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Posted 2/12/09
Episode 16: Full Throttle Stress! It's Hard Being a Superstar

This episode introduces Odajima Yuka, an upperclassman who will be a recurring character in several future episodes (some in Max Heart [Season 2]) as a friendly rival to Nagisa in sports. Yuka comes from a rich family, is a member of the Science Club with Honoka, straight A's in every subject, and really good at every sport and musical instrument she tries. Of course, trying to maintain that image can be pretty stressful... Poisonny decides to help her relieve some of her stress, in quite an interesting way.

Funny moments from this episode:

Other notes:

This episode doesn't top my favorite episodes list. Probably because I've watched newer episodes with Yuka-sempai in them, and there are other episodes with her coming up that are much better. The main point of this episode was probably more to introduce Yuka-sempai's character than to develop any other plot, and although the excitement level isn't as high as your average Pretty Cure episode, we do get to learn some background about Yuka-sempai.

What are your thoughts on this episode?
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Posted 2/14/09
I liked it when Nagisa and Honoka danced whilst clapping the erasers too
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Posted 7/14/09
Please use "Pretty Cure Anime Discussion" thread.

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