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Posted 2/12/09
TVXQ: We are TVXQ. Moo~ (imitates a cow). "This year, we will work hard too" series.

DJ: What is something you want to challenge in 2009?
YH: If I have time, I'd like to try some new, interesting sports.
DJ: Last week Changmin-kun said he wanted to challenge the butterfly stroke.
YH: I would like to try snowboarding it it were me. I've fallen in love with it recently, and would really like to have some practice at it.
DJ: Where in Korea do you go to if you want to snowboard?
YH: There are many places. For example, there is a place called "yonpyon" which you can go to.
DJ: So that means you can snowboard to your heart's content there?
YH: You can say that. Snowboard and enjoy the wind at the same time.
DJ: Don't get injured ah.
YH: I will take good care.

---- Good Guy Test
DJ: You saw a really cute girl on your date, and you're watching her so intently that there is a scary look on your girlfriend's face. Please say something at this point in time.
YH: If its like that, I would say, "I'm thinking about the past." If she asked me what I was thinking, I'd say something like, "Her clothes are the same as the ones you wore"...
DJ: Ah~~ But your facial expression really looks as if that girl is very cute.
YH: Ah~~ But I still think my girlfriend is the best!
DJ: Um, that means you will give her an explanation right.
YH: Yes, that is so.
DJ: The two of you are attending a party and she dressed up really grandly for the occasion. However, you really do not feel like going to the party. What would you do at this point in time?
YH: If it were me, I would still go with her. I'd be fine with it as long as she likes it.
DJ: How would you feel towards her?
YH: Eh, I think I like her.
DJ: Maybe the girl would be really happy.
YH: Ah, thank you.
DJ: Your ex-girlfriend dropped her handkerchief in your room and your girlfriend found it. What would you do now?
YH: I would be honest with her.
DJ: Your answer seems the same as Jaejoong-kun's.
YH: Ah ah ah~ Although I'd be honest, I wouldn't be completely open about it. I'd say, "I got this from the most important person to me".
DJ: Ah, so you'd tell a white lie that its your mother's?
YH: Yes. Otherwise the other party will feel hurt easily. So its better to tell a white lie.
DJ: You went to watch a sports match, and you are so into the game that you totally neglected and forgot your girlfriend beside you, who looks utterly bored. What would you do now?
YH: "Are you feeling very bored?" If she is, I'd say, "Let's go home now, I'm alright."
DJ: You'll really go back?
YH: I'm alright.
DJ: Even if its the last ten minutes, and the atmosphere is running high?
YH: Yeah, because she doesn't like it.
DJ: Aiya, really?
YH: Isn't it obvious!! Doesn't this happen all the time??
DJ: Confession Time. Please say a line which you consider to be most romantic.
YH: It's really cold, grab my hand and I will never let go of yours.


Ah~ Yunho's really nice, no?8D I've been quite busy the past week so no time to look through the updates yet D: I miss seeing the boys DDD:

Take out with full credits.
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Posted 2/13/09
YH: It's really cold, grab my hand and I will never let go of yours.

the best!!!
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