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This is a science fiction manga that I have been working for a long time now. The story takes place in the future, after planet Earth has long parished from existance, thus it takes place out in space. Hope u guys enjoy this one too!

"Kane's Field Prolog."

"Kane's Field Chapter 1."

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Hey I'll read the rest of it later when I get out of class, so far read the prolog and think its really good, can't wait to read the first completed chapter.
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well, it seems pretty interesting. it was nicely written, but all in all nothing happened. it didn't keep me in suspense enough as well.
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Not to spoil or anything, but its a long story, so b pacient, its just the biggining, good work Setsu!!!!
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atelier7 wrote:

well, it seems pretty interesting. it was nicely written, but all in all nothing happened. it didn't keep me in suspense enough as well. :D

Thank u for the reading it, this is one of my first stories, so m trying to do my best, I like your suggestions, this ep wasn't intended for suspense, it was more of an introduction, getting to know the characters, the rest, however will b more like that.
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yaidoll wrote:

Not to spoil or anything, but its a long story, so b pacient, its just the biggining, good work Setsu!!!!

Lol, don't worry u didn't spoil anything, and yes its a very long story, but it will b filled with interesting situations for those of u who like space threallers and action with some mysterious situations around.
thank u too Yai for readying!
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One final note today for the story... I will try to post episodes of this one every week, or every 2 weeks.
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SetsunaHaptism wrote:

yaidoll wrote:

Not to spoil or anything, but its a long story, so b pacient, its just the biggining, good work Setsu!!!!

Lol, don't worry u didn't spoil anything, and yes its a very long story, but it will b filled with interesting situations for those of u who like space threallers and action with some mysterious situations around.
thank u too Yai for readying!

Ahhh, yourwelcome!
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"Kane's Field Chapter 02"

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The planet was mocking him again. Just floating there and laughing. He was getting quite tired of it, but he knew it was pointless to try and mock it back.
Instead, he tried to identify the stars and nebulae around him. Around the seventh time he had the dream, stars and other celestial objects had appeared,
one by one, but they were completely unknown to him. He had just spotted a star formation that looked familiar when the roar started again, this time accompanied
by a humming, barely noticeable, but it was there. And then the planet ate him.


“It may explain why these ten ships are here, but not the rest of them.” said Zean as he paced around the bridge in pitch black darkness. Eleven ships had
started, one had gone through. But what about the other ships that were found abandoned? What had happened to them? “Also, how could they go through a
black hole? They would be torn apart!”

Travelling in black holes, or hole jumping as it’s called, was quickly forbidden by the Council on Saturn when several expeditions went missing, again,
for reasons unknown.

Lex, getting annoyed by Zean’s pacing, answered him. “Back in those days, humans actually had a sliver of creativity, so they probably came up with some
kind of plan.”

Travelling safely in black holes had not been possible until a professor from Uranus came up with an innovative shielding technique. Curiously enough, the
very same professor was killed in an accident involving a black hole. The circumstances were considered mere coincidences.

After the hologram had finished playing its message, a series of coordinates had appeared, pointing to Kane’s Field along with a password prompt. They tried
cracking the password with no luck, at least, until Roger started smashing the keyboard with his fists. An unexpected “bing”-sound came from the display
and another message showed up on the hologram menu, dated before the first message. Pushing play resulted in a freak power surge which blacked out the
entire ship. Fortunately, life support and artificial gravity systems ran on a separate generator, so they were ok.

Even though the essential systems were alright, power to the engines and communications had to be restored, which the crew had been working on for the past
hours, with much frustration. Olly, the ship’s mechanic, could be heard from the engine room cursing and growling as well as letting out a yell of pain
every once in a while.

“Damn it Zean, why can’t we just get a new engine? This one’s nearly falling apart!” he finally yelled when the engine spat out several bolts, several of
them almost hitting his face.

Zean yelled back. “If you can come up with fifty-thousand credits then be my guest!”

