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23 / F / Hamburger-a-gogo...
Posted 2/26/09
Hikaru: sorriez about that Yuki is kind of a pain!
Miki: tell me about it!
Karen: i think i like this naomi girl
Nana: i dont no.........
Hikaru: -sits down & bites Miki's apple-
Miki: -slaps HIkaru's hand- hey! i was gonna eat that!
Hikaru: no u werent!
Miki: so!
Yuki: You meanie!! you werent going to come and get me!!
Hikaru:-oblivious-(to miki) and your point is then?
Miki: good question.....
Yuki: gosh! your hopeless!
Hikaru: do you hear something?
Nana: nope!
Yuki:-sad- fine then! ignore me! -flies over to them-
Rena: hey Yuki whereve u been
Hikaru: who cares.
Miki: Rena dont talk to her Rena! her unfunness will rub off on you!
Hikaru, Nana, & Karen: -laugh loud-
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23 / F / Under the Cherry...
Posted 2/27/09
Naomi: (Smiles a bit) Its ok Yuki-san, you can let them caught their attention. Right Nami.
Nami: Hai des.
Naomi: I like the clothes your wearing. They're really look good.
Nami: She can't help it because her mom is a fashio (Naomi covers Nami's mouth). . .
Naomi: She just can't stop talking when she drinks juice.
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23 / F / Hamburger-a-gogo...
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 3/2/09
Hikaru: arigato! i dont get that often.
Nana: trust me she doesnt!
Hikaru: Nana shut up
Nana:-salutes- mam' yes mam'
Miki: anyways, im suprised! we havent seen any x-eggs today! thats a good thing!
Hikaru: -being sarcastic-ya good thing. i mean what would life be like with action?-rolls eyes-
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23 / F / Under the Cherry...
Posted 3/5/09

siarra122 wrote:

Hikaru: arigato! i dont get that often.
Nana: trust me she doesnt!
Hikaru: Nana shut up
Nana:-salutes- mam' yes mam'
Miki: anyways, im suprised! we havent seen any x-eggs today! thats a good thing!
Hikaru: -being sarcastic-ya good thing. i mean what would life be like with action?-rolls eyes-

Naomi: Trust me. I know.
Nami: (Fast tone) Because Nao-chan's mama is a designer.
Naomi: (Gives Nami a death glare) Nami!
Nami: Gomenasai.
Naomi: I like some action too . I never transformed with Nami and saved somebody. It must be fun.
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23 / F / Hamburger-a-gogo...
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/14/09
Hikaru:-shocked- you've never transformed before?!?!
Miki: how is that possible??
Karen: wow u must not be very strong
Nana: or smart
Rena: or athletic
Yuki: hey give her a break...........
Everyone: -completely ignoring Yuki-
~bell rings~
Hikaru:-sigh- back to class it is then.. hey Miki i dont know how much more of this i can take!
Miki: ya me too! come on we have to hurry though! Senpai will get mad with us if were late again!
Hikaru:-laughs- ya i no it'll be the fifth time this week!
Karen:-laughs- yep yep! thats a new record!
Yuki: Hikaru! i cant believe that your taking this lightly!
Hikaru: buzz off you twerp!
Miki: -ugh- were finally here.-sarcastically- now we can learn something
Hikaru: -serious- dont even joke about that
Nana: ya just hearing those words make me mad!
Miki: sorry
Hikaru: what ever just come on!
-walk into class just as the bell rings-
Senpai: well well well what a suprise! your not late today!
Miki: ya what a suprise!
Rena: Miki. watch your temper.....
Miki: ya i no.
Hikaru:-sits down- lets get this show on the road! -puts feet on desk-
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/26/09
Character Name: Hoshina Haruki


Gender: Female

Personality: She is pretty by sight, but her personality has scared off some boys, who were into quiet, mature girls. Haruki isn't mature and she's cheerful, loud, active, hyper and lively. She is good at athletics, art and tae-kwon-doe. She is actually pretty intellegent, but she sure doesn't show it in her exams. Her cooking is rather bad, but her jelly skills are okay. She is bad at anything graceful, except for gymnastics.

