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Here's where you can have your second OC!

OC Name:
Status: student/working ault/traveller etc.
Character Profile:

Angel's Name:
Speciality: speed/defense/strength/durablility/balance/beauty
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sorry if it seems confusing x.x i think it will be easier if you have watched angelic layer but here's my example:

OC Name: Tsubame
Age: 18
Status: student
Character Profile: She is an above average student who excels in almost anything she tries. But she is not a top scorer of the elite school she's in. She is not unfriendly, just a little quiet. She has a strong personality and often looks after her juniors or friends. She is known as the 'Big Sister' at school after many incidents of her standing up to bullies of the younger students and effectively scaring them away with her aura. However, on the inside, she wants to be taken care of and treated like a child despite looking all calm and independent. Tsubame enjoys sports and playing angelic layer.

Angel's Name: Rainbow Iris

Speciality: speed/beauty
Powers: This angel(doll) specialises in dance, thus her moves are based on aesthetics. Her swift, graceful movements can be mesmerising to the point that it confuses her opponent, allowing her to attack at will when she she any openings. Her first special attack is labelled 'Dance of the Phoenix' which comprises of moves that allows her to fight quickly while appearing at different places at a time.
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