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Disclaimer:I did not make this Fanfiction. all credit goes to paigegotkisses.Please Enjoy! :D
Hinamori Amu is a 16-year old girl. She attends Seiyo academy. But- she has a secret. She's actually the princess of ice with magical powers. Later on, a new student enters the class, with the name of Tsukiyomi Ikuto. His seat is seated next to Amu in every class, and they do not get along. Later, Amu is kidnapped and brought to a secret room. A professor under the name of Genkai, knows about them. Thats right, there's 3 other people that have powers, and abilities to transform-just like Amu. Genkai talks to them all on a T.V- there all in different rooms. Genkai then informs them that she knows about their powers, and that she got permission from everyone's parents to work with them, and form a group to protect the citizens. They all then come into the center of the building and meet each other. Amu, then sees Ikuto as one of the people, that are like her. The other 3 people, are boys. They all are suppose to share a huge dorm together, and in that dorm, there are 2 rooms. So Genkai assigns 2 people to a room. Amu and Ikuto get paired up together, and there's only one bed in each room. Which means they have to share- a bed. Now, what will happen as they all live together? What will happen between Amu and Ikuto? Who will find out about their secret? Continue reading to all find out!~

Chapter 1- The New Kid

Hey. The names Hinamori Amu. I'm 16, and attend Seiyo Accademy. But, I have a secret...I'm no ordinary girl. You see, I have powers. Not just any powers, but the powers of ice. Ice, you ask? That doesn't seem to fit my character? Too bad. This is how I was born, and I am the princess of ice. I live here, in Japan, but my parents live in England supposively. I haven't seen or talked to them in years...oh well. I can't really open up to anyone...I don't even really have close or best friends, more like any friends at all. I' scared to open up to the class, and other people. My secret is just to risky, and I haven't found anyone else who's like me yet. Oh well, I'll just sit here silently in class, again.

"Alright, alright class, that's enough! Today, we have a new student!" I heard the sensei announce.

"A new student!? Kyaaa! I wonder if it's a boy or girl...sensei, please tell us, tell us!" I heard all the pathetic girls in my class squeal. I sighed.

"Alright, alright, take your seats, now!" The sensei yelled, getting down to business. Everyone immediately sat down, and remained quiet.

The sensei looked back and forth at the class for a few seconds then nodded and began, " may now enter."

Soon after, a tall, handsome boy walked in. He had navy blue hair, and deep saphire eyes. He was gorgeous. Still though, I remained quiet, unlike the other girls who...

"Wahhh! H-He's so cute! Nice to meet you!" The pathetic girls squealed again. Seems like the new boy has fan girls already. I just looked at them in shame. What immature behavior.

"Everyone, please calm down, alright!? This here is, Tsukiyomi Ikuto!" The sensei gradually announced.

"Kyya! Ikuto-kun, nice to meet you! Your so handsom-" The fan girls shouted out to him. That is, until they, got cut off by, him.

"Whatever. Would you ugly girls shut up already? Jeez..." The so called, 'Ikuto', said as an angered expression took over his face. "Anyway," He directed his contact to the sensei, 'Where do I sit?"

The sensei was in a state of shock before she answered him. "I-It's right over there, in the empty seat on the left side of Hinamori Amu-san." She pointed to an empty seat to the left of me.

Ikuto's eyes followed her finger, and looked up at me. I blushed a bit by his beauty. He looked me directly in the eyes, and his eyes narrowed. I gave him a confused look as he glared at me. What's his problem?!

Ikuto finally broke the stare competition between us two as he began walking towards his seat-right next to me. I could of sworn I heard a, 'hmph' come from him. Oh he comes.

Ikuto stood right before his seat, and looked straight-directly at me. He began to glare again, narrowing his eyes.

I began to hear whispers grow throughout the classroom. This is not good! I had to do something, right now!

"W-What?!" I looked up at him and stammered out. The whispers grew louder.

One of Ikuto's eyebrow's raised as he said, "Shut up, girl," carelessly, as he took a seat in his chair.

I became angry now. What's his problem!? Now theres going to be gossip going around. And I'm going to be in it! I sighed.

The next class, sadly, Ikuto and I were seated right next to each other, then the next, and the next...turns out we have not only every class together, but we sit next to each other in every class! How terrible! He may be very handsome, but his attitude and personality just kills it all! He's horrible! This is truly the worst...

After school let out, I silently exited through the doors, trying to avoid any approach, or any rumors. I just kept on thinking, how could this happen to me? If I look at him just for a second, in any class, he'll glare at me meanly! Grr...this fustrates me! Why did this have to happen! Why did-

My thoughts suddenly vanished through the breeze and wind as I was wrapped from behind by someones arms...Ikuto? No. Deffinitly not, as I turned around to notice. Why would it be him anyway?!

"W-What are you d-doing?!" I yelled at the mysterious person, trying to break free.

But just then, more and more men appeared, all in black, and they all ganged up on me.

One held my arms behind my back tightly, another one taped my mouth shut, and another two men came and grabbed my legs and arms, and lifted me up.

I tried to struggle some more, getting weary. "S-Stop it..." I took in and out deep, heavy breaths, as I was thrown into a black pick up van, that quickly drove away.

I panicked and panicked, and kept struggling around in the van, rolling all over the place, getting weaker, and weaker...that I just couldn't take anymore, and I...blacked out.
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Chapter 2-New
After blacking out in a van I was brutily forced in to, I finally came to in

This odd room had an odd atmosphere. The walls were all painted fresh, snow white. And there was a huge flat screen television attached to the wall. Behind me was a couch.

I got up puzzledly. "W-Where am I...what's going on...?" I looked around wonderously and carelessly.

Suddenly, startling me, the big flat screen television attached to the wall turned on, and an elderly looking women appeared on the screen. What igsactly is happening?!

"Greetings, you young four." The strange mysterious lady said.

I gasped at her sudden words, and looked all around me. What four? There's only me...right?

"No need to panic at all, your completely safe here; all of you. Now, down to business. I know all about you four-everything." She claimed.

My eyes widdened, "I-Is...she for real? She knows...everything?" I wondered worriedly.

The elderly women on the screen smiled and began again, "I know your all confused, so let me explain it clearly, here, and now. There's four of you, but your all in different rooms at the moment, watching this. I know all about you four's powers...and your abilities. Ah, but not to worry my darlings! I have gotten permission from all of your parents for me to work with you all, and form This might sound crazzy, but you all are alike, so you all can get along together, right?"

I was speechless as I blankly stared at the screen, with my jaw dropped not to low. T-This is...just...

"Now, all of you, may meet each other. Once you've all met, you'll start to live together. Freaky sounding? Yes. Two to a room, two rooms in one big dorm, or as you wish to call it, this secret house. You'll all be living in this very house, together. And together, we'll all work together with our abilities and powers, and save the town from danger, and enter contest, and you know...all that fun stuff." She smiled...again. "Now, we'll discuss who's paired up with who when you all come in to meet one another. And that will"

Suddenly now, the bright white door opened up, and I had those men who kidnapped me before in the back signal me to go through. I was extremely worried, and confused! I hope I get paired with a girl...well, I won't know until I get there! And I walked right on through, past the white door, and into an even bigger room.

I felt pairs of confused eyes on embarrasing! I looked up to my suprise to see, 1...2...3...yes, three guys. Wait, them me...equals four....wait! Oh no! I am not having this! Having to share a room with one of these boys?! Unbelievable, what have my parents done!?

I looked at the boys closely this time, just to get a good look.

The first boy I saw had orangish, redish hair, and real pointy ears. He was kind of shirtless...but had white, baggy, flaired out pants. And somehow, they conected to his chest to wrap around his whole chest area. He noticed the long look I gave him and he said, "Hey! A girl!" He smiled real big while giggling. "My name is Jin, nice to meet 'cha!" I blushed a tid bit and nodded, "You to...I'm Amu..."

I looked away from Jin, and onto the next guy. He looked at me intently and said, "Hello, I'm Kurama, nice to meet you." He bowed. "Yeah, I'm Amu...nice to meet you also..." I returned a bow in respect. Kurama, had long red hair, and lime grass green eyes. He wore a redish, pinkish uniform, with black shoes. He also had a soft voice. He then turned to the boy next to him and said hello...he seems kind of...mysterious.

After I was done checking and analyzing out Kurama, I moved on to the next guy. He had navy blue hair...that's basically all I could tell since he was turned away from me- his back facing me. How rude! Wait...he has navy blue hair...and he appears to rude already...

I quickly sized him, looking him up and down, checking out his body, and figure. All my worst nightmares were coming true...that is deffinitly the new kid in my school, and class...Tsukiyomi Ikuto!

After I finally realized it was him, I felt my skin begin to boil as an angered expression took over my face. Why is he here?! Why?! Why!? Thi is so unfair, I hope to the sky that I don't have to share a room with him!

"Ikuto!" I shouted out angrily to him.

He turned around carelessly, a bit suprised. "What the hell...why are you here? Your nothing important...and don't call me by my first name."

I pulled my hands into fists and shouted at him, "Why are you here!? Huh?! That's so rude, your just so unbelievable...and how come Kurama and everyone else get's to call you Ikuto, but not me?! And I've known you longer than them too! You just met them for crying out loud!"

Ikuto looked up at me and glared, "Well-"

"Thats enough, children."

Everyone's head turned towards the dirrection of the voice. Everyone was startled.

"It you!" I said widely.

She closed her eyes, smiled, and nodded. "Indeed it is. And hello boy and girl, I am Genkai. Nice to meet all of your wonderful souls."

It was awkward silence until Jin shouted out with his Irish accent, "Nice to meet 'cha too! Hahaha" He laughed away. What a weirdo...

"Now that you've all met one another, and already know of the situation, I'll now assign your room pairings." She announced.

I gulped, and thought, please don't let me get stuck with Ikuto, please don't let me get stuck with Ikuto!

"Mr.Jin, and sir Kurama, you two will be sharing a room. That leaves..." She looked over towards Ikuto and I. "Ikuto and Amu to share a room."

I released my fists and threw my hand in the air while I argued, "What!? I deny! There is no way on earth, I would ever, ever, ever share a room with this self-centered jerk!" Man, was I serious.

Ikuto looked away, "Hmph. I think I can agree with the girl this once. She's such a pain, I refuse this offer."

Kurama let out a little laugh and giggle with Jin and said, "Haha, looks like you two have a problem. Could it"

Jin laughed even louder and harder, "Haha, that's a good one there my 'old buddy!" He swung his arm around Kurama's shoulder as they laughed their heads off.

Now I was the one glaring, but not at Ikuto, at Kurama and Jin! I glanced over at Ikuto, and he seemed to be doing the same.

"Jin, Kurama, you jerks! Don't laugh about this!" I shouted out embarrasedly.

"Anyway, children..." Genkai spoke, and her voice took over the room. "You will now depart to your room, and all your stuff is already in there and everything. There's just one little thing I forgot..."

"What 'mate?"
Kurama, Jin, and I all asked at the same time, all Ikuto did was look over, carelessly, as always.

Genkai took in a deep breath and cleared her throat, "You all will be...sharing...a bed. That's all, good day now! I hope you all get along, and don't do anything you shouldn't do! Good day now! I'll be seeing you all later!" And she vanished into the air.

"W-W-W...What!?" I screamed as I threw my hands on my head, grasping tightly.

"This is so stupid..." Ikuto said.

Jin chuckled, which made Kurama chuckle, which turned in to out burst's of laughter between the two.
"Ha-ha..ha! You both! Have to...share! Ahahaha!"

This is way to much...

I collapsed to the floor, grasping my head even tighter, oh-so worriedly.