Background: Her parents were on a boarding trip when she was young, so she doesn't remember them. She lives by herself, though she pretends to have parents. No one at school appreciates her personality.
(Yes, I know you know her XD)

Shugo Chara name: Kiki
Personality: Loud and cheerful. Kiki is twins with Nikki. Kiki helps Haruki with music and playing the instructments. She sings all day long to help Haruki, but instead of helping her, she annoys Haruki. that was before. Now she keeps to normal.She sings a lullaby to Haruki each night so that Haruki can sleep.
Appearence: She looks like a angel chara. She has bright blonde hair and watery, blue eyes. She wears a halo, which doesn't fall off like Eru's. She wears a beautiful white dress that is fluffy at the end. Her shoes are plain white. Kiki also has wings that spread out wide, so she tries to keep them closed.
Transformation: Seraphic Crystal
Special Attack(s):
Shower of Angel!
Serene Jewel!

Shugo Chara Name: Nikki
Personality: Quiet and always thinking. She hardly replies when Kiki calls her. She only ever acts all the time to Haruki when she asks for a character change or transformation. She is always plotting on something, but no one quite knows what. Nikki helps Haruki retain herself from something and think for a plan. Nikki is never a pain to Haruki, unless Haruki asks something important and Nikki doesn't tell. Nikki specially enjoys bullying Kiki and she is very skilled at acting and athletics.
Appearance: Nikki looks like a devilish creature. She has jet-black hair and deep, violet eyes. She has devil horns, devil tails and devil wings which spread out wide like Kiki. She wears a gleaming blood-red mini-dress and long red boots.
Transformation: Satantic Shadow
Special Attack(s):
Drizzling Devils!
Fiendish Field!

