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Posted 2/22/09 , edited 6/14/09

Name: Christina

Age: 17

Grade: High School

Appearance: Always wearing Gothic Lolita or school uniform. Hair is dirty blonde, long and pink lower half of hair

Personality: very shy. Is very much into fashion and loves sewing. Dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Is very protective of the one she loves. They are best friends. Others are very mean to her best friend Mitch (the one she has a crush on) and her dark side comes to life when seeking revenge over them.
She woke up one day and found 3 eggs,a pink and black plaid egg, a blue and black plaid and a yellow and black plaid eggs. This egg pink and black one hatched Yuuki, the chara of her fashion design self. She hid them under her bed when she was away working or at school. She had the feeling that she needed to start carrying them around with her.
A few days she received a note in her locker to be on the roof of the school immediatly at 3pm or Mitch was going to die. As she became mad at this and was about to go up to the roof, her blue and black egg hatched into Miko, a dark side, gothic egg.
She got up to the roof and she ran to a beat up Mitch and as soon as she got there several boys gathered around her. One grabbed her from behind and threatened that if she doesnt sleep with him someone would slit Mitch's throat. She powered up with Miko and beat all of them down. Christina, in her dark aura threatened them to never hurt her or Mitch ever again and frightened them off.
Later that night when Christina was getting ready for bed and brushing her hair and thinking about Mitch, her yellow and black plaid egg hatched. Rue, the angelic egg of her good side.

Christina has 3 guardian charas.

Gaurdian Characters: Yuuki

Yuuki is the guardian Chara for the fashion design side of Christina. Her attack is Shining Pins and Needles

2nd Guardian Chara: Miko
Miko is the guardian chara of her dark side. Miko wears gothic lolita. And attack is Sharding Parasol.

Posted 6/8/09
Name:: Kiyoshi Kuran


Gender: Male

Grade:High School


Personality:Calm, Says whats on his mind, a little pervy (when Kenneth changes him)

Gaurdian Characters:2

Name:Hibachi (angel) Kenneth (neko)

Transformation/ Emblem items:


Backround:Kiyoshi has lived a life where his parents and siblings are never around to see him. He was is usually kept to him self and will only talk to people when spoken to. he hardly ever starts a conversation with people since he thinks its not needed. (more will be added later)

Crush:none yet

Relatives: lives alone
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24 / F / Near my _____(bla...
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/9/09
Name:Yuuki Kuran!


Gender: Male/FemaleFemale

Grade:High School


Personality:Kind,Shy and outgoing

Gaurdian Characters:2

Name:Zero and Kaname

Transformation/ Emblem items:

Backround:She lives alone! Since she couldn't take the drama going on in the house! so she moved out!

Crush:No one

Relatives:Is Kiyoshi's twin sister!ith
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20 / F / panland
Posted 6/14/09
Name: Yukine
Age: 14
Gender: female
Grade: high school

Personality: cold and self-centered at first when you just met her but really she is a nice shy and caring person
Guardian characters:2
Mio: a guardian chara who likes to sing everywhere and enjoys singing

Kotomi: a guardian chara who likes to practice sword skills

Transformation/ Emblem items:
Aquarius charm (blue cresent moon earring)

Taurus charm (lemon quartz necklace)

Background: when she was little she loves singing and going to improve swordsmanship and thats where Mio and Kotomi come from. Currently lives alone and works at a studio and sold a lot of her copies on her album
Crush: no one yet
Relatives: no one yet
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F / My Pillow.
Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/17/09


Gender: Male/Female:male

Grade: Moon/ Star (etc) High School:hichschool



Gaurdian Characters:1


Transformation/ Emblem items:Dark Whip

Backround:adopted since he was 14 and now on his own

Crush: no one yet

Relatives: none in the area
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27 / F / Planet Anime
Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/7/09
Name:Aria Rei


Gender: Male/Female:F

Grade:High School


Personality:Sweet and loving. She is shy but can be very outgoing if she gets to know you.

Gaurdian Characters:3
Yumi: She loves to play with animals and children.

Ai: She likes to drink tea and be waited on.

Kisa:She likes to sing and dance.

Transformation/ Emblem items:
Yumi/Anget Heart(Small wings)

Ai/Princess Dream(Crown)

Kisa/Singing Strom(Mike)

Background: She lives with her older sister.

Crush: no one yet

Relatives:Her older sister
Posted 4/24/12 , edited 4/24/12
Name: Yoko Orihara
Age: 16
School level: High School, dude.

Appearance: long black hair that's often down, if not in various ponytails. Blue eyes. Pale complexion. Average height. Busty. Often dresses in a casual gothic style with excessive usage of cute skull accessories.

Personality: pretty sweet and moe to the people around her, but is very quick-witted and can have a sharp tongue when provoked. Really loves art, literature and designing. She's often seen reading, drawing, drawing clothes designs, or dancing.

Guardian Characters: Tsukishiro
~Tsukishiro represents a combination of Yoko's love of art/designing and her desire to gain a profession in both areas. Tsukishiro's personality is very chilled and corgial, often being the voice of reason. Tsukishiro states that Yoko may gain another Shugo Chara soon.
Transformation: Ivory Gem
~outift: a short pleated white skirt with blue trimming, a blue corset with a strapless white top underneath, the top having a blue heart clip in the middle, white dress shoes, short white gloves with large blue hearts on the back of each hand.
~powers: Writer's Block, Pastel Party, and Water Color Flood. She also gains a power-up called Step-up, which increases her speed.

Crush: Ikuto Tsukiyomi[head over heels for the guy]
Relatives: Both parents and an older borther named Chiaki.
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