"Need a hand?" Someone asked as they reached their hand out to me. I looked up all innocently, only to see the red haired Jin. I immediately blushed at his warm smile, but then sighed and replied, "So you've stopped laughing now?" Jin grinned and said, "Yeah, now, will you take my hand miss Amu?" "Sure..." I said as I grabbed his hand.

In the corner of my eye I saw Ikuto exit the room, silently. Kurama was also watching him...

"Up 'ya go!" Jin said as he flung me off the ground and into his chest, which was so musscular. I blushed a deep red, backed away, and said, "Jin!"

"Ahaha, I was just helpin 'ya, Amu." He smiled down at me.

"I looked away from his eyes and said in a whisper, "I-I know..."

"Come, I'll take 'ya to your room! You'll have to go there eventually!" Jin insisted.

I sighed as he reminded me of what is yet to come...inside that room...with Ikuto...bummer.

I followed behind Jin silently as he walked through the hallways humming an unknown tune.

Then, he came to a stop, "Ah! Here's 'ya room, miss Amu!"

"T-Thanks...Jin." I replied with gratitude.

"Alright, well, see 'ya around! Bye, goodnight!" Jin said as he walked off to his room with Kurama, further down the hall.

He's nice...I thought as I opened the door and walked into the darkness.

"I-Ikuto...?" I asked, wondering if he was already asleep, or even in here or not.

"I said don't call me by my first name. And have fun, I already got the bed." Ikuto replied rudely.

My eye's narrowed at him, even though I couldn't see him, and I crossed my arms. What should I do now, though...? I have no choice but to...g-go sleep next to him in the...I gulped. Bed...
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Chapter 3-The discussion
". . . . . " I bit my lower lip nervously for several minutes before I finally moved and said, "Iku- Ah, I mean, kid...I'm coming in to sleep to...because you know...I need m-my sleep and all...but- if you do anything, and I mean anything, your surely going to regret it! Do you understand me!?"


Is he asleep? Well, if he is, then that's good, because that way, he can't do anything.

I slowly, and cautiously crept over the obstacles on the way to the bed, still watching Ikuto's every move.

Pretty soon, I stood right before the bed, looking down at Ikuto, who was peacefully sleeping.

I smiled and thought, he looks so much more nicer when he sleeps... should I approach getting on the bed? I walked back and forth in the room thinking. Come on Amu! It's just a simple approach of getting on a single bed. What's so hard about climbing on to a bed?!

I tapped my index finger on my cheek, irately. "Man, whatever!" I quielty shouted out to myself. "I don't care if I wake him up or not!"

I slowly walked over the the bottom of the bed, and slowly climbed on. I saw Ikuto's feet...they were big.

Ah! Don't get distracted, Amu! Keep going, keep going! I thought to myself.

I continued my journey up the bed, still watching Ikuto in the corner of my left eye, and finally, I reached the top of the bed, the pillows!

I then pulled up the comforter over me quickly and flipped over in the opposite direction Ikuto was sleeping.

Ahh! This is just so awkward! And then we have to go to school together tomorrow, then come back here, and it's going to be like this the rest of our lives, and- I panicked in my head until someone threw their arm around me...Ikuto!? I blushed a deep red, even though it's dark, and he wouldn't be able to see it, even if he was awake.

I immediately flipped over to face him and say, "Ikuto, g-get you arm of-off me!" I struggled to get his arm off, but I think that only made it worse because seconds after that, he tightened his grasp, and let out a small iritated groan. A groan that what kind of saying...stop it, let me do what I want.

I heard Ikuto snore, a soft, childish snore. It was peaceful, like the way he looked right now, but when he wakes up...ugh.

I continued to try and get out of his grasp, but it was no use. I flipped over onto my back, stared at the ceiling, and sighed. "Ikuto...come on..."

About 5 minutes later, Ikuto let go of me, his tight grasp- gone. I gasped as my eyes widened by the sudden movement of his.

Ikuto brought the arm that was holding me in front of his mouth, then yawned. I stared at him firmly and cautiously, watching his every move.

Ikuto groaned again, then sat up.

I got scared by Ikuto sitting up. I mean come on, who knows what he'll do!? Especially if he's grumpy! And with that, I sunk down under the comforter, just enough to cover my whole body except for my eyes and up. I still had to watch what he was doing, of course.

Ikuto glanced over at me for a few seconds, blankly, then he asked, " awake?"

I remained quiet, to scared to answer. I just stared at him with worried, honey eyes.

Ikuto scutted a little closer to me, leaned his face even closer to mine and said, "I asked if you were awake! I know you are, so why didn't you say anything dumba-"

Ok...ok...ok- no. "Don't you dare finish that sentence Ikuto Tsukiyomi!" I flew up from under the covers and cut him off by shouting in his face. My honey eyes turned angry.

He gave me a glare for a minute, and said, "Dumb-ass."

"Iku-" I began.

"Shutup, and answer the question." Ikuto now cut me off.

"W-What question...?" I asked, ignoring his first statement.

"Why didn't you say you were awake if you were?!" He demanded.

I sighed, "Wow...that's all you wanna know? Well, to tell you the truth, I was scared to even talk to you until you called me a dumba-that's where I crossed my scared line of you." I replied cooly, folding my arms.

"Why the hell are you scared of me!?" Ikuto shouted.

I brought up my index finger to my lips, "Sshhh! Stop shouting and being so loud! Everyone is sleeping, and they're going to think things if they hear you continue like this!" I sighed, "Gosh...I'm only a little scared of you...your just so demanding, and your loud scary voice...oh! And let's not forget the evil, mean looks you give me every, single day!" I said right back at him, staring intently into his eyes.

Ikuto stared intently back. I didn't know how close our faces really were until Ikuto finally looked away and began to speak, "I...don't want you to be scared of me." He then looked back at me...normally. No glare, no nothing.

" then why do you always glare at me?" I questioned him.

"I only glare at you because I think your strange!"

I blinked twice and chuckled, "Y-You think I'm strange?"

He nodded carelessly.

"And...why?" I asked confusedly.

"Because...your the only girl in the whole school who didn't freak out or go crazy whenever I appeared...instead, you gave me dirty looks back."

"Yeah, ok. Who would freak out over you, the way you act and all..." I said while dazing off.

Ikuto smirked and said, "Hmph. I bet I could get you to."

I looked up at him, worriedly, "H-how?" I blushed a bit.

"Well..." Ikuto began.

Suddenly then, Ikuto moved at the speed of light, and brought his face within inches from mine. I automatically blushed. "W-Wha-" I began to ask, but he wasn't done just yet. He then Smirked and grabbed my shoulders fiercly. We looked into each others eyes for a bit, and I was giving him a confused look.

What in the world hs gotten into Ikuto!?

He then released his hands from my shoulders and wrapped his strong arms around me, and squeezed me tightly into a big bear hug.

My heart was beating so quickly and fast, that Ikuto could probably feel or hear it! I couldn't control the redness on my face, it wouldn't leave.

I began to squirm uncontrollably while yelling at Ikuto. "W-What are you d-doing!? Let me g-go!"

"Haha, you better not be to loud, or the other will think things, right?" Ikuto recalled, and squeezed tighter.

"Goodness...I'm so for real, you better release me right now Ikuto Tsukiyomi!" I shouted with an angered voice at him.

"See, I made you freak out over me." Ikuto said.

I thought for a moment, "Hey! That's not fair, you used force, you cheater!" I yelled at him.

"I'm not a cheater, girl!" He yelled back.

"I have a name you know!" I stated.

"What? Dumbass?" Ikuto said cruely.

"No...!" I sighed.

"Then, what?" Ikuto asked.


In this silence, there wasn't anything really going on. I breathed in, and out, and smelled Ikuto's nice smelling scent everytime since the silence began. I geuss I didn't notice it before...

He's so mean...just when I thought he was becoming nicer towards me, too...And...I...I have a name. That's not fair at all for him to call me such a mean word...I never called him anything other than Ikuto! What did I do to deserve this?

"hey...?" I heard Ikuto ask.

". . . . "

"Hey!" Ikuto shouted.

Haha, Ikuto, you jerk. You don't know that I'm secretly about to cry since you have me in the big bear hug. Your facing on way, and I'm facing the other. I felt a soft, warm tear roll down my cheek. Jerk...

Ikuto unwrapped his arms from around me, and slid them up to my shoulders like how it was before, so he could see me. To bad for him though, I had my head dropped, with my hair covering my face.

His grasp losened as he asked, " alright?"

I could take this chance...I think I will.

Without saying a single, solid word, I broke off his grasp, turned in the opposite direction of that jerk, and plopped my head down on the pillow. I then brought the comforter over my whole body, so I didn't have to see anything of him, and he didn't have to see any part of me.

"Hey-" Ikuto began.

"Leave me alone." I cut him off, and said in the coldest, heartless tone I've ever spoken to anyone.

Ikuto's POV

What the hell? Why did she just speak that way to me? What did I do?

I stared at her confusedly for a minute, then decided to just leave her alone.

I got under the covers as well, and stared at the ceiling wondering what I did wrong.

Man...why did I have to do was fun messing around with her, too...

I rolled over on my side to face her, even though she wasn't facing my way back. All I saw was her pink coton candy colored hair. I rolled back onto my back after a minute, and sighed.

"S-Sorry...for hurting your feelings or whatever. I don't want you to be mad at me, or scared of me. So...sorry, and goodnight, Amu..." I then closed my eyes, and drifted into a sleep, still wondering about Amu...

End of Ikuto's POV.

Normal POV

I listened to Ikuto's words, while still crying a bit.

That was nice of him to bad he doesn't even know why he's apologizing. Maybe I should tell him-Nah...I won't. Ok, goodnight to you to, Ikuto...wo, wo, wo! Did he just say, Amu...? he isn't such a bad guy after all...anyway, goodnight to you also, Ikuto.

And with that, I thought about Ikuto's nice words with a smile on my face, and drifted into a nice sleep, thinking about Ikuto, and those nice words of his that made me smile.
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Chapter 4-Fights
"A-Ah..." I yawned out as I rubbed my eye with my right hand. I opened my eyes, but they squinted a bit at first, adjusting to the light in the room. I blinked twice, then turned my head to where Ikuto had just been sleeping next to me which seemed like minutes ago...time sure fly's when your asleep. He wasn't there.

I looked around the room, and there was no sign of him, just the morning sun. Speaking of light, the light bulb just went off in my head, like a rocket that just lifted off into the sky above. Ohh! I'm such an idiot!

I jumped out of bed rushingly, remebering the meeting that was scheduled for 11AM, with everyone, in the main room of this new home of mine.

I dashed through the halls, looking everywhere only to find no one. I shouted out calls down the hallways. Yet, still no answer. I finally stopped to just look around until I heard voices...

I turned my head towards the direction of the voies, the patio?

I quietly walked over to the window of the patio, just to be safe, you know, to make sure no strangers were in the home, and looked trough the blinds cautiously. Kurama...Jin...Genkai...and Ikuto, ugh. I saw them all, so I'm geussing its ok to make my entrance now.

I carefully slid open the sliding glass door, and everyone looked in my direction, blankly.

"G-Good morning...everyone..." I greeted as my eyebrows grew closer and closer by each word spoken.

It was quiet for a few seconds until Jin bursted out, "Haha, ya got to be kiddin' me, right?! It's the afternoon, ahhaa!" Then everyone else joined in to laugh to-except me.

"Yeah, yeah! Are you still sleepy?! Do you wanna sleep through the next meeting also?!" Kurama joined in jokingly, laughing along with Jin.

Jin nodded twice before adding, "Ah, but maybe she didn't get enough sleep! Look at them eyes Kurama! They're all puffy and red I tell ya! Look, look!" Jin insisted Kurama to look, and he pointed at my eyes too! How rude, and of course, everyone else looked at my eyes to.