Oh, also, Haruki can purify as well with this Gem Belt where there are jewels on it: Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amythest, Diamond, Opal. She needs all the gems to perform the cure of the eggs
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/15/09
Haruki: *twirling her pencil boredly around her finger*
Kiki: Haruki~ Time to work~ Lalala~ Time to work~
Haruki: *thinking* You're pissing me off, Kiki.
Kiki: Pick up the pencil~ Do some work~ Lalala~
Haruki: *seizes Kiki in her hand angrily*
Nikki: *quietly sitting on the desk's edge*
Haruki: *thinking* At least Nikki's not that annoying.
Kiki: Ha-Ru-Ki, why are you-
Haruki: *glares at Kiki angrily*
Sensei: Haruki? Why are you seizing nothing? And who are you glaring at?
Haruki: Shut up, Sensei. *death glares at Sensei*
Sensei: Gah!'s continue this lesson, shall we?
Haruki: Hai, Sensei. *mutter angrily* Look, Kiki, I hate your singing. So shut up.
Kiki: Hai! I will defeat my habit!
Haruki: Good. *releases Kiki reluctnantly*
Kiki: *hurries over to Nikki* HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM? I nearly died!
Kiki: You always ignore me, Nikki! What kind of twin are you! Oh dear, my dress! All ruffled! *smooths back dress*
Nikki: *turns and stares at Kiki*
Kiki: What are you plotting? You are so mysterious!
Nikki: *randomly has a book in her hand*
Kiki: What is that book about?
Nikki: No idea.
Kiki: YOU TALKED! Yaay! Nikki, can I read with you puh-lease?
Nikki: No.
Kiki: You're sooo mean, Nikki-poop-poop!
Nikki: *suddenly whacks Kiki with the book hard*
Kiki: Ow! *flys a little bit backwards* WAS THAT WHAT YOU WERE PLANNING TO DO, NIKKI?!
Nikki: Yes. My plan succeeded, as always.
Kiki: So you only talked to get me near you, you little brat!
Nikki: Yes. And I said No for you reading with me because you might not be too surprised.
Kiki: Gr, I hate you Nikki-poop-poop!
Kiki: You brat........*goes forwards rapidly and attempts to punch*
Nikki: *swiftly dodges then swings her leg forward around Kiki from behind to make her topple then kicks her hard on the back* You fell for my trap. No matter how fast you go, you know I will always be faster. So give up, little music player.
Kiki: *sobs angry tears* You're just jealous! Jealous that I hatched out 1 minute before you did!
Nikki: Would I care? No. I am stronger leave.
Kiki: You always act cool and calm, Nikki. But one day, I know it, you will scream your life out! You would tremble with fear! I-I know it!
Nikki: Oh?
Kiki: Also..Haruki transformed with me first even after you hatched! SO THERE!
Nikki: You're right. She did. *glowers with anger*
Kiki: *thinking* Woo! She's actually angry and jealous!
Kiki: Ohhohoho! Do you want to know the secret?
Nikki: *eyes gleam* Tell me!
Kiki: *floats over to Nikki* The secret is that..
Nikki: You are dumb. *stabs Kiki ferociously with a bamboo stick* (I'm thinking of kendo)
Kiki: Agh! Ouchie it hurrrts.
Nikki: *flows a frisbee which hurts Kiki* The bamboo stick doesn't hurt. Your acting is horrible.
Kiki: Well, the frisbee doesn't hurt!
Nikki: Yes it does. I know.
Haruki: Guys! It's end of school! WTH are you doing?!
Kiki: *looks up with pain* Haruki-chan! *floats over gratefully* Oh, Nikki is bullying me with her horrible plans!
Haruki: Kiki, you are ALWAYS getting bullied by Nikki. Get OVER it. *slaps Kiki*
Nikki: Good Job..Haruki...
Haruki: *stares at Nikki* W-What do you mean?
Nikki: Never mind. Just..*looks down* Keep bullying Kiki.
Kiki: Haruki! Never do as she says!
Haruki: Nikki! Chara-Nari! I feel an X-Egg's presence!
Nikki: Hai!
Haruki: Watashi no Kokoro, UNLOCK!
Haruki: C'mon, let's go! Kiki, guide me!
Kiki: Haii! THIS WAY! *zooms towards X-egg*
Haruki: C'mon, Kiki! You can be totally faster than that!
Kiki: HAI!!!! THERE IT IS!
Haruki: There you are, X-Egg!
X-Egg: Muri Muri *hatches*
Nikki: Haruki! Now!
Haruki: Devil Drizzle!
Black Raindrops Fall From the sky and touches the X-Chara, making it paralyzed (only works for X-eggs and X-Characters)
Nikki: Haruki! Purify!
Haruki: Hai! The power of the 7 gems, lend me your power! Dark Heart, Realise Your Dream! SHINING HEART!
X-Chara purifies
Haruki: Wew, that was a bit tiring but fun! *normal*
Nikki: You can never live without action.
Haruki: Yeah, but I don't want lost kids around either. *sighs*
A Boy: H-Hoshina-san!
Haruki: *looks at boy*Oh hi.
A Boy: Um...C-Can.Can..I go out with you?!
Haruki: Whatsup with you? Haven't you ever heard the rumours. That whoever asks me out...*puts on a creepy face*
A Boy: I don't believe that! I want to change that rumour! I believe that you're beautiful!
Haruki: Looks are nothing. *scoffs* I'd rather have a sakura tree look.
A Boy: Hoshina-san..I just want to say..THAT I LOVE YOU!
Haruki: Pfft, who cares. I get tons of confessions a day.
Haruki: Oh Sugar Honey Ice Tea! *runs*
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23 / F / Hamburger-a-gogo...
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
Hikaru:hey Miki. do u feel the presence of a x-egg?
Miki: ya we better hurry!
Hikaru: see ya later sensei!
Sensei: now wait a minute........
Hikaru: -gives him look of death-
Sensei: nevermind you can go.
Miki: wise choice! -runs out with Hikaru-
Hikaru: Come On Nana!
Miki: lets go Rena!
Both: Atashi No Kokoro UNLOCK!
Hikaru: Charanari Rocker Soul!
Miki: Charanari Sweet Dream!
Hikaru: ahh. i love chara-transforming!
Miki: me too!
Hikaru: now whered that x-egg go?
Nana:This way!
Miki: come on Rena. lets follow them!
Rena: right!
Miki: Hikaru! whats wrong? whyd u stop?!
Hikaru: shut up and look!!
Miki: -sees Haruki purifying the x-egg-
Hikaru: looks like we got some competition!
Miki: who is that girl? i've never seen her before!
Hikaru: i dont know but looks like shes got a lover boy! -laughs-
Miki: o nope looks like she's turning him down!
Rena: this is good!
Hikaru: and now she runs off. of course. classic! shes just like me!
Miki:-sigh- does this mean that we dont get to chase after a x-egg after all?
Hikaru: -realizes-i guess so-depressed-
Nana: well there goes my fun!
Hikaru:-decharanari- come on we have to go back...
Miki: -decharanari- ya i guess...
Posted 3/15/09
OMG, I just realised by coincidence that Hikaru and Haruki are anagrams! :o

