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Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/18/09
Don't like the RP setup? Looking for something more traditional? It's right here. Here, you can create Rp's that aren't related to the main Resident Role-play storyline.


Now, when you plan on creating a Standard RP, you must have a post count of 50 and 2 Intermediate approved character. Note that any SRP's created by people who don't have the correct amount of posts or characters will go unnoticed.

All rules from every other board still apply.

To begin the actual RP thread, you must have at least 4 members with complete characters signed up (including yourself).

If an RP thread is inactive for more than 30 days, it may be locked.

You cannot join an RP once sign ups have been closed by its creator. And to join, use the Planning Table threads - DO NOT INTERRUPT THE RP TO ASK FOR ENTRY.

No "join-for-joins." (This rule is borrowed from Advertising Rules.) Don't claim that you will join someone Else's RP if they will join yours.

And by the way, Standard RPs do not have to pertain to Resident Evil... but they can if you want them to.

Advice & "What is a Standard Role Play?"

A Standard roleplay is a 'one thread meets all needs' concept.

First you plan the RP. You plan an RP by getting an idea and posting a thread about it in the planning table.

Ex: 'What if we had 4 people on a deserted island infested with zombies? Lets make a standard RP about it by first posting the idea in the planning table!'

Next, you need sign ups. How does one sign up?

Ex: 'Dude your idea rocks! Let me join!'

^he just signed up. Of course you'll need to post a character after that.

After that, when the planning and sign ups are done, you make the RP. Since it's YOUR rp, YOU'RE going to have to make sure it sticks to the story guidelines.

Ex: 'We're on a deserted island. You do not know how you got here. To our groups left is a strange man... *take it from there*'

RPer1: 'I go to the subway and get a sub!'


Rper: 'Ya that means there's no water.'

Creator: '...'

When someone disobeys your RP, notify me so i can do this:

Ex: *UDG looks at RPer1's post, finds it not relevant and conflicting with the story, and with the consent of the creator, DELETES it.*

Now you should be ready to do some standard RPing. Be creative!
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