I shot a glance towards Ikuto, who was laughing the least out of everyone. I gave him a death glare, expressing the following sentence, 'it's all your fault my eyes are like this, jerk.'

"Hmph!" I crossed my arms and looked away with attitude. But I could tell from the corner of my eye that he gave a confused look in return.

"Alright, alright, settle!" Genkai shouted, while hand motioning all of the boys to calm themselves.

The laughter floating throughout the room vanished, and everyone became serious again, looking at Genkai.

"Alright," She started, folding her hands, and I took a seat in the only seat available- in between Jin and Ikuto.

"Now, you all have powers, we have already discussed that though, of course. is your first day of training!" Genkai declared with fire in her eyes, determined I'm sure.

I flung out of my chair, and it made a screeching noise against the ground, "Training?! No way!"

"Amu, please sit down now if you please. If not, I'll have the boys do something to you." She threatened, oh so calmly.

"What?! Your crazy, and nasty!" I shouted at her across the table, while everyone stared.

Genkai's left eyebrow rose, and she then ordered the boys to come next to her, so she could tell them a secret, I bet. Once they were all done talking about business, without me, they all looked over at me and she said, "Amu, since you were defiant of my orders, you will now pay, and for your information, that's not what I meant when I said I'll have the boys do something to you," She shook her head, then looked over at the boys and said, "now, if you would please, boys."

I'm totally confused here, just whats going to happen?! I'm scared!

Suddenly, while I was lost in my thoughts, I was disturbed and suddenly attacked by Jin, Kurama and Ikuto. They were all trying to grab me. Jin grabbed my legs, and Ikuto locked my arms together in his hands, then they lifted me up into the air, with my middle sectioned body just hanging there. Kurama went to old the backyard door open, and they took me out into the backyard.

I squirmed and squirmed, trying my best to break free. "W-What the hell are you guys doing!? Let me dow-down, put me down, now!" I felt my heart rate increase as the more scared I became.

The boys began to chuckle, then they did some weird boy signal thingy with their heads, and began swinging me, next to the deep, blue, beautiful pool. Jin looked up at Genkai, who was watching from inside the patio and asked, "Are you sure this is alright?" And Genkai's nod was the answer to my doom.

They began to laugh again, and swing faster, and higher, nearly above the deep, blue pool!

"Wa- o-oh my goodness, put me down, please, guys, come 'on! Stop-" I wailed, and pleaded for them to stop, until they cut my voice off by tossing me high up into the air, and splashing down into the pool...but, all this weight, it's not from me is it?!

While I was underwater, I opened my eyes slightly, only to see a blurry body rising to the surface. Once I jumped up above the surface, and took a deep, soothing breath, and I looked over to see who it was that ended up coming in with me.

"Ikuto?! How did you...?" I trailed off as Jin's loud laughter overpowered my voice.

"Ahha, are you alright mate?! That was quite a fall you took in with her there! How'd that happen!? Ahaha!"

That's what I'd like to know.

As Ikuto began to speak, he looked over at me and gave me the glare. " we tossed this dumbass in, she must have still been grasping onto my arms or something, and pulled me in with her. Now I'm soaked. Thanks dumba-"

"Shut up!" I cut him off, clearly knowing what he was going to finish saying.

"You shut up! I wasn't talking to you!" Ikuto shouted back at me.

"Still, you were going to call me a dumbass, again, and there's no need for that! There's no need for you to call me that just because your angry! You never consider anyone else's feelings but your own! Ugh, I can't stand you!!" I screamed at him, then sunk under the water, just so I wouldn't have to see his gorgeous face that I hated...

I could stay under for about as long as I wanted. I am the Ice Princess, after all. could he be such a jerk? Why is he like that...why is he only like that towards me? It's not fair, he's the one who starts stuff with me, I di-didn't do anything to deserve these kinds of treatments!

I felt my honey colored eyes get watery again, and my tears drifted off my eyes into the water, mixing together. I closed my eyes...

As I was enveloped in my tears, I felt a tug at my shirt, making me rise to the surface. My eye's poped open at the sudden movement, and saw Ikuto's eyes, before my very own. We looked into each others eyes for a decent amount of time before I finally decided to look away.

"Good to know you didn't drown...but what are you so upset and mad about?!" He declared to know.

I rolled my eyes as I looked back at him, "Are you seriously asking me that? Let me make this straight, you piss me off. You always call me a dumbass, and it really hurts my feelings... I shouldn't even let it hurt my feelings because its a dumb word coming from a dumb person like you! Now if you don't stop making me cry, and getting me pissed off all the time by calling me a dumbass, I'm going to attack you with my very own tears! Got that!?" I didn't even bother to listen or look for his reply, I just angryly and sadly stomped and marched out of the pool, and out of the backyard.

The nerve of him! Why does he make me feel so mad!? What a jerk, jerk, jerk! Ah, I can't stand him! I stormed off with my hands clenched together, and with tears in my poor, sad, honey eyes. "Ugh..."

Ikuto's POV

Dude, seriously, what the hell? I just stared blankly at her as she exited the backyard, full of fury. Great...I've somehow done it again...

"Jin, did I do something wrong?" I asked curiously.

Jin bit his lower lip, looked up at the sky, and began to say, "Well, did say a few harsh things...girls are sensitive, and if your not going to treat Amu with the right respect then I'll just steal her away from you, ok?"

My eyes widdened at his last comment, "Steal her away from me?"

"You got it!" Jin smiled down at me.

"Psh, go ahead and take her. Who would want her anyway..." I stated.

"Alright, but you best better not say any more unreasonable things to her that are mean, or we're gonna fight! You hear me?!" Jin declared fiercly.

I sighed, and nodded my head, then also looked up at the sky and thought, "Amu...what do I do with you? Your different from all the other girls I've delt with, I just don't know..."
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Chapter 5-Safety And Apology
I quietly sat down on a smooth brown bench ans sighed. "Ah...why is there so much drama in my life?"

I continued to sit there quietly, thinking to myself. That was until, I was headlifted by a tremendous distraction. "H-Huh?! What?!"

Suddenly I saw two long shadows appear on the sidewalk. Those shadows belonged to two yougn men, around my age...looking for trouble.

"Yo, girl!" One boy with orange spikey hair shouted at me. The other boy next to him elbowed him and said, "No, idiot! It's, yo, Ice Princess!" Then they both began to laugh.
My eyes widdened at the green spikey haired boys comment, Ice Princess...

I didn't know what to do. I was filled with fear and confusion, but I manged to stammer out, "W-What? What are you two talking about?"

The boys immediately stopped laughing, and the serious expression on their faces from before appeared again.

"Ah!? Don't play dumb girly," The orange haired one said, as he held out his palm, and a fireball flew out from his hand, floating in the air, "We already know your the one and only royale Ice Princess, and we've come to capture you for our boss...anything wrong with that...girly! Ahaha!"

"W-Why...?" I asked cautiously.

"'s simple. Your powerful, he's powerful. You'll be his wife!" The green haired boy declared out to me.

I drew back automatically, "What?! Your crazy! I'm outta-" I replied back as I began to run away, but only managed to take one step in the opposite direction before a firey red ball of flame flew right past my face, "Ah!" I stopped and turned back in their direction, and gulped.

"Uh...I uh...NO! No, no, no! I refuse to fight, and I deffinitly refuse to marry, ANYONE!" I shouted at them, trying to intimmidate them.

"Sorry girl, your coming with us!"
"Sorry girl, your coming with us!" They both shouted at the same time, as in a blink second, they were both charging and flying towards me.

"Ah!" I screamed in fear as I tightened my honey eyes shut. " me!"

Suddenly, just as I was about to take a ferosious hit, I was cupped up into the cold aired sky, in the arms of someone warm...

"Hm...?" I began to open my eyes again and look up as I asked, "Ikuto...?"

I blinked twice and my eyes widdened at the sudden shock to me, "Jin!?" I was speechless, "But...h-how, and" I was then cut off by Jins long index finger, pressing on my lips to keep me shut, and I blushed a light pink.

"Shh there, it's quite all right now!" He smiled down at me, "You don't have to depend on that Ikuto guy...if he doesn't wish to protect you, I will!" His eyes narrowed, and a bit angered expression was noticable in his clear, sky blue eyes. "Hmph!"

"Jin...?" I asked in confusion, but got no answer.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait- your flying!" I realized.

Jin let out a huge laugh, "Tahahhha, your so silly mate! Ya just now noticin' that?! Tahaha!" I pouted at his reaction. "Ah, no need to worry again though, we're not going to fall. You may not know yet, but I am the great wind master!" He declared proudly.

I smiled big in facination, "Oh wow, really?! That's amazing, Jin!"

A small shade of red appeared on his cheeks, "Ah, it's nothing really!" He looked up at the sky to hide his embarassment, "But..." He looked down towards the two men cursing at Jin and I to come down and fight, "We gots ta take care of them boys first!"

Jin quickly swung me over on to his back and said, "Alright, prepare to be amazed, Amu! But hang on tight, because I'ma need both of my arms, ya hear?"

"Y-Yeah..." I quickly followed his orders. I locked my arms around Jin's neck, and I locked my legs around his waist. I tightened my grip, just to be extra safe.

"Alright..." Jin began to say as he also began to swing both of his arms in a circular motion, and pretty soon, gustes of wind were flying in from every direction, and his speed increased, and mini torandos appeared around his arms that were circling at the speed of light. He then lifted his arms higher into the air and whispered in a quick, soft voice to me, "Hold on tight now!" I nodded.

His arms went higher and higher, as if they were about to launch something out of them, and thats...exactly what he did. "Wind...Torando!" Jin then clashed his wrists together, causing a big bang, and the tornados flew off his arms, and headed at full speed directly down towards the two guys. One tornado for each!

All I heard were their panicing voices. I didn't have time to look at them, because within seconds, Jin took off into the sky, flying ultra fast, and nearly throwing me off of his back, and into the sky!

"Gah, Jin! What are you doing?! You almost killed me!" I shouted at him.

He giggled and replied with, "Haha, sorry mate! We just had to blast out of there while they were distracted, that's all!"

"O-Oh...I see..." I thought more. "Oh! That was an incredible move though, Jin! Completely amazing! As expected of the wind master!" I praised him.

"Ah, thanks, Amu!"

We finally arrived home again, at our secret club house I geuss you could call it.

"Hey guys, we're back!" Jin yelled.

"Y-Yeah." I agree, kind of worried about what everyone would think of me now.

Kurama then peered out from behind a corner and said with a lovingly, soothing voice, "Ah, welcome home. You was your time?"

I glanced up at Jin, "Well-"

"It was awesome I tell ya!" Jin over powered my voice with his. And Jins voice was filled with happiness and excitment.

Kurama let out a small chuckle and said, "That's nice." Then he walked off. I eyed him...what a mysterious guy...

Jin directed his attention towards me, "I'ma go chill with Kurama, see ya later, Amu!" He smiled big as he waved and walked off, leaving me standing there, alone. Dumbfounded.

"Ok..." I said quietly to myself as I turned the corner, but bumped into something that felt like a brick.

"Ah, ow!"
"Sorry, are you-"

Ohhh, so it was a person...with a husky voice. But that voice cut off as soon as that person realized what they had just bumped into. I looked up, only to find Ikuto. Great...

He rolled his eyes at me and said, "Move it! Watch where your going." He then continue on through, but not before my eyes narrowed at him and I turned around and yanked at his shirt. He automatically flung back a bit.

'What the hell? What do you want?!" He shouted down at me.

