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Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/21/09

Text: <--Seperate texts with commas-->
Size: <--Original or specific size-->
Hair, skin, clothes: <--seperate each item-color w/ brackets (e.g. - [Hair] pink)-->
Ectera: <--Be specific w/ each color, sperate each item with brackets (e.g. - [Star] yellow)-->
Uploaded pics?: <--8 pics are to be uploaded in the Random/Stock Images album. If not, request will be skipped-->
Image: <--Upload in spoiler tag, HIGH QUALITY images only-->
Posted 3/21/09
Text: Itsimademo zutto...Always be [plz wright this in a small letter] , Yuu
Size: original
Hair, skin, clothes:
-hair:: a very light pink
-skin:: the usual skin color
-clothes:: [guy-red witha shading of black] , [girl-dirty whit color]
Extra: plz if possible do shading in putting color....
Uploaded pics?: yes

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