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F / in my world
Posted 5/19/09
Who you want making your product: anyone
Placement of text: anywhere u think is best
Color of text: wat u think is best
Pic:(in spoiler)
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29 / F / The Net...
Posted 5/21/09

soccerluver04 wrote:

Yoko_Litner wrote:

soccerluver04 wrote:

kyaa!! thanks! they are so kool! but can i see them without those dots covering the back? maybe with some sorta pattern could be cool. IM SORRY!

Hehe... I have 2 more aviis. Different style please!

Text: (On both) Soccerluver04, Queenie-chan (separated by commas for 2 names)
Who you want making your product: It doesn't matter
Placement of text: Diagonally anywhere
Color of text: As long as it matches or stands out on avii to make it pretty :P
Payed: 2 pics sorry =.=
Pic:(in spoiler)

On the princess one, crop out just the girl and on the second one, just make it longer... ^^ thanks!

Im sorry animekitten!

Pending Yoko_Litner


Here you go If you need any changes made let me know it's no biggie.

Hi!! I'm sorry I couldn't get on sooner... These are all so pretty and cute! but on the princess one, you missed the N in chan and i was wondering if you could keep the I and E separate?? Thanks! and sorry!!!! please keep the floral designs!! they are so cute! I wonder what kind of program you use.....

Here you go....Fixed... Sorry about the text thing...

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21 / F
Posted 5/24/09

Yoko_Litner wrote:

ber-ta wrote:

Yoko_Litner wrote:

ber-ta wrote:

Text: Berta
Who you want making your product: anyone
Placement of text: up to u
Color of text: what it fits
Payed: yes
Pic: 2 please :D


Do you want two different avis or do you want the 2 pictures integrated into one avii?

Two different pics please!

Done Yoko_Litner
Part one Done

Waah, thank u so much! I love it!
Posted 7/4/09
Who you want making your product: any1
Placement of text: up to yuu !
Color of text: Rainbow is that ok ?
Payed: yes
Pic: any pic pwease ! I can't save an image can yuu find me a pic pwease ?
Posted 7/13/09
Who you want making your product:anyone
Placement of text:Happystargirl
Color of text:any color
Pic:(in spoiler)

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