"Now, just wait a second Mr.I can do and say whatever I want to whoever I want! Is that really how you're going to treat me?! I saw how you reacted with kind words before you even knew it was me that you happened to bump into!"

"" He asked emotionlessly.

'So, why did you suddenly give me that rude, mean attitude, with the rude, mean comment?! Why?!" I demanded to know.

He sighed and looked away. "Would you let go of me-"

"Only if you answer the ques-"

"Because you're so annoying!" Ikuto shouted loudly at me.

I immediately let go of my graps on his shirt, and drew a few steps back at his harsh, loud words. My feelings...

I raised my left hand over my chest, and placed it where my heart raced. My honey eyes began to fill up quickly with tears, but they didn't start to pour just yet. I'm Hinamori Amu, the cool and spicy girl, and I am strong!

Ikuto stared at me blankly, with an expression like he did something wrong- well, he did.

I continued taking small steps back, not leaving my eyes from his, and I bit my lower lip, trying to hold onto the tears, but I just couldn't anymore...I wasn't...stronger...enough. Tear overflowed my eyes and streamed down my cheek, one by one. I quickly turned away, and began to run off into the unknown.

"Ah! Amu, wait!" Ikuto reached out to me and grabbed my arm, flinging me back this time. "Huh...?" I quietly said as I turned my head around towards him, with a tear flying off my right cheek.

I looked down. "Amu..." He called me Amu...again..."I uh..." I heard Ikuto sigh, "Sorry. I bring nothing but misery to you. I honestly don't want to see you cry but...I'm just...sorry."

Did Ikuto just...apologize...and better yet, to me? I quickly glanced up at Ikuto, not knowing my tears had nearly stopped, and our eyes met, and we gazed into each others eyes for who knows how long. Finally Ikuto said, "So...sorry, ok?"

I was still sort of speechless, but managed to nod. Ikuto smiled at me after I nodded, "Well, good. You forgive me. I'll see you around then...tonight actually...and...sorry." Ikuto stated, patted me on the head, then walked off down the hall.

My heart was beating non-stop, faster and faster. I've never felt this way I...happy? But how? How can someone who always makes me angry make me happy? I don't know...but I hope it's
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Chapter 6- The Transformations
The very next day I was awoken by an very irritating and screechy voice. Ah...there's only one person with that voice...Genkai.

"Wake up! You did not come here to sleep, Amu! Wake up now or else!" She pratically yelled in my face.

I quickly sat up and rubbed my right eye with my left, soft arm while yawning out, "W-What..." I then realized how close she was to my face after I was done rubbing my eye. Ugh, no one yells in my face like that first thing in the morning! My eyes widdened and my brows narrowed, "What the!? Get out of my face, lady!" I signaled her with my arm to move.

Genkai flinched at my words as an even more angered expression took over her wrinkly, mushy face. She then bent her knees and put her wrinkly arms into an awkward posistion and started mumbling, "Ki...Re...Ka...Du...Sho!"

I gasped as quickly as she launched...a blue blast out from her hands. I felt my heart race extra beats at the sudden suprise. Darn this old hag! I quickly and instinctively launched my body off the bed to dodge the attack. That's when I noticed...Ikuto was already up. I'm assuming this since he's not in...bed...

I heard Genkai's creepy footstep's come louder to me each step she took. She then stood over me and sighed, "Get up. Everyone's in the backyard-Training. Your the last one, and this time we're sticking to our plan, got it Ms.Hinamori Amu!? more responsible." She then sighed once more, and walked off.

I blinked twice, taking in everything she just said. I geuss she did have a point. Now I sighed...Oh well, I have no choice but to go. But still...what will happen there? I don't want to reveal my powers to anyone...anyone! They won't accept me!

I tightened my hands, clenched my teeth, got up, and ran out through the door to the backyard.

Wow, she was right. Everyone is I blinked once as I looked back and forth at everyone staring intently at me.

"Well, Amu~ Come'on and join in the training mate!" Jin invited me cheerfully, as always.

I grinned at what he said, then nodded hopelessly.

As I walked over, I glanced at Ikuto, who was staring at me...with that look! Once I got over to where everyne was standing, Genkai began to speak.

'Alright, children. We will now begin training. You will first get in to the pool, then transform. I know you all can do it."

My eyes widdened and I heard nothing more out of master Genkai's mouth after I heard her say...transform. That word coming out of her mouth echoed throughout my head.

I looked at the boys expressions. Kurama seemed calm about it. Jin seemed cool and happy about it-Not like that's a suprise or anything. And Ikuto...he seemed a bit...worried, but deffinitly not as much as me!

"What are you four waiting for?! Go, get in! Now!" Master Genkai scolded at us while pointing to the shinny, blue pool.

Jin was the first to move, then Kurama, and then Ikuto. I didn't want to feel left out, so I quickly followed behind Ikuto. Once we were all in the pool, Genkai spoke-Again. I sighed.

"Alright. Now, children, transform! Jin, you go first!"

"Indeed!" Jin agreed to do so, oh-so happily. How can he do this!? He's crazy!

Jin the squinted down real low on his knees, sinking deeper into the water, then blasted up into the sky like a flaming rocket. He spinned round and round. I just watched in amazement with my mouth hanging open.

"Unleash the wind within!" Jin shouted out to the sky, and then a bright flash came, and next thing I knew was Jin was... Jin's...Jin's...Jin's appearance...had completely changed! It looked as if he had a full upgrade! His hair became pointier and more red. His muscles seemed to be a bit bigger as well. His clothes were all shinny and it was just amazing. He then launched back in to the pool, laughing, while saying, "Character Transformation:Wind Master!" Wow...a wind master!? Well, at least his personality didn't change.

Genkai nodded in acceptance. She then said, "Kurama, will you please."

Kurama then nodded. What a mysterious guy...

Kurama closed his eyes, and sliced his arms across his chest in an X posistion, "Reborn-Yoko!"

As soon as Kurama spoke those words, a powder of white, dusty steam flew over Kurama, and it was surrounding him in it for about a minute, and I couldn't see a thing! What the this stuff!? I began to cough, but just as I started, the steam and stuff began to discintergrate.

My squinted my eye in Kurama's direction, with my other eye closed. I needed a peek at what Kurama now looked like. Boy, was I in for a suprise! When I then clearly saw Kurama, his full body and all, I was astonished! Kurama had completely different hair and everything! His hair was now silky and silver, like a fox. And he had a silky, hairy, silver looking tail also! Not only that, but he had now little silvery fox ears, too! They were pointy! Kurama also now held the meanest look on his face I have ever seen! He stood tall in the pool and said, "Character Transformation:Yoko Kurama! I am now Yoko. Yoko the fox. The legendary theif fox, but I don't steal anymore so no worries. When I'm in this form, just call me Yoko, and only Yoko. Thank you."

Everyone including me nodded in response. I stared at him intently, just so amazed.

Genkai smiled a bit-Now that was something you don't see everyday! Kuram-I mean, Yoko, must really be something then, huh?

Genkai raised an arm, and cleared her throat. She began, "Now, Ikuto." Everyone's curious eyes turned towards Ikuto, to see just what he'd become like.

Ikuto looked down carelessly and let out a tiny, little, "Hmph!" I would think he was going against Genkai's orders, but within seconds, Ikuto shouted out, "I'll release the Lynx!" I gasped in amazement already, and nothing had happened yet! Except the smoke, fog, steam, whatever you want to call it appeared, but I was use to it by now.

After a minute had passed, the foggy, smokey steam cleared up, and everyone now looked at Ikuto. So far, Ikuto looked the least different transformed. It seemed like he just put on a costume or something...or maybe that's just me being mean.

Ikuto had a belly showing top on with a silver cross on it. The shirt and pants were a dark blue, nearly black. Ikuto also, had gotten pointy ears that matched his colored clothes. They looked adorable, I just wanted to go up and touch them gently, but no, I can't. Ikuto had gotten a tail, just like kurama. Except, his looked like a cat tail. He also had gotten a silver claw on his right arm, like wolverine from X-Men! There was also a red cape hanging from his back that split in half at the bottom. Ikuto then said, "Character Transformation: Black Lnyx!"

"Cool!" Jin exclaimed.

I blinked twice, realizing it was my turn. I felt as if my stomach was being ripped apart.

Gnekai looked towards me and said, "Now, Hinamori Amu-san, will you please hurry up and transform so we don't waste any time?"

I bit my lower lip and looked down, nervously of course.

Everyone was staring. I could feel it-Their eyes...all of their eyes waiting, and on me!

"Hinamori-san!? I don't have time for games, neither do any of us, now go!" Master Genkai began yelling at me.

"I-I uh..." I stuttered.

I then heard footsteps approach me, then I felt a soft, warm hand placed on my shoulder. I looked up, "Jin!"

He smiled and said, "It's alright to transform! No one will think anything bad of you, so whats wrong with transforming? I have to admit girly that I was a bit nervous to. But mate, we're all the same, we all accept each other, right everyone?"

"Yep." People responded.

"Oh..." I smiled and looked up at Jin, "All right...then. I haven't transformed in a long time so...I don't know what will happen..."

Genaki threw her arms through the air impatiently, "Just go already, child! Goodness..."

"Genkai!" Jin shouted at her.

"Fine! Step back because...I'll unlock, my heart!"

Quickly after that I shut my eyes closed tightly, letting whatever happen, happen. I felt my body fly-Well, more like being drawned into the pool, going deeper, and deeper. I felt different peices of clothing and assesories form on me, and I felt my hair blow through the water. And with in seconds of that, my body magically and on it's ownly, flew above the surface and shouted out, "Character Transformation: Ice Princess!" I then flung my eyes open, and saw all eyes staring. I immediately flushed a dark red.

Clapping. I then heard clapping coming from one set of hands...I looked up, only to see Jin congradulating me. "Jin...thank you! You gave me courage, thank you!" I smiled widely.

I noticed Jin blush a bit after my praise towards him.

Genkai nodded once more. "Don't get too excited kid, the trainings only just begun." She smirked. I drew back in a gasp and gulped.

I thought to myself, well...I've come this far...thanks to Jin...what a sweet guy. But now that we've all transformed...what's going to happen? I can only hope for the best...believe in me, Ikuto...and Jin!

BONUS: Ice Princess: He out fit is simliar to the full gaia outfit of angelic, and Hanon's mermaid melody outfit from mermaid meolody. Its a blue ruffled up dress with a dark blue at the bottom, and get lighter towards the top with white as the tippings. she has ruffled gloves-Same color patern as the dress. The dress cuts at the mid-theighs. As Ice Princess, she gets mini snowflake/cyrstalish eyelashes over her original eye lashes. She gets water drop earings, and her precious Ice Princess necklase ig glowing a bright, beautiful blue. She has ruffled boots, same color patern as the other clothing peices. Last. but not least, she gets a small, light blue tiara on her head, like she was a real princess...well, she is. xD
Something Kinda like this:
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Chapter 7- Control
While everyone, including myself, stood there speechlessly, Genkai grinned, and took a step towards all of us.

"Well done young ones, well done," She clapped her hands as she spoke. "Now, let us fight!"

"Huh?!" I shouted out don't even know what to call it, but fighting against one another...wasn't transforming already enough?! At least for one day!?

"Hinamori Amu-san!" Genkai scolded at me.

I straightened up at the sudden suprise and threw my arms to my sides, "Y-Yes?!"

I heard Kurama and Jin giggling. I'll have to get them later for that.

"Stop looking so shocked and suprised, you knew this would come soon enough! What did you think this was? Luxury time and space!? You didn't come to this house for nothing, you dumb kid! Now, focus!"

Awkward silence filled the area, and I felt my right honey eye twitching. I wanted to say something, but I figured it would be best and wise to just keep quiet and shut-this time...