Olly shut up, but kept grumbling something like “cheapskate captain” and “uptight arse”.

Olly eventually got the engine in a somewhat repaired state a couple of hours later, but refused to start it up until Zean promised to buy new power couplings.
Zean was not very keen on the idea, but yielded after a barrage of spit from Olly’s mouth. With the power to the ship back on, they decided to try the
holo-vid again, but this time, they isolated the viewer by separating it from the central power grid so it wouldn’t cause another accident. Roger repeated
his patented “Bang-On-It-Until-It-Works” method. The machine made another “bing” and came to life.

The image was grainy and unfocused, but they could just barely make out the shape of Cord Inez and another person in a lab coat facing each other.

“Are you sure it will work, Professor?” Inez asked.

The image cleared up slightly and the sound along with it. He had a worried look on his face, his moustache twitching every other second. The other man
in the coat, the professor apparently, replied with a steady voice.

“I’m one-hundred percent sure it will work Captain, haven’t I always pulled through when you needed me?”

Inez shifted on his feet.

“You have, Marcus, always, but this is so big. We’re talking about the lives of thousands of people here, and to depend on these flimsy shields… it seems
so…It’s too dangerous.”

Marcus looked irritated.

“Listen Cord, we have to make a choice: either go back, or go through, and may I remind you of the episode in the cantina earlier today? The non-frozen
people will not be happy to endure another 2 months in space with nothing happening. Besides, we have already done this in simulations and it works. I
just need you to trust me, alright?” Marcus looked pleadingly at Inez.

Inez looked to be in internal conflict with himself.

“Fine, Marcus,” said Inez. “I will inform the other ships of this and then the population. But let me just say this; I will hold you responsible for anything
that goes wrong, understand Professor?”

Marcus seemed to smile. “Of course, captain.”

The image fizzed out, and another password prompt blinked on the screen.

“Damnit!” yelled Zean. Lex started working on cracking the password immediately, but had to give up after an hour.

“It’s bullet proof,” She said. “I couldn’t crack it even if I had the most powerful computer in all of Sol.”

“What about those coordinates?” Roger asked. “Maybe we should check them out.” Everyone stared at him. “What?” he asked.

“Excuse me, but did you fall asleep while we watched the holo? Didn’t you hear him say that they were going through a black hole in a cluster? That means
that there’s more than one of them!” Olly asked loudly. Roger and Olly glared at each other until Zean stepped in between them.

“Let’s just wait until John has looked at them, alright? No need to be hostile with each other. Besides, you both know what happens to those who fight onboard
without my permission, right?”

They both sighed and recited the exact sentence Zean had uttered the first time. “You will be spaced or I will tie you up and kick your asses so hard your
past selves will feel it.” Zean had been drunk at the time, but the threat of being spaced was not one they wanted to test.

John stepped into the room at that moment. “Alright, I’ve taken a look at the coordinates, and they don’t lead into the cluster, but to an area just outside
its reach. Maybe we should take a closer look, hm?” he asked. “Also,” he added, “Lex’s analysis of the disc revealed that the password prompt has a location-release
on it, and I bet the coordinates point to just that location.”

A location-release was the most secure way of making sure information reached the intended parties without anyone else reading them. The disk the material
was on constantly registered information on its whereabouts, and when it reached the intended destination, it unlocked itself. Usually there was an additional
password protected lock under it.

Roger smacked himself on the forehead and started muttering. “Of course…it was so obvious…location release…stupid…”

Why Roger would kick himself for not finding this out when he was just a communications specialist was beyond Zean.

Everyone looked to him for an answer. He adopted a thoughtful expression, mentally weighing the pros and cons for travelling to an unexplored part of Sol
to unlock a hidden message on a black box from a six-hundred year old ship. It was risky; they could run into pirates or some other form of horrid space
threat. But then again, Zean loved taking chances.

