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This is a oneshot for my Oka-chan[shieLdembLem] because it's was her birthday on December 24 and I do know that my gift is waaaaaaayyyy too late! But I hope you like it! ^^


I hope you greeted her everyone! And if you don't you can greet her NOW!

even though it's late.... and...




Birthday Moments

Main Characters:

Nakashima Momoko[shieLdembLem]
Okamoto Keito




Nakashima Momoko walked on the streets of Japan, a smile as bright as the sun plastered on her face.

It was sunny but you can still feel a little breeze once in a while. In short—it was a perfect day. Especially for Momoko.

And why is that, you ask?

There is a simple, simple answer for that.

It's her Birthday today.

Of course, anyone would be happy if their birthday comes, especially for Momoko. Momoko's previous birthdays were always boring and uneventful. She never looks forward to her birthday because usually no one would remember it. Until, someone came and changed her birthdays into exciting and eventful ones.

It all started on her 15th birthday.

"Ohayo, minna!" their teacher greeted, cheerfully.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Yamashita-sensei!" the class greeted their VERY handsome teacher back.

Yamashita-sensei was indeed very handsome. Students and teachers fall for him, over and over again. But what they didn't know that Yamashita-sensei was taken by a very beautiful teacher, who is also very popular with the students and teachers. And that teacher is Horikita-sensei.

But, a certain student knows their secret.

"Momoko-chan, please take the attendance." Yamashita-sensei winked at her and Momoko smiled.

Momoko stood up and started to take the attendance.

Yamashita-sensei and Momoko was very close. She was the only who knew his secret.

She glanced at him and saw him seating on his chair, his hand on his chin and smiling like an idiot in space. She remembered the day she found out his secret. It was after classes and she forgot her book. Momoko rushed back to school and she was shocked to see Yamashita-sensei and Horikita-sensei KISSING. Since that day, Yamashita-sensei kept bugging her not tell what she saw and she also noticed Horikita-sensei giving her nervous glances whenever they would see or even past each other. Getting tired of this, she promised both of them that she wouldn't tell anyone about them. And ever since that day, she and Horikita-sensei, too, got close.

"Everyone's here, sensei." Momoko told Yamashita-sensei, who seemed not to hear it. Momoko shook her head and smiled secretly.

"Everyone's here, sensei." Momoko repeated in a more louder voice, that made Yamashita-sensei snapped out of his thoughts.

"Thank you, Momoko-chan. And I think you'll all be excited to know, that we have a new student today." Yamashita-sensei announced to the class, who's faces lit up immediately. "So add HIM, on your list Momoko-chan."

The classroom door slid open and all of the students' heads turned to the direction. They saw a boy. And the boy entered the room.

"Minna, this is your new classmate." Yamashita-sensei smiled and turned to the new student. "Please, introduce yourself."

The boy smiled at him and then at the class. "I'm Okamoto Keito. It's a pleasure meeting all of you."

By now, the girls' giggles and whispers filled the classroom as Keito, the new student beamed at the class. He is handsome you know. Keito scanned the room and his eyes fell upon a girl scribbling something on a clipboard. Momoko looked up and hers and Keito's eyes met for a split second.

Momoko looked away and hid her face behind her clipboard.

'Woah. Who was that guy?' Momoko asked herself.

"Okamoto-san," Yamashita-sensei called but silence was the reply.

"Okamoto-san!" Yamashita-sensei called again in a much louder voice.

"Hai?" Keito tore his gaze from Momoko.

"You can sit at the back, if that's okay with you." Yamashita-sensei smiled at him.

"Hai." Keito answered politely and made his way to the vacant chair at the back, all eyes following him.


"Okay, class make sure you do your homework! Happy Eating!" Horikita-sensei bid the class.

The students quickly got out of the classroom but one student was left behind.

"Yes, Momoko-chan?" Horikita-sensei asked her as she fixed her things.

"So, why are you in hurry?" she asked back instead of answering.

Horikita-sensei looked up and smiled at her. "I'm meeting him."

"Him? Yamashita-sensei?" Momoko smiled too. "For what?"