I sighed and carelessly said, "Yes, ma'am." I rolled my honey eyes.

"Excuse me!?" Genkai shouted, just when we all thought she was done.

"What!?" I yelled back at her with stem in my voice, getting really annoyed now.

"Oh no. No, no no. Amu! Get your Icy ass into the pool this instint! Don't you dare say a word back! Now, go!" She demanded.

"Fine, fine!" I replied as I stepped back into the water, filled with anger. Some nerve that old hag has!

"B...bahahahaha!" I suddenly heard Jin burst out into laughter uncontrolably. "Ah-Ah-My-My goodness...that was just halarious Masta' Genkai, man! She, she, she said, 'Get your icy ass into the pool!' Ahahaha, ahaha, woo...Ok, I'm done. Man, that was just too funny for my own will to take!" Jin babbled on.

I heard Kurama let out a small chuckle, and Ikuto let out a small, "Keh". Immature much? Now I'm deffinitly going to get back at them...but mainly Jin! You know what...nows my chance...while he's offguard I'll...

I quickly turned to fully face him, and I smirked in the process. Oh, ho, ho, this'll be great...great to finally attack someone again. Great to finally get ride of some of this energy that has been within me for 5 whole years!

I then raised up my right arm, fixing the hand in to a position-a slapping position. I then swung my arm down, straight towards then water, and when I hit the water, I twisted my hand...unleashing my attack called..."Tidal Wave! On Jin! Hahaha!"

Within seconds a huge tidal wave pilled over Jin, covering him completely, vanishing him into water, taking him under the water!

I laughed out loud, feeling so great. "Ahaha, that wonderful!" I expressed my happiness. Everyone stared at me. I looked over at Kurama's mysterious Green eyes...they looked...observant. I wondered what was up with him? I then glanced over at Genkai, who just watched the little waves glide up and down along the water, caused by Jin's fall into the water. I then looked over at Ikuto, who stared at me intently. I felt my heart skip a beat, and with that sudden pulse, I looked down at the moving water, blushing. Just then though, as I watched the water, I saw Redish...yeah, a redish color come closer to the surface. It got closer and closer. I only then realized what it really was once it was to late to make any sudden movements. He got me.

Jin sproung out from the water and wrapped him arms around me, and pulled me back into the water backwards with him, while he sank us into the deep, blue water. I felt my hair blow along through the waves small and large currents, and the waves grew larger.

I opened my honey, golden eyes, feeling it was safe to open them now. Once I did though, I saw Jin's face inches from mine. I drew back immediately and blushed a tid-bit, but couldn't. I just then realized at that moment also, that Jin still hadn't let go of me, and he brought me closer, and closer, and held me tighter, and tighter. I felt my face burn up like a dark red tomato, even with the cool pool cooling down my body heat and tempeture.

But then also, at that very moment, I realized that I wasn't even trying to get out of his tight grasp. Great...what is this, anyway? Before I had any time or seconds to think, I heard two splashes come and jump in to the water, but from different directions. One was on the left side of Jin and I, and the other on the other side. I tryed looking beyond, trying to see what was what and who went where, but all the bubbles bubbling around from the jump-in splashes made it nearly impossible to see anything!

I geuss Jin was a bit suprised by the jump-in attacks also, so once that did happen, his hold on me released completely. I then flew back, actually, sinking into the deep water. I was trying so hard to understand what was all happening within this minute, but it seemed so hard. So I just let myself sink in to the deep's alright, though. It's not like I'm going to drown. I am the Ice Princess, after all.

I smiled. I do't know why. But, at that very moment, I felt someone's strong arm's grab onto my two arms, just dangling as I sunk deeper in to the water. I gasped in the sudden touch, and bubbles flew out of my mouth, and rose to the top of the surface.

I looked up, but it was really blurry; I couldn't pick out which one of the boys it was that had a hold on me. Who ever it was, they sure didn't seem to know what they were trying to acomplish in grabbing me, because a minute later they released me. And now I was sinking to the bottom of the pool, just like before. I let out a small laugh-a laugh about how stupid that person must have been.

As I was laughing quietly to myself, more and more bubbles flew out of my mouth uncontrolably. It was only then that the same person from before, came back to get me...I geuss. But this time, who ever it was reached for my lower body, and wrapped one arm around my waist and used the other arm to throw me over their shoulder.

My honey eyes widdened. Who the hell is this?! What the?! Don't they know I'm trying to think under water here!?

As the person rose to the surface, carrying me with them, the person who had such a tight hold on my body became clearer and clearer to see. But, I could only see below the head, because remember, I was slung over somebodys shoulder here!

I examined the body...muscular...blackish, navyish colored pants, or whatever they were, and a...a...a tail! This tail was blue though! The tail of a cat...the tail of a Lynx!

Finally knowing and figuring out it was Ikuto all this time, I started pounding on him like crazy. I do not, and I mean do not want this man carrying me around like I'm a carboard box!

But pounding and stuff only made him tighten his grasp. I soon learned as we rose to the surface, that it was hopeless and just a silly dream to think that I'd be able to get out of his grasp, so I just gave up.

As we plunged out of the water, everyone stared, again. And Ikuto still didn't let me go.

"Um...y-yes...?" I asked, a bit embarrased.

Ikuto then started to say to me as he started to put me down into the shallow end of the pool, "I...thought you were drowning."

My honey eyes widdened at his words, and they glanced up at him in shock...was he worried about me then?

"You did...?" I asked cincerly and curiously to hear his answer.

"Yeah, but whatever, I geuss you wern't." He looked away, dumbfounded.

I noticed this and grabbed his arm strongly and said, "No!"

He looked back at me in wonder and confussion, "W-What?"

"I don't think your dumb! Even if I am the Ice Princess, and I can stay under water for a long time, it doesn't mean your dumb! You didn't know that as the Ice Princess, I could stay under water much longer than the rest of you. It's the thought that counts! The thought that you were concerned at worried about me...thank you...Ikuto!" I then released his arm, and looked away, red, and embrassed.

"Ah." Ikuto replied. I think he might have blushed a bit also...but, no way, right?

Master Genkai then clapped her hands, "Alright, it's settled."

"What is?" Everyone all asked together in a curious tone.

"Who's paired up with who for the fighting, training competition match. It's going to be a 2 on 2 battle." Genkai announced, and the smirked.

Great...does this mean I'm paired up with Ikuto?! Oh, brother...

Alright, thats chapter 7 for ya! I hoep you all enjoyed. And I hope you all will reivew, rate, and comment! Thank you everyone, and please stay tunned to see what will happen next! Thanks, and please review! Thanks again, everyone!
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Chapter 8-The Battle
I sighed. It seemed like the weekend was taking forever to end. At least it was sunday, afterall. But now that I have to be with Ikuto...come to think of it, why di I always end up with, Ikuto!? First it's in class-we have to sit next to each other in every single class, now its this. Oh! And let's not forget I have to sleep with and next to him! My goodness...

"Hinamori-san!" I heard someone shout in an angered sounded kind of far away, though.

"HINAMORI-SAN!" woah, woah, woah! Now it deffinitly got louder! Right next to my ear to be precise.

I shrieked and stiffened up all the sudden shock that wipped the daze out of me. "H-Huh?! Y-yeah, that's right!" I stammered.

"What? What are you talking about? Anyway, get back to work! Stop dazing off into la-la land, because we're about to begin!" The voice was a bit calmer this time, Genkai. This lady is just...ugh...

"Gotcha, gotcha..." I waved off to her carelessly, "I'm ready, I'm ready..."

"Fine, then, begin!" She shouted with an anxious voice.

"Right!" I replied back. Wait! What's with me?! I'm not ready for this!

It was a bit too late for me to say that now, though. Everyone seemed not to care wether one another got hurt, especially Ikuto. Here they come, full speed ahead, Jin and Kura- No...Yoko Kurama...

I suddenly felt a sudden, painful, yet strong, push against my right shoulder and I flew down deep in to the pool. Waves began to move faster and gain more speed with all of the movement going on in the pool. They were rising, too!

You know what? How dare someone push me down like that?! What kind of fighting is pushing?!

I then squatted down my feet on the bottom of the pool, and sprung myself up to the surface with alot of strength and power.

I then broke the surface, with the hot, sunny sun shining down on my face. I gasped for air, even though it wasn't really nessacary.

"Alright, who dares to push me like that?!" I demanded to know.

"Idiot, I was pushing you out of the way! You were just standing there, gazing at Jin! T-They were coming straight in for the attack, you know! Be more aware of whats going on for once, d-dang...Ah!" I listened to Ikuto struggle to talk to me, while he was already preoccupied with fighting Kurama. Dang, they were serious about this! Well, I gotta get Ikuto back for pushing me...but first, I need to help him! He's being overpowered by Kurama's...I mean, Yoko Kurama's...seed thingys...what exactly is that, anyway?!

"Sensu Bean Seed-" Yoko Kurama began before I shot an ice shard right past his hand. The hand he had the seed in, that he was going to throw at Ikuto. He gasped back in suprise.

I smirked and announced while charging at him for another strike, "I'll save you, Ikuto! Shards Of Winter!" I then swung my right hand over my shoulder, then flunged it straight out in Yoko Kurama's direction, and releashed the icy shards.

Yoko Kurama's eyes widdened at what I had just done and unleashed as he prounced back on to his side of the pool, trying anything possible to dodge the icy blue shards that were oh-so pointy.

Jin's jaw dropped in amazement. "Woa..." He manged to get out.

I then looked over at Ikuto, and punch his arm. "Hmph! I saved your butt!" I said trying to act cool. I really hope it was working!

Ikuto chuckled, "That's the best punch you can give? Wait, I didn't need your help, you know."

"Ugh, whatever, we're partners, you know." I replied.

"Are you mocking me?" Ikuto asked.

"Are you mocking me?" I asked back.

Ikuto's eyebrows drew close together as he squinted his beautiful saphire eyes, and looked them right in to my wide honey eyes, like some kind of contest of some sort. I returned the look. I'm not losing this one.

I heard Jin grumble from my left ear, but I didn't dare to move my honey eyes, that were locked in with his handsome midnight blue eyes.

"Ah!" I heard Jin's voice grow a bit annoyed, louder, as well.

"We're supose to be battling, not staring like love-doves, take this, Amu!" Jin declared as he approached. And boy, was he approaching fast!

I had to look over, and away from Ikuto's contact, my consciousness made me, pratically. Good thing, too, because Jin was just about to knock me out. He was only 4 feet away!

"Wha-Jin! Wai-" I tried to stop him with my so sudden words, but instead, he grabbed my by the waist and pulled me down into the water with him. Ahh! I realized...this is like a hug, or something! Not fighting at all!

As we sunk lower, and lower in to the deep, blue pool, Jin slid his smooth, soft hands up my waist, and changed the posistion he held me in. I let out a gasp of bubbles, that soon floated to the surface. Jin saw my startled face, and laughed at me, causing bubbles to fly out of his mouth, and to the surface, also! Then, within seconds, both of us were laughing, and having a great time. Underwater, that is. A bit awkward, huh? We laughed and laughed until we eventually gazed and locked our eyes in one anothers. It felt time wasn't passing at all...that is until Jin and I were starled and broken from one anothers gazes when some idiot went and jumped in to the pool. I could hear from the surface, someone shouting, 'cannon ball!' and with that, there were over millions of bubbles created from that explossion! They then just rose to the surface, and/or popped on, by one...

It was only then, at that sudden moment, after I was done observing the bubbles and jump-in and all that I realized Jin's had his arms around me in a tight grasp. He then carried us, together, to the surface. Once he popped his little red-headed self above the surface he released me and gasped and gasped for air.

