to unbelievable disbelief. She blinked in confusion and noticed that SungMin, RyeoWook, and KiBum were looking in front of her. She finally realized that there was someone standing in front of them.

“Is someone sitting here?” he asked HaNeul directly about the seat in front of her. She gave him a bewildered look. Out of everyone in the class, why the hell was he talking to her? She shook her head. He smiled at her and started unpacking some of his things before school started. She looked up at KiBum and SungMin with a “huh?” look. They both shrugged.

“Are you a transfer student?” SungMin asked politely.

“Oh, yeah. My name’s Cho KyuHyun. It’s nice to meet you,” he smiled at SungMin and shook his hand.

“He’s cute,” RyeoWook commented to KiBum, who gave him an odd look. KyuHyun cocked his head to the side, even more confused.

“Why are you telling me this?” asked KiBum.

“No, I’m serious! We should ask Teukie-hyung if he can join us! Can we, hyung?”

HaNeul snapped her attention at RyeoWook with a “what.” expression. He jumped a little in surprise, but sent his own but innocent “what?” expression.

SungMin, however, took RyeoWook’s suggestion into consideration. “That’s not a bad idea, Wookie…”

HaNeul suddenly felt alone in her belief that RyeoWook was momentarily insane.

“KiBum, please tell me you don’t think so, too?” she asked him in English. He thought about it for a few moments.

Finally, he asked KyuHyun, “Can you sing and dance?”

Yup, she was alone. The 3 boys started talking to the transfer while HaNeul decided to tune them out by listening to her MP3 and taking a nap.


“Yeah, and then he did this thing where he flipped his hair,” HyeSun cooed.

“You have to show me when we go home!” Anna replied, obviously excited. DongHae stared at the two incredulously.

“How long can you two talk about a bunch of guys?” he asked, exasperated.

“They’re not just a bunch of guys! They’re DBSK, one of the best boy bands ever!” Anna defended.

“And JaeJoong’s so cute!” HyeSun added with Anna agreeing.

DongHae pouted, “I’m cuter than him…”

“I’m sure,” HyeSun agreed sarcastically.

The door slid open and in popped SungMin, who looked about 10 times happier than he did when he walked out.

“Guess what? Guess what?” he asked, jumping up and down.

“What? What?” DongHae mocked. SungMin frown-pouted at him.

“There’s a new transfer student in Class 1-A and we’re thinking about adding him to our group.”

DongHae blinked in confusion, “We, who? Why?”

“You have to meet him! He’s really cool. I think Teukie-hyung will like him.”

“Well, it sounds like you really like him. You should introduce him to us during break,” Anna suggested. SungMin nodded with a smile.

“Oh~ An addition to Super Junior? He MUST be something special,” HyeSun commented. She pretended to have a microphone in her hand and started an “interview” with DongHae. “Super Junior, Lee SungMin, has just informed you about the possibility of a new member to your group. How are you feeling?”

“Uh…fine? I don’t really care, as long as Teukie doesn’t mind, I guess…”

“Man, you are so boring sometimes, you know that?”


“You two are always fighting,” Anna commented with a laugh.

“We do not!” they responded simultaneously. They glared at each other and turned the opposite direction.

Anna giggled at their reaction.


“WHAT?!” HeeChul exclaimed, standing up. The rest of the class turned towards them.

“Shh! Can you be any louder?!” HanKyung complained as pulled HeeChul back down on his seat.

“Wait, are you serious?”

HanKyung nodded. HeeChul laughed.

“Who?” HanKyung raised his eyebrow.

“I’m not telling you!”

“What?! Why not?” HeeChul whined.

“Because you can’t keep your mouth shut for more than 5 minutes!”

HeeChul scoffed, “I…” HanKyung gave him a look.

“Alright, fine! So maybe I can’t, but I promise to keep it a secret. So, pleeeeeeease, tell me~”


“Now, you’re just being unreasonable.”

“You’d make fun of me if I told you.”

“I promise I won’t.”

“You’re only saying that so I’ll tell you.”

“No, I’m serious. I won’t make fun of you.”

“You always say that but then you end up making fun of me.”

“C’mon, please, tell me!”




“Pretty please?”



“Alright, fine!”

He looked around to make sure no one was listening in and whispered into HeeChul’s ear. And of course…

HeeChul started cracking up in laughter. HanKyung put his head on his hand and groaned.

“I hate you,” HanKyung stated as a matter of fact. HeeChul smiled at him.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But I mean, I’m happy for you. Seriously, we all thought you had a crush on HaNeul for the longest time. Good to know that you have your sights sent on someone who you have a chance with.”

He was taken aback, “You guys thought I liked HaNeul?”

“Well, I mean…what DON’T you two do together?”

“Isn’t that what best friends do?”

“Whatever,” HeeChul smirked. “You want me to help you get her?”

HanKyung’s eyes widened. “No~ no, no, no, no, no…you…stay out of this. Do not, I repeat, do NOT help.”

“You’re no fun,” he pouted.

“Class is starting…” HanKyung ended their conversation. HeeChul sighed, but nonetheless turned around and pretended to pay attention to the teacher.


“So, then…for this part…I think we should do this,” EunHyuk demonstrated his dance move for the rest of the members.

“EunHyuk…you’re the only one who can possibly pull that off…” KangIn complained. “Please think of the other members when you’re choreographing the GROUP dance steps.”

Before he was given the chance to retort, the lower classmen showed up.

