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KAT-TUN manual entries
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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/15/09

ive decided to put up the manual translations here.
they are not translated by me.
im just sharing the love.
Since Jamie a.k.a RockCandy has already done the Kame ones (waves to J-chan)
i decided to post the other member ones.
yknow, so we all know whats going on with KAT-TUN.
and also, to know more about the members
will update when the owner updates. lool
ja ne minna!

* will edit this post tomorrow. yknow, with pictures and stuff
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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 3/6/09
[ Junnosuke Taguchi ]

Good afternoon,
it's Taguchi Junnosuke (●^-^●)
Today i'll talk about the day before yesterday.

The day before yesterday was the coverage for OriSuta
since morning
We talked about 「ONE DROP」
that is released on February. The photos were taken neatly
with an adult-like feeling. Look forward to it

After that, for the sake of HEY!HEY!HEY recording
we moved to another place,
as we had a little free time, together with Koki
we went to a game center
Me because of the manual
Koki's a master of crane game.
while we played bombast we looked
at my skills and then left together At first
I had an eye on the Dragon Ball
Without delay, I challenged the master
wii~n gachaa!
wii~n have reached the top
fell down on the vibration at that moment
Now the master catched fire.
After that we changed the target
to keep on the
and then、、、finally、、
[GET!! ]
Well, it was worth the effort.
I gave myself
a present
I challenged the character
but managed nothing. as I thought
the expert didn’t betray me.
After that, we moved to do
air hockey To be honest, I'm as an expert as
an average master at that
The result was about 1 vs 15
a victory XD With this I keep my honor

After that, we entered into the studio and
we did the recording of the talk this time too
Downtown-san was
quite interesting furthermore
regarding the talk with (the two of)
Kinki Kids, it was also varied.
Please watch it

Also, the last task of the day
Yes, I thought that you should know
The meeting of the「Tokyo Dome concert
7 consecutive days !! 」was today too.
To let us receive that challenge is really an amazing thing
We owe the fans these 7 days

My theme is [ Decapitation/Kill/Murder
It's something new,
a japanese-made record that fills
the heart, kicking and killing
the common sense, the progress
gives that kind of feeling
In the first meeting we fluttered about each opinion,
even though there were many I wanted
to do magic. We talked about things like
the image of the set or what kind of changes
can we add, among other things.
Now in the meetings there is a feeling of enjoyment
we are like that too, however, above anything, we want
to see the people to come to enjoy it.
we'll try our best from our heart
so please come, without fail.

Well then, it became long
enough from here

This was Junnosuke.

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ

* JUNNO~~!
youu abuse the emoticons worse than Kame does~!!
mouu~ that took me forever! lol!
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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 3/6/09
[ Koki Tanaka ]

Yeah, hello
It's Tanaka.
Recently I've been elated reading books among other things.
So, is it okay if I'm a little serious today?


Okay, listen quietly
What I've been reading these days are
「Yurichika e」[1] and
「Ganbareba, shiawase ni nareruyo」[2]
Both are really moving stories, I don't know what to say but they made me think a lot.

「Yurichika e」is the story about a woman whom cancer on the bone marrow was
found during her pregnancy. The girl’s name was Yurichika.

「Ganbareba, shiawase ni nareruyo」 is a story of a boy who contracted
Ewing sarcoma and died at the age of 9.

The words of a beloved person when they are near death can't help but move us.
I thought immensely of life and death.
Even though there are people who are eager to live day by day fighting
every minute and second with the fear of not being able to live tomorrow,
It’s sad that there are people who do pointless things with their lives.

people who’s reading this may die due to a major earthquake while reading.
People who are going to a date may die by an accident.
Nobody has the guarantee of a tomorrow.
For this reason shouldn’t people live with all their energy, to not regret even one second?

I think the most important moment in life is the moment when you die.
At that time of our death when we say「I want to have life once again」
we’ll be either smiling or biting our lips.
If so, I want to smile.
So, try with all your energy in everything to not have regrets.
At the end of our lives, we’ll try to look good, right?
For that reason isn’t it good to live trying to look good
even if people around you say something?

It’s like that even for parents
I think there’s a lot of people who hate or are upset with their parents
But even people like that have moments of feeling happiness or enjoyment, don’t you agree?
You can feel like that because you are alive.
Because your parents suffered pain while giving you birth
You didn’t grow up on your own
You did because they raised you
Unless something happen, usually parents die before.
It’s sad though
So wouldn’t we want to see our parents to die smiling?
Isn’t filial piety something like that?
We don’t need to spend money or give anything
Isn’t it something like that?
I think we shouldn’t live uselessly or waste our life.
Live making the most out of life because there’s an end.
If you have the courage to waste you life, you must have the courage
to live for the unseen tomorrow with all your energy.
It’s easy to give up by one or two mistakes, anyone can do it.
But, if you do something anyone can do, I wonder if it has any meaning
You’d feel insecurity if you are different from people around you,
but it’s normal to be different from them
It’s because you’re one alone in the world.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t you look good when you’re confident on yourself?
It’s not about whether you can or not, it’s about whether you do it or not.
If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to do it, even if it’s something you can.
There’s no make-up better than a smile.
It doesn’t matter what kind of make-up you put on,
your most beautiful face is certainly your smiling face.
That meaning is not perfect yet but, as I’m able to have this work
and make people smile, I feel happy.