I began to ask Jin, "Ah! Are you ok...Jin?"

Ikuto then came over with a suspicious look on his face, and asked, "Was Jin just...holding you?"

"It was more like a tight hug." I corrected him, then rolled my honey eyes without a care.

There then was a sudden clap, that seemed to change the mood of things. Genkai clapped twice, then said, "Alright, I've seen enough for today, go back to your rooms, or do whatever. Get ready for school tomorrow or something. Good day, then, students. I will see you all again, soon. Very, very soon." Then, just like before, Genkai dissapeared without a trace. It was like the wind had scooped her right off her haggy old feet. Ah...that was kind of mean, but whatever, I mean, I'm cool, afterall.

I began hearing little mumbles going in and out throughout my ears as I was trying to get Genkai figured out, but it just wasn't working with these bees!

I quickly turned around fustrated at the arguing going on here between Ikuto and Jin. I was about to speak until I actually listened to what they were saying.

"Don't just go and hug Amu like that! You don't know her like I know her!' Ikuto shouted in Jin's face, swinging his arms around.

"What do you care, mate?! I told ya' I would take er' from ya' if you didn't do anything, and thats that, ya hear!?" Jin finished, and then stormed off.

I glanced at Ikuto, and he was already looking at me.

"W-What...?" I asked curiously.

Ikuto blinked twice, "Keh..." Then walked away.

I grasped my head with my two hands. What's wrong with me?! Why do I feel this way!? Ahh, In don't like it!

I then ran all the way up to my- well, Ikuto and I's room, plopped down on the bed, and feel asleep with thoughts of Ikuto and Jin my head head...what should I do?

Ahh, thats the end of chapter 8, sorry it wasn't that great. But, I hope you all enojyed it anyway! Please rate, review, and comment! Thanks so much, and stay tunned! Thank you, everyone!
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Chapter 9- Protection
I woke up to the blinding sunlight that shined through the window. I blinked twice, enduring my wake up. I tilted my head to right right, to see if Ikuto was there, but he wasn't...he wasn't here last night either...strange.

"Hmph, about time you woke up." I heard a husky voice call out. Ikuto.

I then flew up from under the comforter, and checked him out, looking him up and down. "And where are you going?"


My pure, honey eyes widdened. School?! Oh, no! I had forgetten all about school, and today's monday! "Why didn't you wake me up!?" I shouted and questioned him as I threw a pink-colored pillow at him.

" looked so peacefully sleeping," I drew back and gasped at his words. "Peacefully sleeping, saying, Ikuto...where is, Ikuto?" He finished.

I threw my body forward and my face flushed a deep red. "A-Are you f-for real?!" I stuttered out, asking him.

"No." He replied back, coldly, then began to laugh.

"Wha...?! Grr, you! Just you wait I'll get-"

"See ya." Ikuto said, cutting me off as he took his lead out the door.

"Hey!" I shouted, "Don't cut me off when I'm speaking! Just you wait! We sit together, you know! In every single class!"

Did he hear me? I don't know...what time is it, though?

I then reached my arm out behind me, feeling for the touch and shape of the hot-pink clock. Ah, found it! I brought it toward my face, flipped it over, and scanned it. ...7:49AM!?

Shoot! I jumped out of bed, then brushed my hair quickly. I then ran to the bathroom, took care or my business, washed my hands afterwards, and brushed my teeth. Quickly after that, I ran back to my room...I mean, Ikuto and I's room, grabbed clothes and changed into them. I then grabbed white socks, put them on, then the same with a pair of white, plain rebox's. I tied them tightly. After that, I sprayed purfume, then put on some makeup and brushed my pretty-pink hair. Alright, I'm good for now! I grabbed my black Adias backpack named Jeffery, slung it over my shoulder, then glanced at the clock again. ...7:57AM?! School starts in approximately 3 minutes!

I then quickly busted out through the front door, and slammed it shut, not on purpose though, and began to run down the street. People passing by gave my odd looks, but who can care at a time like this!? Dash, Amu, dash!

A minute had passed, and this wasn't going to work. I needed a shortcut, and bad. Though, an idea then popped into my smart, brainy head. I'll just...jump around and stuff, use my abilities...who cares if some people see?

I smirked, "Alright, Let's do this!"
At School:

I charged through to doors to my homeroom class, which is science by the way, exactly at 8:00AM. Whewww, what luck...
I smiled, and took my seat. The school bell went off.

"Jerk..." I said to Ikuto, but looking in the opposite direction.

I saw from the corner of my honey dew colored eye that he then looked over at me, "Huh?"

"You heard me, jerk." I said.

Ikuto slammed his hand down on the table, "Now wait a minut-"

"Alright class, the bell has rung, take your seats, and open up to page 223 in your textbooks, please." The sensei ordered.

You really are a jerk...

After School:

I began to walk home. I noticed Ikuto up ahead. Suddenly, I felt a pull on my shoulder.

"Girl, wait!" I heard a fellow classmate of mines say.

I turned around confusedly, "Huh? What?"

"Hmph...we know what you're doing...try to get close to Tsukiyomi-san."

"Are you kidding me? Ikuto?"

"So say his name like your so close to him!" The girl shouted at me.

"Excuse me? Who do you think your dealing with? What posistion are you in to even tell me that?"

"What!? Don't speak to me so rudely! I'll cut you!" She declared and charged at me, with an actual knife!

I drew back and gasped in suprise and shock. I flinched and closed my scared, honey eyes.

"Don't talk bad about Amu, you wench!" Ikuto shouted and yelled at the girl. Wait, Ikuto?!

I opened my right eye slightly, only to be able to see what was happening, and who was here.

"I-Ikuto?!" I said in a suprised tone.

He was standing in front of me, and he had a grasp on the rude girls hand...the hand that held the oh-so sharp knife in it.

He turned his head to look at me, and with a gentle smile he said, "Yo." My heart skipped a beat.

"Ikuto..." I said quietly, and happily...

"What?" He asked.

I looked up at him, "Huh?! What? I, uh...nothing!"

He grinned and faced the girl again. "Now, get out of here, and if you ever try to hurt Amu again, I mean ever, I'll cut you! Hear that?! Now get lost! Now!" He screamed at her.

"H-H-Hai!" The girl stammered out, and nodded. Then, quickly, and filled with fear, ran away crying deeply.

I just stared in amazement.

Ikuto turned around seconds later to face me directly, eye to eye. We just stared in to each others beautiful eyes until it got...a bit...awkward.

I looked away, "U-Um..."

"Let's go home, Amu."

I nodded, and blushed a bit, "Ok..."

"But first..." Ikuto began.

"Hm?" I looked up at him with questioning honey eyes.

"You owe me." He smirked.


"You heard me."

"But..." I glanced at him, then back at the ground.

"A hug."

"A hug?!" I looked back at him, again, with worried sun-colored eyes.

"That's right, now come here!" Ikuto began to come closer to me, holding out his long, muscular arms. I couldn't help but blush.

"Now wait a minut-" I began, but got cut off once Ikuto pulled me into his chest, then wrapped his warm, strong arms around me.

I blushed and my heart was racing. "I-Ikuto! Let m-me...go!" Ahh, man, it's real hard to breathe right now!

"I'm not going to let you go until you hug me back." Ikuto stated.

"What?! No fair! Are you serious, though?" I asked.

"Dead serious."


Time passed by and Ikuto wasn't budging a bit. What's with him anyway? I thought he hated me. But now...he's acting all protective and stuff...come to think of it...yesterday...him and Jin were arguing. About what, though? Possibly me? That's it! Maybe Ikuto and, is in love with me! Haha, I let out a little laugh. No way.

"What's so funny?" Ikuto asked curiously.

"Ahaa, it's nothing, really. I was just laughing at myself...I was just thinking you were in love with me, but no way right? Haha..." I replied back, and before I knew it, I had already had my arms around him! What the?! Since when? Maybe I did it selfconsciously when I was telling him what I was thinking.

Ikuto then squeezed me tighter in his arms, "Amu, I..." Ikuto began, sounded a bit downer from before. What's with the sudden change in attitude?

Ikuto then released me. He took away his arms, so I did the same, as well.


He sighed, "Let's go."


And so us two together, walked home, in complete silence.

Once we finally arrived back home, Ikuto went straight up to our room. As for me, I just went outside into the backyard to think...

I climbed on top of the shed, and layed down on top of it, high off the ground. I looked at all the bright stars, shinning. I watched in amazement as I organized my thoughts and feelings.

Does Ikuto really love me? What do I feel? Do I love him? I don't know...he's always such a jerk...but then he can turn around and be such a nice, caring, protecting, loving guy. What should I do? How should I feel? Help me please...a shooting star...

Alright, that settles things for chapter 9! Don't worry folks, more action is coming back in chapter 10! Oh, and by the way, this story is gonna be long . Sorry. xDD But the longer, the better, right? I hope you all stay with me and continue to support me, because I honestly wouldn't be able to cotinue the work I do without you all. So thanks so much, and please continue to rate, review, and comment! Thanks alot, everyone. Please stay tunned!
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chapter 10-in danger

"Hello? Ah, yes...everything's set. Now would be the best time to attack;To kidnap...the Ice Princess!"


The midnight wind blew through the sky, waving my strawberry-pink hair around with it. I smiled and relaxed, closing my honey eyes. It sure is peaceful out here, isn't it? Such a nice breeze and all...


My honey eyes opened wide as I threw my body upwards, slamming my hands down on the bottom of the shed. I then quickly looked around, trying to figure out what that big slamming disturbance was that made my heart skip a couple of beats, especially at this time of night!

I drew back and gasped at what I saw, at that very moment.

"Haha, we've got you surrounded Ice Princess, and there's no one in sight or awake to help you! Ahaha!" A sinister voice exclaimed, adding an ugly toned laugh along with it.

"H-Huh?! What's the meaning of this?!" I demanded to know.

"Don't ask questions," The sinister-voiced man then snapped his fingers twice, "Boys!"

"Yes, sir!" I heard a couple of deep voices respond. Oh great...

I then jumped up to my feet, preparing for action.

"Oh? What's this? Are you going against our wishes?"

"Of course! I'll never go with any of you, anywhere! Never, ever!" I shouted back at him with courage in my voice.

"Well then..." He began, then snapped his fingers once more.

Suddenly, I had men in black charging at me from every direction. Shoot!

"Alright!" I jumped up, did a mega twirl, came down, and in mid-air, I double kicked two of the men in black. They flew down to the ground, nearly falling into the pool that had such a nice moon reflection on it.

"Why you little..!" Another men in black member said under his breath, loud enough for me to hear, though.

I quickly turned to him with an angered expression, "Don't call me...little!" I shouted at him as I drop kicked him in the stomach. I then stood over him, "Hmph...who's the little one no-"

I was cut off by a sudden burst of pain in my lower back area. Immediately, I fell to the shed rooftop, nearly sliding off. I grasped my lower back area in pain, feeling a moisturish damp. I screamed loudly, in deep pain and agony, tears nearly pouring out of my honey eyes.

-Ikuto's POV-

It was a little after midnight now, and Kurama was out somewhere...that's pretty weird of him to do, but anyways, Genkai wasn't hear either, nor Amu. I think she's outside though...but that leaves only Jin and I here watching boring crap on T.V.

"Hey Jin, have you seen Amu around since we've arrived home?" I asked wonderously.

Jin brought his hand up to his chin, and rubbed it with his thumb. He looked up at the ceiling. I'm geussing that's his look of thinking...

"Hm...ehh...I don't recall seeing my Amu, dear, ever since mate'." Jin's expression then turned in to a worried one after he realized what he had said.