“Hey there,” LeeTeuk greeted.

Anna jumped up on the ledge that most of them were sitting on and SungMin followed, hugging her at the waist while standing. HyeSun followed Anna’s example and jumped up next to her.

HaNeul made her way over to HanKyung and told KangIn to move over. She started talking to him about this movie she was watching the other day.

KiBum looked over at SungMin as if saying, “Are you making me explain?” RyeoWook was making friends with KyuHyun. YeSung was the first among the seniors to realize…

“Who’s that guy?”

KiBum and RyeoWook exchanged glances.

“My name’s Cho KyuHyun,” he greeted with a polite bow. “I’m a new transfer student into Class 1-A.”

“Man, you’re attractive,” HeeChul commented bluntly. HanKyung hit him on the shoulder. “Ah, watch it! I’m sensitive!”

“We think he would make a good addition to the group,” SungMin joined in, so that things would start making sense.

LeeTeuk looked over at the underclassmen in wonder. Surely these boys wouldn’t make a suggestion to add this guy for no reason, so he decided to give him a chance. Before he had a chance to speak, HaNeul grabbed him by the collar and looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Now…Teukie-ssi, think wisely about your decision before you make it,” she warned. LeeTeuk blinked at her in confusion.

“Well, I think we should give him a chance before we decide anything. Besides, I have faith that RyeoWook, KiBum, and SungMin wouldn’t bring this up from out of the blue.”

HaNeul gave up. She concluded that the Super Junior boys have lost it for the day. So she didn’t care anymore.

She looked over at KyuHyun and jumped a little when she noticed that he was smiling at her. She glared at him slightly, thinking to herself, “Does this guy have something up his sleeves?”

“HaNeul, HaNeul, man, are you deaf or something?” HaNeul turned to her side, realizing that HanKyung had been talking to her.

“Sorry, you were saying?”

HanKyung gave her a weird look, but repeated what he said.

RyeoWook and KiBum congratulated KyuHyun, who smiled at them thankfully.


“HaNeul~ you’re not paying attention again!” SungMin scolded at the girl, who just scoffed and turned her head away from him. “Aigo~ what is wrong with you today?”

“I’m taking a break,” she stated with a sigh. SungMin watched the flustered girl walk over to her bag and snatch her water bottle out of her bag in frustration. When another one of the club members asked SungMin a question, he gave HaNeul one final look and diverted his attention to the member who was asking him a question.

“What the hell?” HaNeul complained to herself. “I can’t even concentrate because of that stupid guy!”

She bit her thumb in thought, “He must be planning something. I just know it…but what? I can understand if he was a girl, but what could a guy possible want to do with Super Junior?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by a cold drink held up to her face. She jumped and her first instinct was to kick the person in the face. Luckily for him, he was able to dodge due to his quick reactions.

“Whoa! Man, you are seriously off today,” HanKyung commented. “What’s up?”

HaNeul immediately felt guilty and put a hand to her face. “Sorry…I have things on my mind…why aren't you in Cooking Club?”

He blushed and shook his head at her with a smile. “No reason, I decided to visit you because I was worried.”

HaNeul frowned, “I don’t like him…”

“Give him a chance,” HanKyung replied, knowing who the he was. HaNeul sighed.

“Something…just doesn’t feel right when he’s around,” she commented, taking a sip out of the drink HanKyung gave her. “I can’t explain it, but I don’t like it. It’s unsettling. I don’t trust him.”

HanKyung laughed, “You don’t trust anyone.”

HaNeul looked at him sadly, knowing for a fact that he was right. HanKyung smiled at her and rubbed her head affectionately.

“Don’t worry. I know for a fact that you’ll find someone who you just can’t wait to tell everything to someday. For now, I guess I’ll be your vent, huh?” HanKyung laughed.

HaNeul glared at him playfully and hit him on the shoulder.

“Ow…” he rubbed the spot. “What has SungMin been making you do? Do you have more muscles than before?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I have the same amount.” (She’s making fun of HanKyung’s Hangul here. XD) She smirked, throwing a kick at HanKyung, who dodged it skillfully.

“C’mon, we haven’t sparred in awhile.”


"HaNeul~ C'mon, the boys are gonna start their practice soon~" complained HyeSun as she tried to pry the younger girl off of her butt and to the studio they were planning on meeting.

"Don't you want to see if KyuHyun makes it or not?" Anna tried reasoning. HaNeul merely glared up at her.


The two girls groaned in exasperation.

Anna smiled, "If you come, I promise to buy you a large strawberry ice cream cup with sprinkles, chocolate fudge, AND a cherry on top."

HaNeul immediately perked up. "Food?"

"Anna, you have to stop spoiling her!" HyeSun whined. "Now she expects me to buy her meals, too! And she's not cheap!"

"...Fine," HaNeul agreed.


As soon as the girls entered, they heard a voice they didn't recognize singing. It was powerful, expressive, and simply amazing. Focusing their attention in front of all the other boys, they realize that it was the new guy, KyuHyun.

"A new fantastic point of one to tell us no...or where to go...or say we're only dreaming."

HyeSun and Anna were stunned. "He's really good..."

HaNeul felt her heartbeat faster and immediately excused herself. He WAS good. And with his looks and that voice...Teukie will probably say...

"Welcome to Super Junior, KyuHyun!" LeeTeuk smiled at him.


The rest of the people in the studio turned toward the source of the voice coming from outside of the room in confusion.
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