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!~HEY PEOPLE~! r u excited about the NEW Nintendo DSi that has a camera~!

The Nintendo DSi is about 12% thinner (2.6 mm) than the Nintendo DS Lite. The new handheld has two VGA (0.3 megapixel)digital cameras; one on the internal hinge pointed towards the user and the second one in the outer shell. It also has larger screens (3.25 inches, instead of the previous 3 inches) and improved speakers. The power switch has been replaced with a power button, as the original DS had, now located next to the bottom left side of the touchscreen. The DSi has five brightness settings compared to the DS Lite's four; however, battery life is reduced to 14 hours on the lowest brightness setting compared to the 19 hours of its predecessor.The internal rechargeable battery can still be replaced by the user at the end of its useful life of (typically) several hundred charge/discharge cycles.

A new SD card slot is used for external storage of pictures and downloaded software and to play AAC audio.The front slot for Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridges has been removed, thus removing the unit's backward compatibility and its compatibility with accessories that require the GBA slot, such as the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak; as well as the Guitar Hero: On Tour and Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades grip, which is required for those games. The removal of backward compatibility prevents games such as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl from accessing saved data stored on GBA cartridges. Photos taken using the DSi can be synced to the Wii's Photo Channel.

Similar to its competitor, the PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo's own Wii console, the DSi has upgradable firmware; a first for a Nintendo handheld system. All existing flash cards for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite are incompatible with the DSi,but DSi compatible flashcards are now being produced - the first one was created by Acekard. Whether they are locked out by future firmware updates remains to be seen.

It has been reported that the DSi uses region locking for DSi-specific software, since it provides Internet services tailored individually for each region,but the DSi itself does not have region lock-outs, so Nintendo DS games from any region can be played.In addition, the DSi uses rating-based parental controls, which differ by country. The WPA and WPA2 support is not backward compatible with original DS games. Only DSi services can use WPA.

Technical specifications
Nintendo has also improved some of the DSi's hardware (compared to the DS Lite), such as the main CPU and the RAM.

CPUs: Two ARM processors. The main processor is an ARM9 clocked at 133MHz, a significant upgrade from the original 67MHz ARM9 processor that was in the DS and DS Lite. The co-processor is the same as the previous generations, a 33MHz ARM7 processor.
RAM: 16 MB of RAM. (Four times that of previous DS models)
Storage: 256 MB of internal Flash memory.
Wireless: 802.11 internal wireless connectivity

DSi Shop
See also: List of DSiWare games
The Nintendo DSi is able to connect to an online store similar to the Wii Shop Channel, called the DSi Shop. Here, using Nintendo Points (previously known as Wii Points), users will be able to download DSiWare games and applications to the internal memory or the SD card of the user's DSi system. Each DSi that accesses the DSi Shop prior to March 2010 will receive 1,000 Nintendo Points.The applications will either be free, or cost 200, 500, or 800+ (marked with a 'Premium' tag) Nintendo Points.

The DSi Shop was launched with the DSi Browser, a web browser being made available for free download.

The system was first released in Japan on November 1, 2008 for ¥18,900 (tax included; ¥18,000 before tax), around US$192,in matte black and matte white. In Japan, Nintendo had shipped 200,000 DSi units for its launch. During its first two days on sale in Japan, the DSi sold 170,779 units according to Enterbrain; or 171,925 units according to Media Create. In its first month on sale, the DSi sold 535,379 units in Japan, according to Enterbrain; in comparison to 550,000 DS Lites sold in its launch month. In its first two months of availability, the DSi has sold 1,280,000 units in Japan, according to Enterbrain.

The DSi will be released in regions outside Japan before Q4 2009 according to Satoru Iwata. The DSi is being released in Europe in spring 2009. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that DS Lite sales in the United States were still strong, so introducing the DSi to the USA is not a high priority, and will not be available in North America until "well into 2009".Nintendo posted in their 2008 financial results that the DSi will be available in North America and Europe in Spring-Summer of 2009.

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i cant wait me wanting it very soon.
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