“John, input those coordinates, let’s take a look at this Kane’s Field.”

To be continued…

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Chapter 4


Captain Ira Okin of the currently cloaked military cruiser Venom stood on the bridge and stared at The Orion as it approached the point of no return close
to the cluster, easily visible against the completely jet black background. Not even light can escape a black hole.

Ejil, what are you doing here?

His navigator approached him.

“Sir, the freighter has breached the quarantine zone, what are your orders?”

Okin thought for a moment, and said: “Drop the cloak and hail them.”


To say that the crew of The Orion was surprised by the cruiser appearing right next to them would be an understatement.

“Attention Neptunian freighter, this is Captain Ira Okin of the Saturnian military. You are trespassing on a quarantine zone, you are ordered to turn back
immediately or be destroyed,” a voice said over the radio. Zean cursed loudly and ran into the cockpit.

“Give me the mic.” He said to Lex, who handed it over. Looking out the view port he answered the hail. “Cruiser Venom, this is Captain Zean Ejil of the
freighter The Orion. Which quarantine zone are you talking about? It’s not shown on the star map.”

“Neither is this cluster of black holes. Just what, exactly, is your business out here, Orion?” was the snide answer.

Zean grimaced, he was expecting that question.

“We lost our heading when our navigational computer shut down on us; we’ve been drifting for a good couple of days now, trying to find our way back to Pluto.”
He hoped they would believe the lie.

“Nice try, Ejil, but you’re lying. We have been observing your flight path, and it’s too specific to not be following coordinates.” Okin was getting impatient.

“You’ve been observing our flight path? Just how long have you been following us?” asked a surprised Zean.

“Ever since we intercepted a message from Cellus Phillus on Jupiter intended for you. Are you aware that you can be arrested for artefact-theft? The law
clearly states that all information regarding our ancestors is to be made public knowledge.”

The crew on the Orion was growing more and more nervous. There was something malicious in Okin’s voice.

“You still haven’t told us why this is a quarantined zone when it’s not even on the star map, Okin.” Zean stated.

Okin was sick of this.

“Enough of this bullshit, Ejil. You are under arrest in the name of the federation, prepare to be boarded.”

Zean looked at Lex. “Do you remember how to position shields for black hole travelling?” he asked. She nodded and went to work immediately. He changed the
frequency of the radio to internal communications.

“Guys, you better buckle up somewhere, this can be a bumpy ride.” Zean warned the rest of the crew.

He hurled himself into the chair next to Lex’s and gunned the engines.


“Sir, The Orion is putting up its shields, should we open fire?” Okin’s gunner asked.

Okin shook his head. “No, they can’t escape us and they know it. Just launch the fighters.”

Several fighters burst out from the cruiser’s hangar bays. But it was too late. Someone had miscalculated the pull of the cluster. With the shields up,
The Orion had already reached the cluster’s gravitational reach. A ship with powerful engines like The Orion would not yet have much trouble with moving
around, but the weak propulsion power of the fighters could not hope to compete with the pull of a black hole.

“Sir, The Orion is in the field, there is no way our fighters can navigate in there.” The navigator warned.

Okin cursed. “Open fire, we can’t let them get away,” he snarled.

The Venom’s cannons turned on The Orion and fired. Gigantic slugs of steel streaked towards the small freighter, which would certainly be destroyed by them,
but the gravity was already too strong and sent them careening off their paths and into oblivion.


Inside The Orion, panic ruled as the crew hurried to their chairs and strapped themselves in, throwing curses at Zean and Lex for getting them into this.
The three on the bridge weren’t very confident about themselves.

“If we survive this, I’m going to kill that bastard Cellus!” yelled Zean as he bumped his head on his console. The gravitational pull of K-12 had started
to tear at the ship, and along with the overall wacky gravity in the area, shook it thoroughly.