"We're going to plan." she answered, her smile growing bigger.


"We're getting married!" Horikita-sensei shrieked as Momoko's jaw dropped in surprise.

The 2 girls squealed in delight while hugging and bouncing up and down. They pulled away at the same time.

"When?" Momoko asked.

"Now, now, we're still not sure of that.... yet." a man's voice replied.

The girls looked at the door and saw man leaning on the wall. Who was none other than, Yamashita-sensei.

"Yamapi!" Horikita-sensei squealed, made her way to Yamashita-sensei and hugged him.

Yamapi hugged back. "Yes, Maki?"

Maki looked up and smiled sheepishly. "Nothin'"

Momoko shook her head and quietly made her way out of the classroom, leaving the two lovebirds alone to plan.

Momoko walked on the deserted grounds of the school until she heard,

"Leave me alone!" A familiar girl's voice shrieked.

Momoko's eyes widened and she ran to the direction of the voice. Her sister was in trouble again. She wish the boys would stop bullying her sister. She didn't even do anything to them!

Momoko ran as fast as her legs can go. And when she finally got there she saw....

"I said, Leave her ALONE." A guy's voice said, coldly.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM HER?!" Momoko's voice boomed as she stepped out of the shadows.

The bullies and the guy looked at her. The bullies was surprised but the mysterious guy kept his cool.

The bullies glared at her and left. She looked at the retreating back of the boys and turned to her sister. She slowly approached her sister and comforted her for she was crying.

"It's okay, Asuka." Momoko cooed as she stroked Asuka's hair tenderly.

"Th-Th-They ju-ju-just ca-ca-ca-came u-u-up t-to m-m-e and-" her sobs got louder and she trembled once more.

Momoko hugged her fragile little sister tighter. She was afraid that these things would start happening to her again. Asuka would always get bullied. No matter how many times she will transfer, she would ALWAYS get bullied. She continued to stroke Asuka's hair and sighed. She, then, looked up at the guy who helped Asuka.

And to her surprise, she saw the transfer student.

"Arigatou." Momoko said as she pulled up her, wet-faced sister.

"No problem." Keito replied and stared at the two. "You're really sisters?"

Momoko's head snapped to Keito. "Yes, why?"

Keito shrugged. "Betsuni."

"Bye then." Momoko said and started to drag her sister out of the school.

"CHOTTO MATTE!" Keito's voice rang through the deserted school.

Momoko looked back and Asuka looked up.

"Nani?" Momoko asked.

"What's your name?" Keito asked and slowly and carefully approached the two.

"Nakashima Momoko." Momoko answered as Asuka sniffed.

"You wouldn't mind seating with me at lunch, would you?" Keito asked nervously and hopefully. "Of course, your sister is also invited."

Momoko smiled and Asuka's face lightened up.

"Sure. No problem."

Momoko walked out of the school, smiling.

Momoko stopped as the stoplight hit go for the cars.

She smiled at the memory. It was because of her sister, Asuka, that they met. She had become good friends with Keito and Keito also became good friends with her and as well as Asuka.

But then something happened the changed her life FOREVER.

She grimaced as she remembered the unpleasant memory. But was able to smile at the pleasant one.

It all happened on her 16th birthday.

Momoko inhaled the fresh and cool air of the day as she lay on the cool grass of the school. She closed her eyes and inhaled once more.

*Mayonaka no KAUBOOI ni natte
Kimi wo kimi wo ubaitai—

She quickly flipped open her cellphone. And to her delight saw that it was a text message from Keito.

Yo, Momo-chan! How is school? I'm fine. Just a little busy because of work. Oh yeah, I have some free time later. Wanna meet? At the usual place and on the usual time.

- Keito ^^

P.S: I'm still missing you! >_<

Momoko smiled at the last sentence. She quickly replied, smiling.


"And cut!" the director said and Keito stood up. "Take 5, Keito."

Keito smiled and hastily and unnoticed, made his way back to his dressing room. He sat down on the leather couch and grabbed his cellphone from the glass table. He flipped it open and saw something that made him smile.

