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Second Cold War
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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09

blancer wrote:

LemonyPanda wrote:

i doubt it, obama is anti-war

Well, he will not go to war with them, here it is more question of soft power. Will he finance projects and countries that are against russians influence, thus engaging in cold war (which was war of espionage and who - will - push - the red - button more then anything else).

i dont think hes going to finance anything right now other than rebuilding the economy. If he does, he will be impeached faster than you can say Nixon
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blancer wrote:

asamiueto wrote:

russia can't do anything with oil under $75 a barrel (atm & foreseeable future under $40).
even at $75 it's just keeping it's head above water (this goes double for iran, venezuela etc).
+ without the ukraine delivery of energy, and russia's naval base leased in the ukraine (which they are not renewing for russia). the ukraine litterally has putin by the balls. stick ukraine in nato - make russia behave.

unlike the usa, they can't borrow their way out of this global economic crisis - they are fucked.
their conventional military is joke. they need a complete overhaul.
sure they can push around a tiny pissant like georgia, but it showed russia as disorganized,
very outdated, with very low morale.

that's why putin had to send `peter the great` ship for a holiday cruise.
to show the world that they were not complete imbeciles.
the pentagon thought it was pretty funny actually.

do some research into what's going on inside russia now.

Actually, their stock exchange was closed two weeks ago, it almost fell apart. Their plan to rise as worlds energy savior backfired with low oil prices. They are trying to regain their influence amongst myriad little states around black sea. Making strong ties in south america is one of their goals. (Im talking about Peru). With fall of serbia, they lost last ally in balcan (my neighborhood), and possibility to have exit to adriatic sea. (croatian coast, actually - monte negro coast is so hilly they have only 1 harbor).
In Russia, people are grateful to Putin coz he ended great thefts (or there was nothing to steal anymore), and he put bunch of oligarhs in prison. They are still distrustful towards their government, but it is not that bad as before - they are experiencing drastic rise in nationalism and pagan faiths as church is losing their influence. No foreigner is safe against their neo - nazis. (unless you have slavic features).
Their military industry is still very competative, but not well known among western nations, where european distributors have upper hand (mainly german tanks and french rifles)
In the end, I would not underestimate putin - guy was KGB, and he probably knows more about inner political workings then most diplomats, coz he was privy to bunch of secrets and scandals and god - knows - what - else.
And the last - they are slavic. dont underestimate them :D

don't get me wrong, i like putin.
he did a great job for russia in the past.
also, he made a great couple with bush <3
his successor (puppet) is their future - if he can break away from putin's grasp.

russia needs to concentrate on being a reliable energy provider.
get passed the kgb silliness, wanting to control the eastern block states.
it's not going to happen. the ussr will never rise again.

the true russian people do need to get very nationalistic (as you stated).
the country is overrun with foreign types, especially a lot of muslims.
couple that with very low birth rates, high suicide, high alcoholism, and hiv+ % increasing rapidly.
they are in deep shit. perhaps some neo-nazism will provide them with some morale to overcome that mess.

russia can make some ok weapons to sale.
but their armed forces are what i stated previously.

they can go be friends with countries in south america.
they don't have the resources to do anything. and if they did, it would just
give the usa an excuse to invade the venezuelas of s. america.

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Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/19/09

blancer wrote:

drizza wrote:

Yei wrote:

Well, when the Russia-Georgia incident happened, they tried to make it look like Russia was the bad guy. So I guess that must mean the US is starting the campaign to get the people afraid/against Russia, and after Iran is taken care of, they'll start chipping away at Russia.

Hmm... Russia could be the last hope of defeating US fascism. I think there will be another cold war after a while, when the public gets brainwashed into thinking Russia is bad. But it'll take a couple years, unless they do another 9-11.

Agreed Georgia invaded and killed innocent civilians so Russia responded and the USA as usual jumps to the aid of corrupt governments. Really USA is hypocrites because they accuse Russia response being too harsh but dont say anything about Israel. But the difference here was Georgia wasnt under any type of occupation nor had any aid being held from them. Then to add more fuel to the flame the US decides to build anti defence missles in Poland right next to Russia. I mean why are we provoking these people? Why do we want to keep these neo cons in power who want to keep this country in war even though our economy is suffering greatly. According to Ron Paul this event was already planned.

Lets all be greatfull that an Idiotic country like Georgia was not in NATO. Had those idiots been in NATO we would have had to help them fight Russia. I dont know what those idiots was thinking on taking on a super power like that out of the blue because Russia did absoutly nothing to them. This was all a stunt to get Georgia in Nato thankfully the Europeans didnt buy it.

It may be because that every big country needs enemies and outside threats. It boosts unity, gives reason to have huge army and to spend huge amounts of money on weapon development.
What happened in georgia was really strange. There were some articles even in IHT saying that georgia had american intel and army advisors, but they were against the attack. (of course, source was "unnamed pentagon official").
Considering NATO: yup, if they were in NATO; now there would be war with Russia. Russians are in bad need of funds and modernization, but thousands of their nuclear rockets can still fly pretty well. So, I hope nations like that will never be in NATO in next 50 to 100 years.
Plus I have question about NATO: what is the purpose of NATO if every country in the world joins it, in the end? Haha, it will be like earth federation in gundam, but whats the point? Where is the enemy?

Man it is just terrible to how our media reported it one sided as usual. I need to find the Faux News interview when they interviewed 2 Ossetians and thought they was Georgian. When the Ossetians told them they were not running from Russia but Georgia instead as usual Faux News cut them off. Faux cant have nobody on telling the truth they must keep people ignorant.
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