“Even if we do, you probably won’t get a chance,” Lex answered. “There’s no telling where we will be spit out. Could be another galaxy, could be another
dimension.” The hole was looming closer and closer as their speed picked up. The ship creaked and banged. The forces it was exposed to were nearly tearing
it apart.

“What I don’t understand,” yelled John from his chair. “Is why the hell we didn’t let ourselves get arrested when we had the chance?”

Zean opened his mouth to explain but Lex beat him to it.

“The reason we didn’t let him arrest us is because Ira Okin is known for torturing and executing people for the smallest crimes. Everyone knows it, even
the government, but they let him do it to serve as an example!” She finished with a huff, or at least what would be a high-volume equivalent of a huff.

Of course, being known as “The Butcher” does not help his reputation at all, thought Zean.

The black wall loomed closer and closer and the shaking got worse. It got so bad that they thought the whole ship would fall apart around them, but as the
hole closed in around them, it stopped. The lights went out and silence reigned. Everyone held their breaths. Suddenly, a small spot of light appeared
in front of them, and it kept growing, until they entered a tunnel of dark blue light. They felt themselves being thrown back in their chairs as they accelerated,
and then they all blacked out.


“Sir, we lost them,” the gunner said nervously, his knees shaking slightly.

Okin was furious. He growled out the order for his second to take command and nearly stomped to his quarters. Inside, he exploded with rage.

To be continued…

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Chapter 5


Zean had never had a bigger headache than the one he had when he woke up. The cockpit was completely silent as he got up from the floor. Surveying the small
cockpit, he found Lex and John passed out on the floor, probably due to the high acceleration that occurred when they travelled through K-12.

“Damn hole.” He grumbled.

For some reason, his knees were creaking as he moved about, painfully grinding and making small popping noises.

He walked to the nav-computer to check their position. ‘Unknown position’ was the only thing displayed on the screen. He sighed and tried to rouse his companions.
They didn’t wake up. Exhausted, he collapsed in his chair and ran a diagnostic on the ship. The screen hummed to life as dark green writing appeared on
it, small bleeps coming from a speaker somewhere inside the console. It took the better part of a minute, but it finally whistled its ‘completed’ tune.
Zean found it aggravating to listen to and started to wonder whether there was something he could jerk out of its socket somewhere.

Fuel tanks…54 full.


Oxygen supply…68 full.

Power…25...auxiliary generator activated.

Next, he checked the vital signs of the crew. He had never quite figured out just how the computer ran the diagnostics, but at the moment, it didn’t really
bother him. His crew was the priority.

Ejil, Zean – healthy, conscious, minor disorientation

Iridian, Lex – healthy, unconscious

/&¤, Olly – Healthy, unconscious

&¤/#¤&/, Kai – Healthy, unconscious

¤/#(/(#, S’Kar – healthy, unconscious

&/¤#¤&/#, Quaile – healthy, unconscious

$£€€$6£, John – healthy, unconscious

¤¤53, Roger – healthy, unconscious

Zean banged his fist on the computer screen. The last names were corrupting again. Eventually, all the names displayed correctly, apart from the one whose
possessor had fixed the computer.

May be the best thing, thought Zean, remembering the first time he had seen Olly’s last name. He had almost collapsed from laughter.

After making sure the crew was okay, he looked out the front window, wondering if he could figure out where they were by local phenomena, and froze. He
didn’t recognize any stars or any of the strangely shaped and coloured nebulae out there. But what really caught his attention was a planet.

Sure the continents were a little different, but practically identical to the Earth, or Terra, as it was usually called these days, looking as healthy as
it did 2000 years ago, blue oceans and all. It was at this moment Lex woke up.

“What’s going on?” she asked groggily, slowly rising from the floor. Hearing no answer from Zean, she looked up, and gasped. “What’s that?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It looks like Earth, but it can’t be. The continents don’t match up.”

Thoughts of having found a new place for humanity to live had already sprung up in his mind. Was this where the people on the Pride had gone? Were they
living down there, looking up and wondering what’s going on out here?