Sure, Kei-kun!

Congrats on your new drama! I think you'll do REALLY well!
School is..... the same.
I'm also fine but I'm getting a little busy too and STRESSFUL! T-T
Well, do well in your activities! Good Luck

Love, Momo ^^

P.S: I'm missing you too! =P

Keito quickly replied back because his 5 mins. is almost over.After replying, he placed his cellphone on top of the glass table again and quickly ran back to the set.

Momoko opened her cellphone before it could even ring.

Arigatou ne~, Momo-chan! >.<

We're the same! With all this dramas + schoolwork + photo shoots + recording + rehearsals + performances and appearances = STRESSFUL AND VERY TIRED KEITO!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure we'll make it through, Momo-chan! Gambare!
I will.... for you! =3
You too!

Your loving bestfriend [A/N: and maybe soon to be boyfriend], Keito =P

She didn't reply back because she knows that Keito is still busy shooting. She just lay down again on the cool grass and smiled as she inhaled the fresh air.

"Daijobu, oneechan! Go meet Keito already!" Asuka said and pulled herself out of her sister's grasp.

Momoko sighed and looked at her sister, hands on her hips. "I need to take you home!"

"I'm old enough! And I can take care of myself." snapped Asuka. "Just go meet my future brother-in-law!"

Momoko looked at Asuka in disbelief. "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!"

Asuka smirked at her sister's reaction. "Just go meet him!"

She ran out of the school and left Momoko rooted to her spot as she watched Asuka running.

Momoko shook her head and muttered to herself, "Baka!"

But then Asuka returned, panting. She shoved a paper bag into Momoko's arms and said cheerily, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Then she ran of again.

Momoko sat on the wooden bench and waited patiently for HIM. She stared at the sky and identifying the shapes of the clouds while humming to Hey! Say! JUMP—Keito's group—newest song.

Suddenly it went dark as Momoko felt warm, soft hands covering her eyes. "Sorry?"

Momoko smiled and slowly took off the hands, she turned her head to the person behind her and her smiled widened.

"Kei-kun." Keito smiled back. "It's been a while."

Keito sat down beside Momoko on their favorite bench. "Yeah. How are you?"

Momoko smiled at him and continued looking at the sky. "Fine. You?"

"I'm fine too." Keito replied and also looked at the sky.

Unconsciously, Keito enveloped his hands around Momoko's, who is not aware of it too. They continued to stare at the sky, admiring it's beautiful colors and it's magnificent clouds. As Momoko tore her gaze from the sky, she immediately felt an unusual warmth around her hand. She looked down and was surprised to that the warmth belong to Keito. Keito continued staring at the sky and Momoko started to stare at his face, his hands still around hers. Momoko gazed at his shining eyes to his perfect nose and finally, to his pink and kissable lips. She bit her bottom lip to refrain herself of having such thoughts. She immediately looked away as Keito shifted his gaze to her. She remembered their intertwined hands and she quickly yanked her hand back, surprising Keito.

"Sorry." Keito said in an almost inaudible voice.

Momoko's head snapped at Keito's direction. "It's okay!"

Keito chuckled at Momoko and she blushed.

"Happy Birthday, Momo-chan!" Keito sang as he pulled out a gift from behind him which surprised Momoko because she didn't notice it.

"Arigatou ne~!" Momoko chirped as Keito gave her his present.

Momoko opened it and was astonished to see the watche she'd been admiring for weeks. She looked at Keito and beamed at him with the most gratitude.

"Ne~ You know our new song, right?" Keito asked Momoko as she fumbled with her new watch.

"Of course." Momoko replied not looking up.

"Who do you think MY Cherry is?" Keito asked again.

This time Momoko looked up. "Cherry?"

"Well, the Cherry in the song represents the girl we like and I'm asking if you know the girl I like." explained Keito.

Momoko's stomach lurched and her heart twisted. "No."

"No?" Keito raised a brow. "Take a guess then."

"I don't want to! Tell me!" she answered stubbornly.

Keito dramatically rolled his eyes and sighed. "It's easy."

