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Posted 12/7/14
Weird how people can talk about ending a life as casually as getting a tattoo or something.
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Posted 12/7/14 , edited 12/7/14
I think abortion should be allowed ... with restrictions, such as:

1: I think those who have been pregnant for a certain amount of time, such as 25 weeks, should not be allowed to have an abortion unless there are specific circumstances, such as: moderate-high potential death of parent; or for those who attained pregnancy during a traumatic event, though this brings me to my second point ...

2: all those who seek abortion can only be approved after being 'Counseled.' Counseling should cover multiple topics such as: Affirmation of parents want/need to abort; Affirmation of the fathers will; Avoidance of unwanted future pregnancies (maybe require them to take a sex ed. class?) and more permanent solutions such as infertility; etc.

3: For those behind said time-frame, the counseling requirement must still be met and approval should only be given under these reasons: Foreseeable implications such as death of the child-bearer (before/during/immediately after birth); Inability of the parent to raise the child due to: poverty-stricken and/or lack of suitable environment for the child; mentally unfit (mentalities similar to that of a sociopath; suicidal tendencies; special needs/retardation; etc.); Sobriety of the mother (those who have serious drug addictions should be considered unfit as a parent. Further actions should take into consideration: the survival of the fetus.); Complete affirmation of both parents unwillingness to have children and solutions on avoidance of future pregnancies (safer sex; devices that decrease chances of pregnancy; or castration)

4: Castration should be considered and/or imposed upon those responsible for multiple abortions. Eg1: Woman has had 2/3 or more abortions (especially within short time frames such as under 5 years). Or, Eg2: Male party who inseminates multiple women (again, especially those who have done so in short time frames such as under 5 years; inseminates several women in more immediate time frames such as under a year). Higher consideration should be applied to sex-offenders (especially those who inseminate several woman in more immediate time frames such as one month to a year)

5: Other solutions should be discussed and selected for those who have been proven to be unable to bear children (those who required multiple abortions due to unforeseen complications). Examples of a few solutions should be: Adoption; A different, consenting party bears the child; etc.

What are your thoughts on this?
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