A groan from John signalled his awakening, and as he stood up, several other groans and curses were heard from throughout the ship as the rest of the crew
joined the land of the living.


Zean and Lex were in deep conversation in the cockpit as John went around and briefed everyone else on their situation. Kai, the ship’s medic and certified
prescription-writer, performed checkups on everyone, in case the ship’s computer had missed some minor damage or other, and Olly tried to fix the generator.
Without luck apparently, since his grumbling could be heard all over the ship.

“It could have been terraformed to look like Earth…” suggested Lex.

Zean shook his head. “Do you know of any terraforming equipment capable of moving or changing continents?”

Lex shook her head.

Zean stood up from his chair and walked over to the nav-computer and tried to look up their position again. ‘Unknown position’ was displayed again. Zean
was about to leave the cockpit and go to his quarters to meditate on the situation – or, in Olly’s words, kick the living crap out of his mattress – when
he suddenly remembered something. He quickly turned around to face Lex.

“Lex, the hologram, didn’t it have a location release?”

Lex perked up. “Yes, it did, but we still don’t have the password.”

Zean was too excited to care.

“Couldn’t you try to crack it once more?”

Lex was about to say no, but she realized that Zean wouldn’t hear her in any case as he had already run out of the cockpit to find John. Not a difficult
feat since The Orion wasn’t longer than about 12 meters. She sighed and began the process for the ‘too-many-to-counth time.’


The crew was gathered in the briefing room.

For some reason unknown to them, the password was cracked in a matter of minutes this time, and the third and final video started to play…


A body was on the bridge floor and a person in a lab coat, most likely Marcus, stood in front of it. Upon further scrutiny, they saw that the body was that
of Inez, a pool of blood gathering under his head. Marcus held a gun, still smoking from a recently fired shot.

“Inez, you were a fool,” said Marcus, his eyes narrowed. He was panting heavily and bleeding from his forehead.

Another man walked in, this one clad in a rather garish and unnecessarily flashy uniform. “Excellent work, Marcus.”

“Thank you Commander, or should I say, Captain?” Marcus gave the gun to the Person. “He was quite convinced that we shouldn’t do this when I told him of

The Commander, or Captain, patted Marcus on the shoulder.

“You did the right thing; he was trying to hinder our progress. This wretched system and its corrupted and savage population can burn in hell for all I
care. Beyond K-12 lies a completely new system, untouched by Human colonies or governments, all for us. Thanks to our… Benefactors, a world will already
be ready for us to colonize, and after that, the whole system. Cord Inez stood in the way of all that, but no more.”

The Captain, or Commander, or whatever, flashed a row of pearly white teeth in the direction of the black box camera, as if knowing The Orion was watching.

Several heavily armed men walked in at that moment.

“It is done?” asked one of them.

The Commander nodded.

“Cord Inez has been executed for treason against the common good of Humanity. I will assume command of this mission. Finish loading the supplies and colonists
aboard The Ladybug, we are leaving as soon as it is finished.”

Only Marcus remained on the Bridge after the rest had left. He walked over to the body.

“I’m sorry, my friend,” He said as he closed the shocked eyes of his murdered captain, “but you stood in the way of something great.” He stood up and called
for guards to remove the body and clean the blood stain. When they asked why, the only answer they got was “Because.”

After the body was removed, Marcus started to systematically remove or destroy every computer and monitor. When he got to the black box, he paused. He looked
around to make sure no one could hear him. He turned and stared directly into the camera.

“I don’t know who’s watching this, but listen carefully to what I have to say.”

“My name is Marcus Riva, I’m a physicist onboard the research vessel Nova, or I was. Two years ago, I was contacted by an old friend of mine, Hans Kuntz
of the military vessel Osiris. He told me of his plans to start a new civilization in a new system, a wonderful utopia. At first, I tried to say no, but
he was too persuasive, especially when describing to what degree my rather skinny bank account would swell to if I came along. I was convinced that this
was the only right thing to do, but as the months went by, his plans became more apparent to me, and once I realized it, I was too deep in. I should’ve
known better, but the money was too good.”