"No it's not!" Momoko whined.

"It's YOU."

"Me?!" Momoko pointed at herself and crossed her arms while her eyes examined Keito's face. "Prove it."

Keito frowned but then an idea struck him. He had a sheepish smile as he scooted closer to Momoko. He leaned closer and closer until their faces were inches apart. Momoko bravely kept ground. Keito closed his eyes and inched closer when suddenly....


Momoko pushed Keito and sighed with relief. Keito let out a frustrated groan. Momoko ignored him and answered her phone. She heard her mother sobbing on the other line.

"A-asuka i-i-i-is i-in the ho-ho-hospital." she heard her mother said faintly.

Momoko's eyes widened and she jumped from her seat, startling Keito. She grabbed her bag and ran to the hospital. Keito was left startled and confused but he decided to run after Momoko.

Momoko entered the hospital, panting with Keito running after her. She searched for her mother fervently and found her. She rushed beside her mother while Keito followed her.

Keito wrapped his arms securely around Momoko. "It's okay, Momoko. It's alright."

"How? I can't believe this. I should have... I-I-I should have brought her ho-ho-ho-ho-h-home!"

Keito tighthened his arms around Momoko and Momoko buried her face into Keito's chest, crying. The sobs of Momoko, Mr. and Mrs. Nakashima were heard all through out the hospital. Keito cried silently too. He caressed Momoko's hair, comforting her in some way. They had lost SOMEONE very important to their lives.

Asuka was gone. She's gone... FOREVER.

"I love you, Asuka. I'll always remember you." Momoko whispered as she placed a white rose on top of he casket.

"It's okay, Momoko. I'm sure it's alright." Keito once again comforted Momoko, who was crying on his chest again.

Keito felt a slight nod but Momoko's sobs grew louder. Keito sighed and lifted Momoko's face to his.

"Didn't you say that you'll make Asuka happy no matter what? Do you think seeing you cry will make her happy? Look, even your parents have stopped. You should stop too." He said while looking deeply into her eyes.

Momoko gave a small nod and buried her face in Keito's chest again.

"I like you too, Kei-kun."

Keito smiled and continued to caress Momoko's hair.

She couldn't stop the tears that flowed from her eyes as she remember that fateful day. The day that changed her life.

She couldn't believe that Asuka was dead. She blamed herself for the death of her beloved sister. BUT she is the ONLY one who believes that.

Keito would often come to her house, comforting her, telling her over and over again that it was no her fault, telling her over and over again that this wouldn't make Asuka happy.

Of course, then she remember the gift of Asuka. Tears formed in her eyes again as she remember the gift that Asuka gave her. The LAST gift that Asuka gave her.

Inside the paper was a t-shirt that Asuka personally designed, cookies that she especially baked and an album that she lovingly. There was a letter too. The letter contains this message.

Dear Momo-neechan,

First of all I wish you a.....*drum roll* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Second of all..... OMEDETOU!! For having your FIRST boyfriend!! Keito-kun confessed to you, right? And how did I know? I just know a lot about boys and no offense you're kinda slow on boys
Oh Yeah, I hope you like the cookies and the t-shirt I made! Make sure you eat and wear them! If you don't, I'll never give you a present ever! I worked hard on the album too. I put many pictures of you two and us three!
I hope you like my gifts and tell me how did Keito-kun confess and what he gave to you! KYAA~!
Happy Birthday again!
Luv yah lots!

- Your loving sister,
Asuka ^^

PS: If you and Keito-kun get married and you have a child, name it after me ne~!
Don't worry! If I get married, I'll name my children or child after you two! LOL xD~!

Fresh tears flowed again. She clutched her purse tighter while wiping the tears away from her face. This letter with Keito's help, helped her to learn from my mistakes.

Momoko crossed the street.

She managed to smile weakly but then her smile widened as she remembered her 17th birthday.

A short, sweet memory she would always remember.

"Momo-chan!" Keito glomped Momoko from behind. "Happy Birthday!"

