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Posted 9/1/13 , edited 9/1/13

VegaBathala wrote:

Scientists say they can prove the existence of the soul:

The soul enters the body at conception.

I doubt that is reputable. Since when was the soul suddenly a measurable and observable thing?

It being measurable and observable goes against its defining attributes. If you can observe and measure it, it's not faith but physical proof. In having actual evidence, you go against the presupposition that faith is needed for adherence to Christian (or other faith-based religious) beliefs. Also, people have tried since the dawn of time to observe/measure the soul. In the 17th or 18th century, some went as far as to put dying people on scales so that they could observe weight changes from the soul leaving the body at the moment of death. Guess what? There was nothing substantial that came of it.

Spouting something silly that cannot be proved can be dismissed with the same disregard (of evidence) with which the nonsense is spouted. Not providing proof and asserting that faith is all that you need does nothing to prove anything and lends no weight to one's attempt in forcing an inherently selfish set of 'morals' onto others who are more intimately involved and affected by the matter than their oppressor is.
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