Marcus grimaced, his glasses shining directly at the camera, creating an odd effect of a glow in his eyes.

“He didn’t intend to do this for the good of Humanity, he is doing this amass an army to destroy Sol. I tried to tell him that this would be impossible
in our lifetimes. He told me he didn’t intend for this to happen in his particular lifetime.”

It looked as if someone or something had made a sound, because he stood up quickly and looked to his right, a panicked expression on his face. Apparently
satisfied that no one was listening to his confession, he went back to the black box.

“Already he has started to sow seeds of hatred for the Sol system in the colonists, using recordings in the cryo-pods. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t,
whatever happens, make sure the government, or governments, of Sol see this message, just in case. Hopefully, I can start my redemption already with this
message. I’m sorry, Cord. I’m sorry, Sol. I’m sorry…everyone.”


The image fizzed out, leaving the crew in shocked silence. Zean seethed in anger.

He shot his friend and now he’s sorry? he thought.

Roger stood up.

“We need to show this to the council, they must be warned.”

Olly also stood up, although his more impressive frame seemed to dwarf the computer expert.

“Just how are we going to do that? In case you don’t remember, we are billions of light years away from Sol.”

John had provided a rather sketchy and approximate position for them by looking for familiar stars and other celestial objects. He hadn't found any. The
most clear thing of all was that they were definitely not in Sol anymore.

Roger didn’t give up.

“So? We can just travel back the way we came.”

Lex butted into the argument.

“Roger, Orion can’t handle another trip through a black hole, not to mention that black holes like the one we travelled through are one-way trips.”

Roger sighed in defeat and sat down.

“Hey,” he said, “at least that means that they can’t go back either.”

The rest of the crew murmured in agreement, though a bit sullenly as they thought about the consequence of their escape through K-12: They could not go


A few hours later with most repairs completed, they were discussing what to do next. There were little arguments when Zean decided they should try to land
on the Earth Copy, as they had lovingly dubbed it.

It was either that, or Zean would pummel them into submission.

“This is not a democracy,” Zean usually said, and it was especially true in this situation.

Just when Lex had started to manoeuvre The Orion towards the planet, the entire ship shut down. It shook as if it had been hit by something heavy. Zean
immediately started to yell at Olly for not fixing the ship properly.

“You have to be the most incompetent engineer I’ve ever met!”

Olly wasn’t going to back down from this, yelling back the usual “you didn’t buy the proper parts” argument. The squabble suddenly stilled as a large ship
dropped out of cloaking right in front of them, barely a few kilometres away.

The ship was definitely not of Sol design. Rather than the traditional round and fat shapes from the ships on the old, dead Earth’s seas, it was large and
flat with several high spires with thousands of little lights shining from the interior, and not to mention several hundred gun-like objects pointed directly
at them. None of the people on The Orion wanted to find out what they were.

The communication-system crackled to life as a deep voice started talking. No one understood what was said. The language was hacking, rough and sounded
- how it was possible was beyond them - positively sharp. When they didn't answer, the voice returned, this time speaking a heavily accented version of
the universal language in Sol: English.

“Attention unknown vessel, you are trespassing on a forbidden area. Please transmit your access codes.

Not knowing any of these codes, the scrap-haulers did nothing.

Judging by your lack of codes, you are intruders and hereby under arrest. It is useless to try to run away, we have disabled your ship. Lay down any armaments
you have, disable any weapons systems running on external power sources and prepare to be boarded. We will shoot anyone who tries to resist.”

Zean sighed deeply.

“How many times am I going to have to hear this today?”

To be continued…

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New episodes will b uploaded during the weekend, or earlier, hope to hear from u guys.
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