"Don't you think that we should-"

"AAAHHHH!~" I was suddenly cut off by a...unbelievably loud, horrifying scream. A scream of agonizing pain that...that sounded like...A-Amu...

"Go look for Amu? Wait, Amu!?!?" I finished, then realized, that was Amu who really did scream!

Jin suprised me by how quickly he responded, his face looked like a mixture between terrifed and worried. I've never seen him like this before. He threw himself up from the black couch, "Let's go check it out, Ikuto! Now! Amu could be in danger, ya hear'?!" He said, and his pointy ears wiggled up and down a tiny bit. Intresting...but that's not the point! We gotta go save Amu! If shes in danger...

"Right, let's go, Jin!"

He nodded. And with that, we both ran out through the front door. That was our first mistake.

-End of Ikuto's POV-

I brought my shaking hand to my face. Seeing all the deep colored blood scared me to be honest. I stammered to breathe in and out, and tears rolled down my face quickly. I've never been in this much pain before, or been this scared...I then tried to get up, but failed and colapsed.

"Haha, we really got you this time! There's no escaping, no escaping at all!" The old man with the sinister voice said. I'm geussing he's the leader of whatever...

"W-What...did to" I struggled to say, losing tons of blood by the second, and getting dizzier by the second. My voice crackled.

"Well..." He looked over to one of the men in black on the floor resting, "Since you were busy being full of yourself, him over there got a stab at you," He smirked. "Good work, number 3." The men in black grinned while nodding tiredly in response.

" stabbed m-me...?" I asked weakly.

"That's right, and boy, that must have been one deep plunge in to you. Because...ha, look at the effects!" He chuckled. "But now, it's time for you to come with us."

Now I was to weak to even speak, and I could barely see. Blood continued to pour out from my back, and no one was here to save me this time...

Minutes later they had me loaded onto their helicopter that they came and attacked me in so suddenly. I breathed deeply while I tried to listen to all the different conversations going on inside the helicopter. I mainly focused on the old, sinister-voiced man's conversation with some unkown person. I listened and listened, but only got out mumbles. But, before I was about to give up on listening and to rest my body instead, I heard, I could have sworn I heard him say, "Your very welcome, Yoko Kurama-sama."

My tired, honey eyes widdened. Kurama?! It can't way...what is this? What's he doing? If only my vision wern't so blurry at the moment...darn.

-Ikuto's POV-

Jin and I were out front now. It was dead silent. Nothing but the wind blowing smoothly, and Jin and I's breathing. We looked all over, trying not to disturb or awaken those who were sleeping, but found nothing.

Jin came up to me, his eyes worried. "People are's late...and we can't shout or call out for Amu...this is hopeless, I tell ya'. What should we do, mate'? I'm worried!"

I bit my lower lip, and looked away from him and to the ground. I began to think...

"Ah! That's it!"

Jin blinked twice, "W-What...?"

I looked back at Jin with hope in my midnight blue eyes, "Let's transform! Then we can fly and stuff to'll help! At least a little!"

Jin put on his thinking look and face again. "Right...but, wouldn't it make a big light if we transformed?"

"Oh...well, we'll go transform inside then!" I said, and ran inside, with Jin following right behind me.

"Unleash the wind within!"
"I'll release the Lynx!"

"Character Transformation: Wind Master!"
"Character Transformation: Black Lynx!"

"Alright!" Jin cheered happily.

I nodded, "Now, let's go!"

"Ah, wait!"

"Hm? What, Jin?"

"Let's...try the backyard way this time."

I looked at him intently, "You got it."

He smiled, "Ok, let's go, then!"

End of Ikuto's POV-

I coughed. The old, sinister man then looked back at me, and smirked. I looked at him confusedly, and tiredly. He then stepped aside, and someone who was next to him walked down the isle, and towards me. Coming closer and closer.

"So...I geuss my cover's blown now." A softish voice said.

" that y-you!?"

He smirked and chuckled, "Why yes, yes it is."

He then came closer and cupped my face in his smooth, soft hands. I automatically blushed.

He leaned in closer, as if he were going to kiss me, and my honey eyes widened.

"N-No!" I pushed him back with my hands, with some of my remaining strength, "Don't come near me! Don't touch me! You faker! You traitor! You-"

Kurama put my hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling at him. "Tell me...why didn't you transform?"

I looked away from his eye contact and he removed his hand. "That's..."

"That's?" He asked.

I looked back at him, "You know that, Kurama! You know that I do not like transforming! When I do, people think differently of me! I just want to be normal, I want people to think I'm normal!" I shouted.

"Ah...oh well. I need you...I need your powers...your not aware of what strength you actually have. So, goodnight..." Kurama then was reaching out his soft, smooth hands out towards me. To stop me from breathing, or to choke me or something...

I was terribly frightened now, so...all I have left to do to protect myself now matter how much I dislike doing it...

"I'll unlock, my heart!" There was a sudden beam of light.

"Character Transoformation: Ice Princess!"

"Crap!" Kurama yelled, and slammed his balled up fist on the wall.

-Ikuto's POV-

We went out through the backyard, and glanced and looked around everywhere, until...there was a sudden beam of a light blue light in the sky.

"Ah, Ikuto, look! Look at that!" Jin exclaimed while pointing to the light.

"I see it! That's Amu's transforming light...isn't it? Is it not?!" I asked excitedly a bit.

Jin scratched his head, "Umm..."

I sighed, "Anyway, why are we standing here?! Let's go check it out!"

"Rogah!" Jin replied, and we then began to soar through the sky, making our way towards the light...towards Amu...

Amu just wait for me, I'm coming, I'll save you! I'll protect you! Just hang on, and wait for me, I'm coming! Please be safe...

Whew...that was a longgg chappie! I hope you ALL enjoyed, really! I hope you all enjoy, rate, comment, and review, please! It means alot to me, and encourages me to write/type more! So please review and stuff, and stay tunned to find out what happens next! Oh, and I usually update on Tuesdays...please rate and comment and review, please! Thanks alot minna! ~ ♥ ~
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chapter 11- revealed secrets
After Ikuto and I returned home and got myself bandaged up, we contacted Master Genkai, and she came over to the secret house.

"Alright. Hm...I knew there was always something fishy about Kurama. And where is he now?" Genkai asked Ikuto and I.

I stepped forward, "He's...on a helicopter. Jin went after capture him, I mean. You know, we don't need a powerful guy like Kurama on the loose..." I wondered off.

Master Genkai closed her old eyes and nodded slowly with her wrinkly hand on her chin. Ikuto and I looked at each other and exchanged worried expressions.

Suddenly, there was a burst through the front door. It flung wide open.

"Yoho! I heard my name!" Jin announced. Ikuto and I turned to Jin, a bit suprised. Genkai opened her eyes and watched Jin. "And..." Jin continued, went back outside, and began to drag something-no...someone inside..."I brought Kurama back!" Jin looked at Genkai, "He's all yours, mate!" He smiled a big, cheerful smile, as always...

I ran up to Jin and swung my hands, "Jin! Why did you bring him inside!?"

Jin chuckled and said, "Ahaha, no worries, my dear. He's knocked out, thanks to meh!" Jin patted my head. I blushed a tiny bit.

"Oh..." I mumbled.

Genkai walked up to all of us, and we all watched her. "Good job, Jin. I'll be taking Kurama to a certain place." Genkai announced calmly.

I blinked twice and asked, "Where to?"

Genkai smirked then looked at me, "It's a secret. I'll just say you won't be seeing Kurama anymore. Probably never again, so say your goodbyes soon."

Everyone gave Genkai confused looks. Just where exactly is she taking him? I'm sure that's what we all were wondering.

"Alright. Anyway, now you all must be wondering what's going to happen to, The Four, right? Now that Kurama's out of it. All I can say for now is, get cleaned up, get some sleep-you have school tomorrow, and look forward to Thursday. That's in 2 days. On Thursday, that's when you all will be seeing me again, but I won't be alone." Genkai winked. "So, say your goodbyes now."

"B-Bye...Kurama..." I said.
"Bye, jerk." Ikuto said.
"Goodbye my old, dear friend..." Jin said.

"Alright, and with that, see you all on Thursday. Farewell, for now, children." Genkai finished, then vanished in to thin air, and with Kurama, too.

It was silent for about 3 minutes now...

"Anyway, Amu, how are you feelin'?" Jin came up to me and asked.

"I-I'm feeling much better. Thanks to that Sensu Bean and these bandages." I pointed to my bandaids. "I'll be better in no time!" I smiled big, but gently. I felt a bit tired, and yawned.

"Seems like your tired...would you like to go to sleep now?" Jin asked.

"Of course she's tired! And I think we all should. It's 1:30AM in the morning, and we all have school tomorrow...well, more like today." Ikuto stated.

"You're right..." I said. "But, when Genkai said she's not coming alone or Thursday, what do you think she meant?" I wondered.

"Who knows...we'll find out on Thursday or whatever. Let's go to sleep, bandaid girl." Ikuto said, then grabbed me by the arm and began to drag me towards our room.

"Goodnight, Ji-" Ikuto began.

I yanked my arm out from his grasp, "Now wait just a minute cat boy!"

"Cat boy?!"

"Yeah, Cat Boy! Can't I call you that if you call me, bandaid girl?" I questioned and teased with him.

Ikuto glanced at me and narrowed his eyes, and I did the same, but I crossed my arms as well. We had another moment where we have our little starring contests.

Ikuto looked away, but didn't blink. "Whatever, let's just go."

"Fine! So I win?" I asked.

"Sure, sure." Ikuto replied carelessly, and began walking towards our room, without me!

"Hey, wait up!" I shouted and ran to catch up to Ikuto. I looked back, almost forgetting to say to Jin, "Goodnight, Jin! Thank you for everything! See you in the morning or whenever! Haha, night!"

"Ah! Night, Amu!" Jin waved his arm in the air at me, smiling.

Once Ikuto and I reached our room, we changed into our PJ's, and got settled in our bed. Hey, I was kind of getting used to this...weird.

Ikuto grabbed the blue, soft blanket that was over us, and yanked it, hogging it all to himself! Nontheless, leaving me with nothing to keep me warm!

I faced him and shouted, "Ikuto!"

He flipped his posistion to face me, "Yes, my dear?" He teased. I blushed, but luckily it's dark, and I doubt he can see anything.

"Oh, shut up! Give me some of the blanket you hogger! I'm getting cold over here!"

"Want me to warm you up, hun?"

I blushed dark now. "What?! Your crazy, as if-" I was cut off by Ikuto's sudden embrace.

"I-I said..." I began, but didn't finish. My heart was skipping beats like crazy, and beating quickly!

"What's wrong?" Ikuto asked.

I didn't bother to give him a response. For some reason, I wanted to stay like this...forever. What?! What am I saying?! No! Bla, bla, bla!

Ikuto shook me, "Hey!"

I sighed, "What if I was asleep?! You would have just woken me up! Idiot..."

I heard Ikuto chuckle. "True, true. Hey, Amu..." He grasped and held me tighter. I gasped lightly, and blushed even a darker color now.

"W-What?" I asked nervously.

"Remember yesterday, after school, that girl who wanted to kill you...cut you...but I came to your rescue?"


"And you owed me a hug?"


"You did end up giving me a hug, but then laughed. Then I asked you why you were laughing. Tell me, what did you say?" He asked.

"What's with you...asking these kind of questions now..."

"Answer me!" Ikuto shouted.

"Ok, said...I think I said, I was just laughing because I t-thought that you w-were in l-l-love with m-me..." Shoot, I stuttered!


"Ok...and then after that your voice tone and attitude changed..." I recalled.

"No kiddin'....Amu...?"

I sighed, still in his arms. "Yes, Ikuto?"