Haruki: *stops* Hey, Kiki, what is that presence?
Kiki: It's a normal shugo chara. The weird thing is that it seems more than one shugo chara.
Haruki: So? Lots of people can have two shugo charas!
Nikki: This presence is more.
Haruki: Honestly?! Hey, guys, wanna go CHARA-HUNTING?! :D
Kiki: Sounds good to me! How 'bout you, Nikki?
Nikki: I'll go.
Haruki: Let's start! C'mon! You guys, lead the way!!!
Nikki: Kiki, lead the way.
Kiki: *proud of being the leader* Of course! This way, this way!
Haruki: *follows Nikki and Kiki*
Kiki: WE ARE HERE!!!! XD
Nikki: I feel a stronger charas presence.
Haruki: *peers for the sight of Shugo Charas*
Kiki: *does the same*
Haruki: I found two suspects.
Nikki: -thinking- Suspects? Is this a crime problem that we are meant to solve? Honestly, Haruki...=_=
Haruki: Kiki, Nikki, don't you want to know who they are?!
Kiki: Sure. Where?
Haruki: -points smugly at Miki and Hikaru- There! Main suspects!
Kiki: How do you know?
Haruki: They're talking a bit to the air, but otherwise to each other.
Nikki: Haruki.
Haruki: Nani?
Nikki: I know their names.
Nikki: But I've always been gone for the break to look at other classes and study them.
Nikki: -thinking- To get away from that brat Kiki
Haruki: So?
Nikki: They're in another class, and they're usually late for class. Their names are Hikaru and Miki.
Haruki: Those names sound nice! Beter than my name, anyway!
Nikki: Miki rhymes with our names.
Haruki: I know. So whatcha we do know, eh?
Nikki: They're looking a bit at us!
Haruki: Whateveerrr.
A boy: Haruki-san!!
A Boy: -scared- Uh...gomen!!! *runs away*
Nikki: You scared another boy. Can't you at least ask me to chara-change?
Haruki: Sorry, but I forget. =.=
Haruki: Ok.
Nikki: Act casual. Don't say " OI! YOU HAVE SHUGO CHARAS!" right away, ok?
Haruki: Ok. Chara-change, Nikki? I can't not say "Oi! You have Shugo Charas!" right away!
Nikki: Sure.
Haruki: *chara-change* -walks up casually up to Miki and Haruki- Hello!
Haruki, Nikki, Kiki: -thinking- I wonder how they're going to respond?
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/20/09
Character Name: Yamasaki Kieko
Gender: Female
Personality:A girl who wants to show off her fashion skills. She is skilled at cooking and art. She does ballet and is kind of intellegent. She could be athletic if she doesn't wear such uncomfortable shoes. She is quite good at singing and acting. She is a bit of a brat and a snob, as she never tells anyone about herself, only about the things she can brag about.
Backround: She is a spoilt girl, from a very rich family. She is the daughter of Gozen, and the only ever person to see his face often. She pretends to be purifying, but instead she builds up Number Eggs or X-Eggs. (Number Eggs are introduced in pg 2-3)
(She has that hairstyle, except that it is blonde and her eyes are violet-blue. )

Shugo Chara name(s): Rouka
Personality:She is loud, hyper and active. She is very athletic and is born from Kieko's desire to be more athletic.

