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F / hiding in ur clos...
Posted 2/14/09
The others looked up surprised. Jae Jin smacked Jae Duc on his head. “What?” asked Jae Duc. “I didn’t interrupt!” “It’s not Duc-ee’s fault,” said Ji Yong. “Look.” Ji Yong pointed to where Sung Hoon ran off too.

“Aigo,” said Jae Jin. “It’s that same waitress babe.”

“See?” said Jae Duc. “It’s cause of a girl, not me. You hit me by mistake.”

“No, it’s not a mistake. I still wanna smack your head cause it makes this cool hollow sound,” replied Jae Jin as he smacked Jae Duc on his head again.

“So, wanna go out sometime?” Sung Hoon asked Kyung Hee, leaning near her. She rolled her eyes at him.

She answered flatly, “No” and began to leave.

Sung Hoon held onto her arm. “Come on babe. X-mas is next month and don’t be a scrooge.”

Then suddenly, Kyung Hee gave him a seductive smile. “I guess. How about we go out on November 31 then?”

Sung Hoon gave her a sexy smile back. “It’s a date then,” he answered, letting her go. The other 4 walked up to him.

“How’d it go Mickey?” asked Su Won.

“Hey, hey, what can I say?” answered Sung Hoon cockily. “I’m the man!”

Jae Jin gave him a high-five.

“Alright!” yelled Jae Duc. “When you 2 going out?”

“November 31,” answered Sung Hoon.

“Uh, Mickey,” said Ji Yong.

“Sup Ji Yong?” said Sung Hoon.

“November doesn’t have a 31st.”

“What?” asked Sung Hoon surprised. He looked at the calendar. November ended on the 30th. He looked around but Kyung Hee had already left. He started cursing while the others tried to hold back their laughter.

November 23, 1998

“This meeting of SechsKies is now in session,” announced Ji Won to the main members of the group, along with the new recruits. His voice got their attention and they quickly focused their attention on Ji Won. Ji Won looked to see if Min Sung was there. He was. Ji Won gave a little smile to him. He didn’t know why but when he looks at Min Sung his mind would replace Min Sung’s face with Mina’s.

“So any new business?” he asked the members.

“Yes,” answered Jae Jin. “The Black Dragons have killed some of our members and took away some of our businesses.”

“Damn it!” yelled Ji Won as he pounded his fist on the table. “We’ll just have to see that this Black Dragon matter will be solved. Mickey you, Ji Yong, Su Won, and the 2 new recruits deal with the businesses. Jae Jin, Jae Duc, and Min Sung will come with me.” Everyone looked at Ji Won strangely.

Sung Hoon began to speak. “Uh, hyung. You want to take Min Sung along?”

Ji Won glared at him. “Yeah. Anyone here have any objections?” No one answered. “Meeting adjourned,” announced Ji Won and everyone went to work.
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21 / F / On The Candy Clouds.
Posted 2/20/09
aww i lov tis story!!
but seriously..
just freakin confess already i can't handle this!!
lol sooo please..
more more more more more more more more more more more!!!!
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