"What if I really was in love with you?"

My heart skipped a beat, and my golden eyes widened. I blushed, my whole face I mean. I was a complete Tomato! What did he just say...? Nonsense!

"W-What in the world are you talking about?! T-There's no way you would be in-" I began and stuttered.

Ikuto then flipped me off my side on to my back and hovered over me. He had his strong, manly arms pinning my shoulders down to the soft bed.

I then became a bit...scared. "I-ikut-"

"You don't understand! I am in love with you, Amu!" Ikuto shouted at me while looking me directly in the eye. His saphire, blue eyes were completely fierce and filled with seriousness.

I couldn't speak. Ikuto wasn't lying, either. His eyes told the truth, his expression showed it all...Ikuto really is in love with me...what should I do!? My heart is beating so fast that it hurts! It's pounding so hard! I can't even speak, and there's a never ending flair of red on my face! I was motionless. I couldn't even move, as well.

Minutes passed by, and our eyes didn't leave each others.

"Amu," Ikuto began, a bit more calmed down now, "Do you love me back?"

What?! How am I supposed to answer so suddenly!? I don't know!

"I-I...I...I, um..." I stuttered, very nervously. How can I gather up all my feelings and decide when we're in a moment and position like this?!

Ikuto's eye expression changed, as if he had just realized something. He smirked. "Sorry, Amu. I was thinking of how your feeling right now. I'll let you sleep. You don't have to give me an answer right away, ok?"

Ikuto... I nodded and tried to smiled a bit.

Ikuto smiled back down on me, leaned in towards me, smoothly kissed me on the cheek, and ploped back down onto the bed, back in to his spot. He was no longer hovering over me. He was facing the opposite direction me of.

"Goodnight, Amu. Sweet dreams, and...I love you."

I was still motionless. Ahh! So many thoughts running through my mind! I think I love Ikuto, I really?

"G-Goodnight...Ikuto." I said, then feel asleep quickly, still in the same posistion as before.

What should I do? How should I act? What should I say?!

Yeahhh!~ I'm lovin' it! Are you??! Anyway, I hope you all enojy, rate, and comment, PLEASE! Thansk so much everyone for commenting and stuff and supporting me! I really apperciate it, and you know I couldn't do it without any of you! Thanks, again, and stayed tunned for what Amu will say next week! Don't forget to review, rate, and comment! Thanks again! Bye for now my loves!~ =)
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Chapter 12- The Final Descision
"Yo," I heard someone say to me as I was trying to peacefully sleep. "Get up!" I now felt my body being shooken.

I rolled over and mumbled out, "W-What the heck...I'm tryin' to sleep here..."

Ikuto placed his hand on my hip. Wait, Ikuto!? "Hey-" He began.

Suddenly, my honey eyes flickered open, just like a light bulb going off in my head. I was seroiusly awake now, and still fully aware of what had happened last night!

I flipped over and smacked his hand away, "-Don't touch me!"

Ikuto had a shocked, then saddened look on his face as he cautiously and slowly took his hand away. He looked away. I just stared at him, realizing I had just hurt his feelings.

Ikuto began to leave the room, and I felt guilty!

I threw off the covers and got out of bed. I reached out my arm to him, "Ikuto, wait," Ikuto stopped and looked back at me with no response. I blushed a bit as our eyes met, "U-Um...sorry for yelling a-at you. You just suprised me a bit..." I looked down.

Ikuto turned back around smirked, "Don't worry yourself over it. Just think about your feelings for me." He smirked again then left as I shouted to him, "What feelings?!" I sighed. Darn that guy...

At School:

As I walked into homeroom, I looked over at Ikuto chatting with a couple friends. Man...things are getting a bit awkward between us...alright, I should just play it as if nothing ever happened, and like he never said or did anything!

I smiled and took my seat. Ikuto took his seat as well and class began.

As the teacher went on and on about how its wednesday and stuff, I was chewing on my blue-ink pen, dozing off into space. That was until I felt a warm breath on my ear whisper to me, "Have you thought about you answer yet...?"

Because of the sudden shock and stuff, I accidentally yelped...great, just great. I immediately covered my mouth with my hands, embarrased.

I looked away from Ikuto and at the Sensei...shoot. She had her hands on her hips and her face was deffinitly filled with annoyance and fustration.

"Ms.Hinamori-san...just what do you think you're doing in my classroom!? Yelling like that...have you lost your mind?!"

"No I ju-" I began.

"No! Principal's office!"


"Now!" She ordered.

I got up from my seat and sighed. "Fine..." I glanced at Ikuto and shook my head at him in disbelief, then I exited the room.

After School-At The Club House:

I walked through the backyard and saw Jin playing around the pool in the air.

"Hello there! You sure are home early. The big boy's not with cha?" Jin asked, floating upside down.

"Heh, your home early as well...and he's such a jerk. He got me in trouble!"

Jin grinned and flew up towards my face and wrapped my hands in his smooth hands. I automatically blushed. One moment ago he was foot's away, but suddenly he just fastly appears before my very face!

"It's alright, my princess. I'll take your mind off of that kid!" Jin stated determindly, looking me in the eyes intently. How could I possibly look away?

Just then, Ikuto walked in through the backyard. "So this is where you ran off to, huh? Wirh Jin!"

I blinked twice, looked at Jin and I's hands, and then blushed while breaking our hands apart. I then faced Ikuto, "No! It wasn't like that at all! Anyway, I shouldn't have to explain myself to you...Jerk." I crossed my arms and looked at the ground.

"Jerk?!" Ikuto yelled.

Clap. Clap.

"Alright kids, thats enough." An oldish voice announced. Jin, Ikuto, and myself all looked around to see who and where the voice was coming from.

My face brightened, "Master Genkai!"

"Greetings." She greeted.

"I thought cha said you wouldn't come again 'till tomorrow?" Jin asked with a confused look on his cute, little face.

Genaki smirked and looked down. "That is very true, my son. But..." Genkai began, and we all waited for her to continue. She cleared her throat, "I also decided the person who I was going to come with tomorrow...shouldn't be appearing yet. Not anywhere soon, at least. Maybe somewhere in the future you three will get to meet him. But, you three don't have to be the four. Why not the three? I believe you three have come very far, and my time is growing shorter and shorter each time I see you three. This will be our last meeting until who knows when again we shall meet. Maybe a month, half a year, a whole year, who knows. But, until then, you three are finally able to leave this house and go back to your normal lives. It's been fun, and I hope you learned alot, as I have from you three. We'll meet again, no worries. But until then, enjoy yourselfs, do as you please now, farewell....for now, my children." Master Genkai finished, and vanished into thin air, once again.

"W-W-W...What...?" I was speechless, along with Ikuto and Jin.

"Just happened here, mate, must I say I[m just..." Jin added on.

"Completly blown away..." Ikuto finished.

We all stood there, motionless and speechless for about 5 minutes.

I turned to the boys, "Now what?"

Jin shrugged, and Ikuto said nothing.

"Should we...can we really go back to our old lives now?"

"That's what she said." Ikuto replied.

"Oh...that's wonderful!" Jin cheered. Wow.

I looked over at Ikuto. If we went back to our normal lives...things would be different, obviously. I wouldn't be able to have deep conversations at night with Ikuto. Nor would I be able to sleep next to him every night.

I then turned my head to look over at Jin. Jin...he's been like a brother to me. I don't see him as anything else...he's always cheerful. I wonder if we would still talk and such if we went back to our normal lives. After all, Jin doesn't even go to Ikuto and I's school...

I looked at where Ikuto was standing, "Hey Ikuto-"

"Ahaha, he left my dear." Jin stated.

"To where?!"

"To pack his things. Ya didn't hear him announce it?"

I was confused. ", Jin! Talk to you later!" I thanked him as I ran inside toward Ikuto and I's room.

I busted through the door, "Ikuto!"

He looked at me, "What do you want?"

I blushed a small tint of red. "Y-You're leaving...?"

"Yeah." He replied.

"You've already decided? Why so soon?!"

"There's no point in staying here."

I felt a sudden sharp pain in my chest. I moved my right arm over my heart and clutched my pink shirt. Ikuto...does are memories we have here together...mean nothing? Is there no point in anything we've done or been through?Ikuto...

I felt tears gather up in my golden, honey eyes. I looked down, my bangs covering nearly my whole face. Sad. I was sad. Why? Why...around Ikuto? I sighed quietly.

"Amu, whats the matter?" I heard Ikuto ask nearly carelessly as he continued packing his things.

I wipped my teary face and looked up at him, "Ikuto...your such an idiot!" I shouted at him.

"What?" He faced me, "What did I do!?"

"There's no point...there's no point in telling you I actually do love you when you just want to get out of here so quickly! When's there's just no point in staying here for you! Our memoires and the fun and things and stuff we did and had together...had no point. How foolish of me. Goodbye, Ikuto." I wipped my face again as I turned around to exit the room.

Ikuto grabbed my arm, and pulled me to him. "Is that your answer? Your response?"


"Do you, Hinamori Amu, love me?" Ikuto asked me intently.

I looked away from his eye contact. "Yes! I do, ok, I do!" I blushed madly.

Ikuto released me and smirked. "Good, because I love you. Will you be my girlfriend then, Amu?"

My honey eyes widdened. Did Ikuto just ask me to d-d-date him?! I blushed even more now! "U-Um...sure..."

"Great. Haha, I knew my plan would work." Ikuto said.

I gave him a confused look, "What plan...?"

"If I pretended to pack and leave, you would come running to me with your oh-so overflowing feelings for me and confess. Perfect, just perfect." He smiled.

I was shocked. How dare he!? He just humiliated me! "Why you-"

"Let's make it offical." He cut me off.



"How?" I asked.

Ikuto took a couple steps towards me, and put his manly hands on my soft shoulders. "With a kiss."

My heart skipped a beat, "A k-k-k-kiss?!" I shouted nervously.

"Yeah, pucker up." Ikuto said as he closed his beautiful eyes and began leaning down in towards me.

My heart was beatin non-stop. DokiDoki! What should I do?! Ah, I wanna kiss him but, I'm scared, nervous! Ah, oh well, I have to! I just gotta do this!

I exhaled, then closed my sparkling, honey, golden eyes. And I began, too, to lean in for the...kiss...

Our lips met, and a sweet sensation swept throughout my body, and I blushed and smiled big.

Once we were done kissing, we gave each other a big bear hug, and held each other tightly for several minutes...

"Well, it's 'bout time." I heard Jin say. Ikuto and I looked over towards the door, and saw Jin. He chuckled and smiled.

"Jin!" I smiled back.

I felt all fired up now. "Alright, everyone! This isn't the end, it''s...its only the beginning!"

Ikuto nodded agreeingly.

"Ya got that right!" Jin agreed as well.

"Great! Now let's all have fun and stay here! Let's also look forward to what the future will bring for us! Right, Jin?"

"Yup yup!" Jin smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

I glanced over at Ikuto, "Ikuto?"

"Yes, of course." He smiled, and I also returned the smile. We stared into eachother's eyes lovingly...

This is not only the beginning for all three of us, but for Ikuto and I as well...let's all hope for the best to come!

Alright everyone, that's the end to this! I'm so sorry it took like 3 weeks and like 2 days to finally update a chapter again! Really, my apologies! Anyway, I hope you all really enjoyed this fanfiction! Thansk sooo~ much everyone for all your support and reviews and stuff! Your all so wonderful, and honestly, I wouldn't have been able to complete this story without any of you! So thank you all! I might make a sequal...but that'll probably be around in the summer time...anyway, once again, thanks so much everyone, and please, one last time, please review, rate, and comment! Thanks alot everyone, truly! --Paige--
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