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Posted 2/12/09 , edited 7/4/09

The End of Fight and Ironoside Take Back His Body

Friday 13/02/2009

(Every tree around Dark-Ironoside was vanished, and the area around him has become like desert )
Dark-ironoside - hmmm..
( Ironoside looked at front and he saw Nora and Brast’s body so he starts walking toward them)
(when Ironoside arrived near Brast and Nora he saw Nora was completely dead and Brast was alive but he couldn't move or talk)
Dark-ironoside - this woman...
(The moment that Ironoside was going to explosion himself)
Nora - I won’t let you die
Brast - Nora what are you doing? Nora Noraaaaa
(Nora used all her power to protect Brast from explosion)
Dark-Ironoside - what idiot woman kill herself to protect someone else
Brast - ...
(A voice come up that Ironoside wanted to talk to Dark-Ironoside)
Ironoside - what have you done ???
Dark-Ironoside - huh???? I saved you from those two who attacked you
Ironoside - I....
Dark-Ironoside - you what? You thought this won’t happen? Or you weren’t going to kill them?
Ironoside - I was going to protect Ren from them no more.
Dark-Ironoside - protecting? Don’t make me laugh. In battle you just must protect yourself.
Ironoside - why you wanted to kill them?
Dark-Ironoside - why I wanted to destroy them? It’s because in fight I don't leave anyone alive and if you didn't want to finish them why you attacked Nora from the beginning?
Ironoside - that time I was angry, I didn't defeat them like you and then want to kill them
Dark-Ironoside - then know darkness is your anger. Now I must murder this man too
Ironoside - what you mean by killing this man?
Dark-Ironoside - easy this ice man
Ironoside - no need, leave him
Dark-Ironoside - huh? And who the hell you are to order me what I must do ?
Ironoside - I said no needdd
Dark-Ironoside - stop me if you can
(A black power from Dark-Ironoside went toward Brast)
Ironoside - stooooooooop
(Dark power back to Dark-Ironoside’s body and he lost his control on Ironoside’s body and Ironoside take back his body)
(ironoside was looking so tired)
Ironoside - he he he...
Darkness - kid you better kill this man
Ironoside - now he defeated completely so no need to kill him anymore
Darkness - but if he recover he will be a big problem for you
Ironoside - big problem?
Darkness - people on earth hate darkness and if this man get well and he told the others that you have darkness they will attack you
Ironoside hmmm..
Darkness - now better for you to move or you have to battle again
Ironoside - huh? What you mean?
Darkness - there is a boy and a girl are coming in this way and a little behind of them there is a lot of soldiers that follow them
Ironoside - hmmmm...
(Ironoside remember)
Ironoside - listen they want you so I will stop them here and you get away.
Ren - no need for run my sister and Kora are coming this way they are strong, and we can fight with them until they arrive
Ironoside -...
(Back from memory to real time)
Ironoside - they are coming to help Ren after all she is princess
Darkness - yes that's right but if they saw this place and find out that you done this..what do you think they will tell you?
Ironoside - ...
Darkness - maybe they will thank you for saving their princess, but you are dead if they discover that you used darkness’s power so better for you move
(Ironoside looked at behind and he saw Ren was frozen )
Ironoside - I won’t go anywhere until I know Ren is ok
Darkness - kid ?????
Ironoside - you can remove the ice from her right?
Darkness - what? you want me to help her ..hahaha;; be thankful that until now I didn't kill her with those two and know my power is just for killing not for healing
Ironoside - you cured my hand.. right hand when it was frozen so how you...
Darkness - my power can heal your hand but for other if any buddy touch it they will die
Ironoside - then why I did't die until now?
Darkness - because you forget who you really are. Now it’s up to you if you want to wait here or leave
Ironoside - ....
Darkness - and kid don't think that you defeated me this time? For now controlling this body is in your hand but this will change and my time will come when I can control this body completely
Ironoside - then wait until your turn approach
Ironoside - {why I chose this deadly power? did I choose it for killing? I don't know why I choose this power but I won’t let this power control me again }
Ironoside - {what I must do now? why I feel Ren will be fine if I went? }
( after 5 minute)
(Otara and Kora arrived to the place that the fight was)
Kora - ....
Otara - what happened here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter09

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 2/13/09
2 bad he didn't kill brast i wanted ironoside 2 finish him off how nice of him but i like that part of his personality

cant wait 2 see what will happen next chapter
Posted 7/4/09
Shine shine shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shine
U marder “ironoside… you are akuma how dare to kill a women :tears:oh poor Nora …you was a baka to accept a dead darkness power on your body man ..It’s your fault. .marder your name has change from brilliant’s writer to akuma’s marder >>>> kidding man..
No need to say any extra word ..your chapter was great ..Next please …or we will not excuse you for what you did
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23 / F / Alabama
Posted 7/31/09
O_o goodness...-tears up- thats sad....i was hoping both would be spared...then again the darkness never spares no1 so..^_^
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Posted 6/7/10
Ohhh..poor nora-san ..thats too bad ....but sOO intersting ^^ Yay .
thnx Yami ^^ love Ya ^^
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