Keito's arms slid down Momoko's waist and Momoko held them. Keito rested his chin on Momoko's shoulder. They both happily stared at the sky.

"Ne, Kei-kun,"


"Do you have a gift for me?" Momoko tilted her head.

Keito chuckled, sat down beside Momoko and said, "Of course."

Momoko's eyes lightened, her ears perked up and her lips formed into a smile. "What is it?"

Keito smirked and faced Momoko. He smiled and she smiled back. Keito leaned in closer and closer and on the way his eyes slowly closed. In realization, Momoko's eyes widened and she froze.

Their lips met.

It was the most amazing thing they've ever felt. Keito pulled away. He smiled at her and she, again, smiled back, their foreheads against each other.

"We'll visit Asuka today, right? And we'll got to Yamapi-sensei and Maki-sensei's wedding, right?" Keito asked.

Momoko nodded and Keito smiled. Keito then pulled Momoko in for another kiss.

She cherished this memory a lot. Their very first kiss.

Momoko sat down on her favorite bench at the park and stared at the clear, blue sky, like she would always do.

Their relationship went well and it led to something BIGGER.

And this something BIGGER happened on her 20th birthday.

Oh, and if your asking what happened on her 18th and 19th birthday, well those birthdays led to the happening of this birthday.

If you get what I mean.

Momoko and Keito walked hand in hand to Asuka's grave. Keito and Momoko both have flowers in their hands. As they approached the grave. Tears formed in Momoko's eyes, blurring her vision. Keito supported Momoko while walking, he knew Momoko would cry. And as they finally arrive in front of Asuka's grave, Momoko broke into sobs.

"Be strong, Momoko." Keito whispered in her ear and Momoko nodded.

Momoko wiped her tears away and bravely faced Asuka's grave. She smiled weakly at it.

"Hello, Imouto. How are you? We're fine here. My love life is also currently fine." She paused and looked at Keito who chuckled. "Okaasan and Otousan is fine too. We still miss you a lot. Including Keito, of course. You do know it's my birthday today, right? I miss you so much Asuka. I love you."

Momoko placed the flowers she was holding on top of Asuka's grave and fresh tears spilled out of her eyes. It was then Keito's turn. He stepped forward and put a reassuring arm around Momoko. Then he started to speak,

"Hi Asuka-chan! I really miss you a lot. Even though you always do pranks on me with your naughty sister. And by the way, our relationship is going smoothly but we do have some arguments, and that's normal, right? I hope you're doing great in the after life. I miss you too, Asuka and as well as the other members of JUMP. We love you."

Keito finished and did the same as Momoko. He faced Momoko and smiled at him. Then he said something that confused Momoko,

"I have the honor to this in front of Asuka."

Keito knelt in front of Momoko and new tears swan on her face. He took out a velvet covered box and opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond ring.

"Momoko, I love you very much and I know you know it. And I think it's time to go to the next stage and I hope you take it with me. Nakashima Momoko, will you marry me?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Momoko answered repeatedly while crying.

Keito smiled and slid the ring on Momoko's finger, stood up and hugged her tightly. He pulled away and planted a sweet kiss on Momoko's kiss. The kiss was long and sweet but eventually they pulled away.

"I'm sure Asuka will go crazy when she sees this." Momoko smiled and Keito chuckled.

"MOMOKO!!!!" a girl's voice shrieked and Momoko's head shot to the source of the call.

She saw Maki running towards her.

"Come on!" she yelled grabbing Momoko. "What were you thinking?! You still need make up and you need to wear your dress! The bride cannot be the one who is late on the wedding. And Keito is waiting for you!"

Momoko chuckled while running. "Gomen ne~!"

"It's okay!" Maki looked at Momoko and smiled. "You will be late for your wedding if I didn't find you sooner!"

"What were you doing?" Maki asked.

"Nothing." Momoko smiled.

This would be the birthday she would always remember. They're wedding.

What a great moment to add on her...

Birthday Moments.


I hope you liked it, Minna-san! Especially you Oka-chan!


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You're the BEST SISTER I can ever have here in this fic~!
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but of course,
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