As I can make all of you beautiful,
I must be a charisma make-up artist
It’s okay if I seem out of fashion,
But I can’t live alone.

That’s why people make friends, because they’re seeking for an ideal lover but…
There are my precious friends, my beloved family, my friends from work
whom I can rely on, and people who is helping us.
Look, I’m surrounded by a lot of people.
Only with that, I’m happy.
I don’t want even one person to be missing.
Because I have all of them, I can be an adult.
If even one piece was missing, as a puzzle I can’t be completed.

All of you too study with all your energy, play with all your energy,
work with all your energy, rest with all your energy, love with all your energy,
fight with all your energy, get reconciled with all your energy, fail with all your energy,
cry with all your energy, and laugh with all your energy, please.
So I can keep all my energy.

Good things can’t continue, but also bad things can’t continue.
The things you do to someone, will come back to you.
If you make someone smile, it’ll be back to you.
So, please everyone, smile. Because like that, I can keep my smile.

Sorry for writing this long, like an idiot.
Those are the things that I’ve been thinking on lately.

By the way, we'll perform a whole week con in Tokyo Dome
It's a great thing, amazing thing!
Because of the support from everyone so far, we’re able to do something amazing.
To receive this great thing from everyone, I’ll give you something amazing with all my strength as a return.

Everyone please come to enjoy and smile with all your energy… show me your beautiful faces.
Because I want to share my happiness with everyone at the same place.
Just by gathering more than 50,000 smiles in one week,
it’ll be surely the happiest place in the world.

And, and, ONE DROP is released next week.
This is cool
Next month RESCUE is released.
This too, is really cool.
Nakamaru is doing his best, Kame-chan too, is doing his best,
Ueda too is doing his best in rehearsals now. I can’t lose to them!
I wonder when I’ll be called for a role of being rescued by Nakamaru.
I wonder what kind of apostle I can be to confront Kame-chan.
I’m waiting to warm up my throat, but I wonder when I should start practicing to be Juliet.
I’m waiting though
Well, eventually I’ll tell you my personal matters to you too,
as everyone is working hard, I’ll work hard too.

Sorry for writing so long

That’s the end!

Today’s aphorism

「It’s natural to be afraid of tomorrow. Because no one can see it.
You can’t see the tomorrow but you can see it 5 seconds later. Smile 5 seconds before. Always just have that in mind…
Because we can smile through our whole life」


As a gift, I will share a warm and fluffy smile!

The sweetheart [3] on top of my heart

[1] (ゆりちかへ - Yurichika e) For Yurichika.

[2] (がんばれば、幸せになれるよ – Ganbareba, shiawase ni nareru yo) If I try my best, I’ll reach happiness

[3] Sakura

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ

* Did anyone know tat he liked to read? that was new to me
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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 3/6/09
[ Tatsuya Ueda ]

Buhii [ 1 ]
It’s Romeo (´∀`)

As my friends have been
calling me Romeo-sama too, I’ve come to
lose my own name.

But, it’s somehow pleasant
Now it feels quite perfect.
Everyday there is practice but
the rehearsals are enjoyable and to act
is immensely fun too.
It’s happiness~

Absolutely, will make it a success!!
Look forward to it, ne

As the seats are quite near,
Don't look at me too much, ne (/ー\)[ 2 ]

Tomorrow is 「Hanamaru Market」and「 Waratte iitomo!! 」 !
Even though tomorrow is my first time with the talk alone in a show
To get everyone to remember, I thought “I’ll try my best with all my might”.
Romeo · · ·

Bring your fighting spirit
I go to the front!!

[ 1 ] Pig’s Japanese onomatopoeia
[ 2 ] Meaning too intense or he'll get nervous XD

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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F / Malaysia
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
oh...ayeshabelo!!!!thanx a lot that translation...
really appreciate it!!!!!
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
[ Yuichi Nakamaru ]

It's me

Nakamaru Yuichi

Now we're doing the photographing
for Wink up's story page, after this
we have the recording of The Shounen Club
at the NHK Hall, though.

Lately, on the promotions of 「ONE DROP」 and
「RESCUE」 the six of KAT-TUN have been gathered together many times

Recently, I saw the completed video clip
of「RESCUE」, it was perfect.

At the very end, I became numb.

I thought that without fail, I’d want a lot of people to watch it
Definitely, please check it.

And, latest is the drama, for RESCUE’ photographing,
we’ve been many times in Yokohama

The night view is surely beautiful.

Next time on 5th episode, finally the rescue parts begins.