Transformation:Sly Assault!
Transformation Appearance: She has her hair in a ponytail and gained fox ears and tail. She has a fox-fur mini-top (like a bra, kinda XD) which is attached by two strings that cross over and tie loosely around her nexk. She also wears a fox-fur mini skirt and a fox-fur arm-band on her right arm. She has fox-fur boots that she can run amazingly fast in and that are comfortable too.
Special Attack(s):
Fox Graze!- She gets a sceptre with sharp, fox claws on them and she uses it.
Fox Rummage!- She gets another sceptre and throws it around something then it is paralysed (yes, even people)

Shugo Chara name(s): Moko
Personality:Moko is someone who is loud, but not active. She always admits her fault and never hesitates to tell the truth. She always plays games on her Chara-type Nitendo DS and was born from Keiko's desire to be more open and willing to admit her fault.

Transformation:Golden Truth
Transformation Appearance:

Special Attack(s):
Truth Mist!- It makes the opponent confused and dizzy.
Butterfly Trust!- A Butterfly Kisses an injured teammate and heals them.

Shugo Chara name(s): Xin-Yu
Personality:Xin Yu is silent and indepent. She was born from Kieko's desire to not boast or lie and keep to herself. She was also born from Kieko's goal to become an mature, indepent person who was not a bookworm. Xin Yu isn't a bookworm, but she spends most of her time listening to music on her Chara Ipod and doing artistic things.

Transformation:Ching Yuuta
Transformation Appearance:
(She looks like that, except her eyes and hair are still their normal colours and her hair is tied into two buns)
Special Attack(s):
Gale Might!- She uses her fan to make a gust of wind/tornado, which traps the opponents.
Malice Blaze- She uses her sword to attack.

