What do you think about Get Anime Membership?
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Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/12/09
Skip Beat! episodes have been officially added here in Crunchyroll, and members are required to subscribe for an anime membership if he/she wants to watch Skip Beat! episodes one hour after its airing in Japan. The price is also cheaper compared to a subscription for anime streaming in other anime sites. For regular CR members, you have to wait for at least one week so you can watch that episode.

What do you guys think of this membership? Do you prefer to be a regular member or a Get Anime member where you can watch an anime episodes faster?

I think this membership is OK if you really want to watch faster and can't wait for that episode. But because it deals with money, I don't want to use my card just to watch an anime. It may be cheaper but from time to time the payment is actually big. I'd rather wait one day and watch it for free without any worries because there are fan groups out there who faithfully download that episode as soon as it gets out, subtitle it, and upload it on their website. It's also in high and good quality. Other people may not know it, but there are fangroups who sub a particular anime episode so quick and then upload it right away. You can watch it the next day of the official release. For instance if it's Monday then you can watch it on Tuesday. Skip Beat! episodes in Japan will air every Sunday evening right? The next day, which is Monday, anime sites have already their subbed episode uploaded and you can watch it. I like it that way because I'm not using my money, and sites are concerned with viewers who wants to watch an anime for free. ;)

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