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58 / M / Covina, California
Posted 7/2/13

aznfarseer wrote:

Yeah, I don't agree with abortion. If a legit couple has the mistake of conceiving a child they don't want, they have the responsibility to carry it out, even if it's to put it in an orphanage later. Abortion is like killing someone you don't like out of inconvenience.

There are exceptions, however. Suppose a woman is raped and later finds out she's pregnant because of it... there's no reason to put her in one-nine months of agony and a constant reminder of the horrendous event.

Ohh? But you just stated that Abortion is like killing someone you don't like out of inconvenience, and remember, at conception, that joining of cells will eventually be a fellow human, Do we have the right to end it's life? or ask yourself, what did that child do to you that you should kill it?
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F / fairy tail
Posted 7/3/13
I had a miscarriage and my boy friend broke up with me after that. He must of been super happy.
He did ask me to get an abortion and I said no. I even told him that he didn't have to be apart of it.
Two days later. I saw a fox demon. Oh wait I am the Fox demon ayiii ayiiii
Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/3/13

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27 / M / Pandemonium
Posted 7/3/13

Iainfixie wrote:


Dude, that is awesome!
I am SO stealing this.
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F / Canada
Posted 8/4/13
I agree, abortion is wrong, but I think people should think more about the issue than just "it's murder".

Digs brings up an excellent point. When does killing a bunch of cells become killing a human being? People become ridiculously obtuse when they believe that abortion at any stage is wrong, but fail to realize that the skin cells scientists experiment on, and a fertilized egg with no consciousness or even a brain to speak of, are, in a sense, the same.

In the situation of rape, I think the decision is more objective. It really becomes a matter of personal preference. Their baby will be a living reminder of what happened to them. It can be a horrible experience for the mother. Is it fair to have the girl raise a child she never asked for? To become a single mother and have her life change drastically for something she never asked for? On the other hand, is it the baby's fault? Why does this child, who has the potential to become so much more, be punished for something the father did? Personally, whatever the decision, I think I'd be more understanding.

Someone's life is in your hands, so having an abortion isn't something to take lightly,
But what if the mother is unable to support the baby? Is it fair for the mother and the child to suffer through poverty?

And what if the baby were to be born with a disability? Would it be fair to have a child experience everything that encompasses having a handicap? Not just the physical issues, but the social issues too. The inability to communicate, a life of drugs and hospital visits, the lack of friends, bullying, having so many limits on what you can do, is it fair? Would it be a life worth living? A life you would want to bestow?

The most important thing to keep in mind, and I think everyone will agree on this, is that this is all about the life of the baby. Abortion shouldn't be something black-and-white, and although I sound like I'm for abortion or something, I'm not. It's just that everyone's so, "MURDER", "THEY SHOULD DEAL WITH IT", and "WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS" that it seems a bit close-minded.
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Posted 8/5/13
Two things that no one has touch on when I talk about abortion with people

"Abortion is murder, don't do it"
"The fetus shouldn't be punished for someone else actions"
"There is an exception to abortion if there was rape involved"
Rape excuses abortion. Using the statements' logic, if you abort the fetus as a result of rape. you are still essentially killing a life. Then my question is, how is that fetus any less of a life? Moreover, by aborting the child you are kind of punishing it for something they couldn't control. At this point, wouldn't "it's a life, it's a life" be an invalid statement? *

"The victim should not be responsible for their rapist's actions because it's cruel"
"People who engages in consensual sex and get pregnant have a responsibility to take up"

Then wouldn't it be a discussion about responsibility rather than life?

I don't know :x
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Posted 8/5/13
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28 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 8/5/13
The choice of abortion should be between the woman (or couple) and their doctor. There shouldn't be any interference by government or any other group. The fact that the fetus can't live outside the womb until, let us say, 7 months has lapsed makes this argument of whether it is alive or not a pointless debate. We all agree that once the baby is outside the womb, it is living on its own power with nourishment being a common issue to all living things.

The pragmatic approach to this topic should be when is the earliest possible time for the fetus to live outside the womb without adverse effects to its life. When the fetus can survive outside the womb it becomes a baby(a living thing) abortion should be made illegal when the fetus can survive outside the womb at this time. Any time prior to this survivability point, abortion is acceptable option.

My personal beliefs and the morality of abortion doesn't override my belief in free choice or those to make their own choices. If I had impregnated a woman, I wouldn't choose abortion but if the woman that I impregnated wanted to abort the pregnancy, I wouldn't mind because it is ultimately her choice. She is the one that will have to carry it through pregnancy. She is the one that will be impacted the most financially. She is the one that will be pressured by society to care for the child, though this is changing (slowly). It is best to have a baby when you are financially and emotionally mature. The impact of financial and emotional state of the parents greatly affects the outcome of a child.

Should Abortion be legal? Yes.
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22 / M / Toledo, Ohio
Posted 8/13/13
Well tbh, im prefectly fine with it (and no its not because im a male), but i think that abortion can be something to save yourself if you are a woman, say your still in hs and get pregnate but ur family is very poor and your barely hanging in their, then it may be the right choice because you would not be able to support a healthy lifestyle for yourself, your family, and even your child. You would be ill prepared to handle the child, and your giving up your life to help support another that cant do anything for itself without proper care. Then i believe she would have the right to do it for the safey of herself and her family and child. But ofc this doesnt apply to every woman, but i dont believe that decision is up to anyone but themselfs, if they think they are not ready then it may be the right choice, however i dont think thats anyone elses decision. in short i think it should be prefectly reasonable to get a abortion if u want to.
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M / chicagoland
Posted 8/13/13

digs wrote:

I learned the 4 criteria for like last year in Biology

1. Must contain DNA (the zygote has DNA now, and a full set of human chromosomes.)
2. But have a metabolism (the zygote burns energy and uses it to divide.)
3. Must be able to reproduce (the cells are reproducing and deviding. And the Zygote is the product of sexual reproduction)
4. Must interact or respond to surroundings (It devides and eventually implants into the uterus were it interacts with the female reproductive system and develops a placenta. it also reacts by dying when you murder it.)