Also, Kieko can transform with the Rainbow Locket by saying, "Seal all of your Negatives, Release all of your positives! Rainbow Therapy!" But that was long ago. Then she was discovered by Gozen and Gozen told her how to produce X-Eggs out of the Rainbow Locket. She can also create Number eggs, which only purify when you answer 20 Questions all correctly. Every question you get incorrect, every time an x-egg appears. She gains lots of x-eggs this way.
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 3/16/09
Kieko: -walks up to Academy- This will be my new school. I will have to make a change, and not be that character I used to be. Right, guys? ^_^
Moko: Uh-huh! *playing Chara- Tamagotchi* You can be the one to admit what they did!
Rouka: You can be the athletic one!
Xin Yu: -looks up from her random squiggles on her sketchbook- You can try not to try. And fufill your goal. As an mature, independent person in classtime that is not a book-worm.
Rouka: Xin-Xin! You said that right!
Kieko: -looks puzzled- I feel something.
Moko: I feel it too. Several chara's presence. Normal charas.
Kieko: Who can have over 3 charas?
Moko: Ummm....*floats where Haruki, Miki and Hikaru are* Them! Those guys!
Kieko: I can't see them having charas, guys! They actually like school? My gosh, they're like the only people here!
Xin Yu: Other than us.
Kieko: Well, that doesn't count! We're here to see our new school starting from TOMORROW!
Rouka: Ki-e-ko! Me am bored!
Kieko: You can't stand being bored for so long, can you, Rouka? <_<
Moko: Wait! Let's trust each other! Right? ^^
Kieko: Moko, I-
Moko: A presence! X-Chara! I definitely feel it!
Kieko: Oh! Rouka!
Rouka! Gotcha!
Chara-Nari: Sly Assault!
Kieko: C'mon, Rouka, lend me your running power! Xin Yu, Moko, lead!
Xin Yu: You lead, Moko. Hurry!
Moko: Hai! * starts flying rapidly towards the X-Chara*
Xin Yu: There it is!
Posted 3/16/09
Haruki: -swings back from Hikaru and Miki- C'mon, Nikki! Character Transformation! I feel an X-Egg!
Nikki: Hai!
Haruki: Watashi no Kokoro, UNLOCK!
Character Transformation: Satanic Shadow!
Haruki: Kiki, do you feel it?
Kiki: Yes I do! I will lead the way-fast!
Haruki: START!
Kiki: -zooms towards X-egg-WE ARE HERE!
Haruki: Oh yay! There!
Kiki: Wait! There's another person!
Haruki: -sees Kieko- Etto...Wait! She must be a foe! We must do it before her! O-
Nikki: Silence!
Haruki: -silent-
Nikki: Calm down, now go!
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23 / F / Hamburger-a-gogo...
Posted 3/16/09
Hikaru: what's up with all the people here today?!?!
Miki: ya i no! first this annoying girl who stole curing the first x-egg and now this girl shows up and is trying to still our thunder too!
Karen: come on Hikaru lets show them who their messing with!
Yuki: no show them that violence isnt the answer and.........
Hikaru:-totally ignoring Yuki- come on Karen lets chara transform!
Miki: come on Rena!
Rena & Karen: right
Hikaru & Miki: Watashi no kokoro UNLOCK!
Hikaru: charanari Broken Heart!
Miki: charanari Sweet Dream!
Karen: come on lets do this!
Hikaru: you dont have to tell me twice! -goes over to Haruki and Kieko- Hey! you People!!! I DONT KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU PEOPLE ARE BUT YOU BETTER BACK OFF CUZ THIS ONES MINE!! come on miki!
Miki: finally!!
Hikaru: Sabor Slash! -catches x-egg- come on Miki!
Miki: right! Remake Honey(ya she has the same attack because she's cooking too!^_^)!!!! -x-egg turns back to normal-
Hikaru: -turns back to Haruki and Kieko- ha! beat you to it!!
Karen: Go Hikaru! Go Miki! ah huh oh ya!
Nana: that's got to be a new combination! iv never seen that before!
Yuki: i still say that violence isnt the answer!
-all give Yuki evil glare-
Yuki: but i could be wrong!
Hikaru: anyways back to the real situation! who the hell are you people?!?!
Miki: ya!! and why havent we seen you before?!?!
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 3/16/09
Kieko: Why should I tell you, rats of Easter? HOW DARE YOU STEAL MAH X-EGG!
Moko: Let's smash them, Ki-chan~! ^_^
Xin-Yu: They purified the egg.
Kieko, Moko: *turns and stares at Xin Yu*
Kieko: *one second later* OMFG! THAT IS SO RIGHT! SO YOU'RE NOT EASTER!
Moko: But, Ki-chan, that one might be! *points at Haruki*
Kieko: Anyway, back to you.... YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ME B4 COZ I'M A NEWB! And I reckon I am str-
Xin Yu: Chara-change!
Kieko: :x *sigh* Thanks, Xin Yu.
Moko: Anyway, why are you bullying that poor chara? *points at Yuki* She has a right to say her opinion!
Moko: You guys are devils! You may seem like you are wonderful since you're purifying eggs, but I think that soon-
Kieko: Shut up guys. I'll finish you guys, you'll wish you'd never met me! XIN-YU!
Xin Yu: Hai!
Chara-Nari: Ching Yuuta!
Kieko: Malice Blaze! *gains a sharp sword*
Kieko: *strikes*
But something stops her.
Posted 3/16/09
It was Haruki! XD

Haruki: Stop! *flings herself in front of Keiko*
Haruki: You can't go attacking people like that! Right, Kree?
Kree: *caws*
Haruki: I-If you could just attack people like that, than aren't you the devils, not Miki and Hikaru-san? I understand how I would feel, if I was a chara and people kept ignoring or kept going against me or even forcing me to say something I don't want to say! I would feel crushed! But I would feel even worse if someone just attacked me roughly for absolutely nothing! For nothing I did wrong! And you seem to say that you're punishing them for purifying! BUT ISN'T THAT A GOOD THING, PURIFYING THOSE PRECIOUS DREAMS OF YOUNG CHILDREN?!
Nikki: Now don't go-
Haruki: Now, I may not now the basics of friendship and love right now since I'm inexprienced! I admit that I turn boys down, and I admit I have no friends except for the animals and charas, but I have enough common sense to know that someone has to feel hurt if you go killing them for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What about there friends, parents, charas, pets? DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT THEM! IF YOU WANT TO KILL SOMEONE, THEN KILL ME! I'm the one with no friends, I'm the one with no parents, and no body will care if my charas, or my pets die!
Haruki: Kill me..if you want to kill someone.
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