Please look forward to this one too.

credits to Tyuyaka @ LJ
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
[ Jin Akanishi ]

Everyone, sorry for the long silence. This is Akanishi.
How were your Valentine’s? Did you receive or give anything?

I thought that I wasn’t going to receive anything this year,
Somehow I got one!
Well~ I was glad~ furthermore, it was handmade
Although it was from a little child I know
As I thought, handmade is better than the ones you buy~
Everyone too, when you want to give to someone
Please do it like this
They’ll definitely feel happy.
Ah, also I received from my parents the custom whiskey bonbon. So, this year the total was of two.

Wonderful, wonderful.

With that said, everyone too, please enjoy your week~


credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
these guys write alot.
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
haha yeahh. like, essays!
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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
man do they write alot like they want to say it all at once!
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/20/09
[ Koki Tanaka ]

Just the part he said to every KAT-TUN member.

Kame it had been hard on you this three months
I really like the Kame who works hard.
Just continue to be like this

When I heard Nakamaru is acting in a drama I'm really worried.
Now you're an outstanding lead actor
The you who works hard is the best.

Ueda is good at turning something into his own thing.
Romeo & Juliet is a work I really like so towards how Ueda will act it
out I'm half looking forward, half worried when going to see the show.
Romeo? If you're being asked so then it's not Romeo
But I got a shock.
The Romeo that Ueda Tatsuya is is very perfect
It's a great stage show
I tried not to let my tears roll down but tears welled up in my eyes
I did give some little comments as after all based on stage
show experience I'm still a senior, you can ask me anything.

Taguchi is always so not interesting & wilful that's the worst laugh
But your existence is very important
Also mentioning towards you I only have argument and not a violent laugh
when there is no love then there will only be violence
but because there is love now so it's just argument
At most it's only "Now it's like that" this way laugh
Please continue to have your stupid image
I won't stop you anymore

Akanishi somehow it's quite embarrassing to say about this & that now.
but I trust you that you're good at singing. Do you remember when we
sang the song "GARASU NO SHONEN" at karaoke? that was the most embarrassing
moment of all since I started working. Nobody knows if you have the effort
of continuing this industry or not but I trust you. I hope our style would be
accepted someday. You are my special one JIN, where I could talk about
something deep and serious I'm not gonna stop from the way it is.

* the text is NOT translated by me.
its been translated by someone else from chinese.
the part where Koki wrote to Akanishi, was indeed in English!
from "but I trust ... ... the way it is."
im impressed!

I hope KAT-TUN can continue the way they are,
living in harmony & places with them around are always filled laughter,
Bring us the best things & the never-dies KAT-TUN spirit

credits to futari_love @ LJ
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Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/20/09
aww how nice their really close
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Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
[ Junnosuke Taguchi ]
date unknown

Good evening, it’s Taguchi Junnosuke.
Everyone how are you getting along?
First of all… thank you for the spot n1 with last month’s released「ONE DROP」!!!
Turning towards this spring I feel that it signs a good start. I’m really glad.
Today, unexpectedly, I happened to see a high school graduation ceremony.
While gathering with classmates at the front of the school gate,
taking photos and receiving bouquets, everyone was with nice smiling faces~
Until here a warm feeling grew on me.
Next month is the season of school entrance ceremonies.
Spring has arrived~ I’m feeling excited.
Ahh! Speaking of spring••
It’s the season of Pollinosis. *
Pollinosis is really painful.
Eyes get itchy, sneezes and the running noses don’t stop.
From now on every year, when it comes to spring I wonder if it’ll become Pollinosis•••
I’m fearing that.
But! Even so I love the spring that makes one feel warm!! (laugh)
Also, although I think you’re checking it properly, Nakamaru-kun’s drama
「RESCUE~Tokubetsu Koudo Kyuujotai」theme song 「RESCUE」is released tomorrow!
As the video clip is terrific, get the limited edition and replay it endlessly.
Everyone, please listen to it!!

Everyone too, with all your heart, fully enjoy spring.

* Allergy to Polen

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/30/09
[ Yuichi Nakamaru ]
27 March 2009

its not the whole thing.
just a minor though.

For Nakamaru's Jweb No.362,
he mentioned that the photo he uploaded was the ramen he went to eat with Kame not long ago.
& the shades in front of the bowl of ramen in the photo was Kame's

AWWW. aint that cute?

Credits to futari_love @ LJ
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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/17/09
[ Jin Akanishi ]
16 April 2009

Sorry for the late update (-.-)
Spring is here, sakura has bloom, the weather has become warm, I'm Akanishi (peace sign)
Recently flu is common。My friend was affected as well, everyone please be careful。
Recently I'm preparing for our concert。
Talking about concert because of everyone's efforts we're able to have 10 days concert in Tokyo Dome。Thank you very much。
Please look forward to it (arrow up)
Because later that's still scheduled program, I got to go soon (running)
That's it wish everyone well doing (wave hand)

Credits to futari_love @ LJ
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