The zygote and fetus are alive. Living things must belong to a species. So the zygote/fetus are human. Isn't killing a human called murder?

cancer also exhibits most of those signs, so do hook worms
skin cells reproduce and divide and are a product of sexual reproduction because without sex then there is no new human with skin to reproduce itself. skin also contains DNA that belongs to the same species as the zygote.

a zygote is not part of the human species. humans are identified as being symetrical with two arms and legs. they walk upright, etc...

bibbLe wrote:

well, since i am a catholic.. abortion is a big no no... and i also think that
abortion is murder...

however, sometimes i think abortion is about "why people resort to it"..
the "right values" are rarely manifested by the youth today... let's face reality, the youth today does not see sex as sacred and/or a way of "procreation".. they see sex as somewhat like a recreation where you do it because you just like to do it... that's why there are a lot of unwanted pregnancies.. the word here is unwanted.. and so i guess it's better to abort the baby than be born and not feel the love that he/she is suppose to feel..

it's really hard to have a life when in the first place your parents were forced to take care of you.. i mean of all the people in this world, your parents should be the first one to love you.. it really sucks living a life where you dont get any love...

if the only reason you can see to abort a fetus is "oopsie" then you are missing out on a lot of the compassions humans typically exhibit.
how bout this one: " i live in a box on MLK dr and eat rats. bringing a child into this environment would be criminal"?
just because you are well off and capable of being a decent parent doesnt mean everyone is.
leave people alone with their choices. just because someone makes the choice doesnt mean even they agree with it.
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Posted 8/25/13 , edited 8/25/13
Who gives people the right to make decisions about what I want to do with my body? I don't care if i have the god damn spawn of satan living in my uterus, no one should be able to make that decision for me and I certainly wouldn't want to make it for someone else. Everyone has a different opinion to go along with their own situation which is why they should decide for themselves if they are in that situation. As I am now, if i got pregnant I don't know if I would get an abortion but I sure as hell wouldn't want that right taken away from me.
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29 / M / USA
Posted 8/25/13
eh rape..
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24 / F / Iowa
Posted 8/31/13
I've always thought that at the early stages that abortion for any reason is alright and then if its considered a "late stage", I think that is after like 6 months, abortion that it should be done when it will protect the mother/save the baby from some agonizing life; because honestly if you're past 6 months pregnant you know you are pregnant and that you should keep it or not. Nobody should be forced to carry at baby for any reason that they do not want, the stigma and shaming that comes with abortion also makes me ill. If you are pro-life, you don't know what happened to that person, the potentially unsafe life they live/the child will be born into and your ignorant selfish choices shouldn't dictate that person's reproductive life.

On another side note, when gametes (egg and sperm) meet that is not biologically a "life", that is a cluster of cells. This life starts at conception is bull.
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26 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 8/31/13
The couple should discussed it among themselves...

If they choose to abort the child then it is their decision... I don't think it is morally wrong to have an abortion.
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28 / M
Posted 8/31/13 , edited 9/1/13
There's a HUGE difference between killing something and letting it die. Let's say that a fetus is not just a potential for life but actually a life. Now what? The mother is the one providing the fetus with nutrients from her body. She is doing so at a great cost (she must dedicate her body and 9 months of time to it). She should be allowed to stop providing assistance to the fetus. She can deny access of her body to another person, and a fetus is nothing special in particular. The fetus is not worse off having met the mother. She didn't inflict any harm upon the fetus. She simply stopped helping it and it died because it could not sustain itself.

Because lives are intrinsically valuable, this means that some consideration for the fetus must be had, but it is not morally wrong for the mother to cease helping the fetus. One shouldn't abort like getting a haircut, but it would be wrong to say that the mother must shoulder the burden of seeing the fetus develop to term every time.

For instance, you see a kid who has fallen into a well. You can choose to either help him or not help him. Let's say that all you had to do was reach half of your arm into the well and pull him out. There's nothing at stake for you and you could have easily helped the kid. But you don't help him. You ought to have helped him because there was nothing at stake for you and his life at stake for him. You ought to have helped him. You messed up for not doing so. However, you did not KILL him. You did not even harm him. He is not worse off having encountered you and you can't be punished for causing the kid's death because you let him die and did not really kill him. Even if people hate you for it, you did not cause his death. You simply did not prevent it.

Let's say now that the edges of the well are lined with rusty spikes and are steep and very sharp/jagged. You will be severely cut if you try to reach in that far to pull him out. The additional weight of the kid would send the keen edges slicing even deeper into your body. In this case, wouldn't it be more understandable if you chose not to help him due to the possibility of great bodily harm? This is the relationship between a mother-to-be and a fetus. It's not that she ought to help the fetus and there is nothing at stake for her. There is plenty at stake for her (future, money, possibly bodily and mental harm). It's ridiculous to say that it's this person's fault for killing someone and that she is obligated to put herself at stake each time.
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