[TUTORIAL] how to make brushes--
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09

picture used:

step 1:
-open up an image.(for example:legos)then click on the marquee tool.

step 2:
-then marquee the shape you want.

step 3:
-then click on edit.

step 3:
-then click on define brush set.

step 4:
-then save it.
-then go to your brushes.and it should be in there.then click on it.

step 5:
-then click on the top right hand corner.there should be 3 buttons.one workspace.then the one to the left of that.then the far left hand corner one.click on that.

step 6:
-then the brush preset should pop up.

step 7:
-then mess around with them.

step 8:
-then on the far bottom right hand side corner.there should be a button that looks like the create new layer button.click on that to save it.

step 9:
-then it should be in your brushes.--

ones i made:
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