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Post Reply Do You think 2PAC is in the TOP 5 best rappers EVER?
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Posted 4/1/09

R3laxed wrote:

Tupac talked about things that happens in an average person's life everyday. He understood that everyone isn't rich, has fancy cars, or can go out and party every night. In my opinion that's why lots of people can relate to him.

Well worded.
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Posted 4/28/09
Do I think he's ONE of the best, potientially. Do I think he's overrated...I say more overhyped than anything. He said some really great stuff, and presented a very unique perspectivew of things, honestly. But an MC, he was truly was not. His content, emotion, and delivery are what make him stand out. And as for him being the top 5, that's more of a personal choice, than hands down collective agreement.
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Posted 4/30/09
We can't down the man's skills. He had powerful and sometimes prophetic lyrics. He was also very wise. People overlook this because of his "thug" image. I suggest that we look past all that. Just listen to some of his deep interviews and you'll see.

And I can say all this WITHOUT being a dick rider.

As for the top 5 rappers list, that is merely subjective. If you say that Tupac isn't in the top 5 rappers list, then you might as well count EVERYONE ELSE out including Nas, Rakim, Biggie, and etc. That list will NEVER be made by factual means.

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Posted 6/2/09
I'm pretty sure 2pac is in more than 50% of all hip-hop listeners' top 5 but for me personally he's not. Honestly he's not even in my top 10, he'd probably be around 15 or so. I was born in raised in the West Coast so you know I got love for him but I guess I just don't listen to as much of him as I do other artists. But I do acknowledge that 2pac is probably included in the top 5 more often than not. I mean he's literally my grandpa's favorite rapper, no lie.

And just because I feel like typing it out for my own sake, here's my top 15 at the moment.

1.Kool Keith
2.Slick Rick
5.Big L
6.Ol' Dirty Bastard
7.Gift Of Gab (of Blackalicious)
9.Phonte (of Little Brother)
10.Grouch (of Living Legends)
11.Blu (of Blu & Exile)
13.Immortal Technique
14.Evidence (of Dilated Peoples)
Posted 1/29/10
Tupac was the best. illuminati killed him. Fuckin conspiracy
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