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Posted 2/14/09
Hi guys!!!!!!!
You know my reasons because of the group description
Why do you love Conyuu???
Tell us your reasons

Posted 2/21/09
I love ConYuu 'cause of the connection of the two of them . It is very clear !
Posted 2/21/09
I love ConYuu caz when Conrad and Yuri together, they always look happy and I think Yuri rather being protected by Conrad. ConYuu Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ConYuu Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Posted 7/4/09
Hmm...why I love ConYuu. Well...*thinking*...hmm...I like them cause they look cute together. Even though many ppl say that Conrad is much more like a father to Yuri but for my opinion, I think ConYuu is the best pairing ever!!!!!! Love them sooooooo much!!!! XD.
Posted 9/27/09
Hmm ... I don't know ... haha ... *giggles* I just think that they both look cute together ... ^^
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Posted 1/3/10
I love ConYuu because of ..... too many to mention XD

but you can read the ConYuu ship manifesto to know why :
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