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KAT-TUN manual entries
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
[ Tatsuya Ueda ]
Date unknown

Am in the middle of doing Romeo and Juliet now・・・
I gained 4 kilos.

Because of that, now I’m doing a diet! I’m living balancing salads and heated vegetables.
I think that health for sure, has to be preserved.

But, but (´∀`)

Now, I’m inmensely happy.
Because I’m able to live with such a wonderful cast and staff.
Everyday, everyday.
After the play is finished, there's a person who lifts the tempo of the conversation,
that's a good guy, things like that; also, I receive various advices. That’s really fun and pleasant.
Everyone treats the two of us dearly and teach us various things.
As the play is not the same everyday, every time, every time, I get nervous and excited.

Because when I come back home and eat meals alone I feel lonely
Everyone, let’s go for a meal~ (´∀`)
Like that, the cast
Gather together
And talk about different things.

Wonderful company
Although as the end comes it feels desolate
For this reason, I’m doing my best to make every single time special!!

Although there are mortifying feelings, unpleasant feelings,
whenever something happens I get encouraged to do my best by everyone!

There’ll be nothing left but, because I’m trying my best with all my might, everyone too please keep on with theatre. (´∀`)

I dream of making another play with you

My last work is
Drama starred by Nakai Masahiro, “Konkatsu!”
I got the privilege of appear in it!!

Here too
The same as always
I’ll try with all my might to enjoy it!

Perhaps lately I’ve been going my way with plays and various related things,
anyway, to be good to the people on my surroundings I’ll do my best!!

The road of plays has just begun, but as a new one has been opened, I want to do my best with all my might.

Well then, at last
I will leave you with Shakespeare-kun’s doll, there's probably just one in Japan.

A souvenir from England.

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
[ Yuichi Nakamaru ]
date unknown

It’s me.
It’s Nakamaru Yuichi.

After this there is the recording of Cartoon KAT-TUN, however, now we’re just on the middle of moving.

About May concert, this time as thanks it was decided to add performances.

I’m really glad.

To make the people who come to see the spectacle satisfied without fail, I’ll put all my feelings while making it.

Please look forward to it

See you.

Credits to Tsuyaka @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 5/26/09 , edited 5/26/09
[ Jin Akanishi ]
26 May 2009

This is Akanishi Jin who has completed 8 consecutive days of concerts at Tokyo Dome and is now resting his body.

In the blink of an eye the concerts have come to an end.

The song WONDER feat. Crystal Kay that was performed in my solo corner was a song that I wrote with a fair bit of self-confidence.
The PV is also done in a cool manner, so I am satisfied.
Since we worked hard for it, if possible I would also like to release it (as a single).

By the way, the tour has been decided upon.
If you have the time, I hope that you will make your way to the concert and enjoy the music.
I hope you will also join in my solo freely.
(From what is commonly known) instead, I would like to see you guys dancing.
I will check next time *handsign*

With that, if I don't hurry up and shower now I will be scolded by my mom
so I will end here~ Let's meet again in the near future.

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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34 / F / Chicago
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09
aww that was cute if Jin doesn;t shower now he'll b scolded!
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
[ Koki Tanaka ]
Date Unknown

Kawaraban Dei!

Wow, the dome performances ended
I feel really accomplished and miss it a bit at the same time
I say it over and over and you might find it annoying to hear it again but let me say it
It's all because of you guys
To those who came and who couldn't come...
I'm indebted to everyone.
The staff who worked hard with us, the kouhai, the members, I'm indebted to everyone.
WellWe still have the Arena Tour left

It's been 3 years since KAT-TUN has debuted...
For me, it's going to be my 11th year anniversary in less than a week
So many things happened...
I've been saying this in a lot of places so many people probably know this...
I hated KAT-TUN at first
I thought about when to quit and other stupid things like that frequently
But you know what?
I'm glad it was KAT-TUN
Even when I go somewhere alone, my roots are KAT-TUN; I am a symbol of the name of KAT-TUN, I have good colleagues/comrades, and I have people who support me. Because I have all of this, I could be Tanaka Koki
I don't know what I'm trying to say but I am thankful to everyone
Arigato ne
After the concert was over yesterday, I went to yakiniku with Nakamaru
It was good
I was given a break today so I'm going to take it easy
Today's picture is the famous (?) speakers that Kame, Nakamaru, and I all have, but with different colors
I was totally a Pioneer {user?}
Bye for now chu

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
[ Tatsuya Ueda ]
18 June 2009

Sorry for being late〜〜〜(´∀`)

The last episode is about to be here
It was a really fun and enriching experience.
Although there's not much left, I will work my best till the end!!

Started off with Nakai-san's

"Let's go to KAT-TUN's Live!!"

Many co-actors came to the live despite their busy schedule.
Thank you very much (ノ_・。)

Aniki (elder brother = Nakai) couldn't come because it clashed with the drama but I received his encouraging words.

Thank you very much!

Many co-actors from Romeo & Juliet came too
The composer for the piano piece I play at the beginning of my solo came too
I was nervous that day and I ended up making a small mistake
I'm sorry

I am secretly practicing the movie version XD
Will I be able to rush it in time for the tour?
And some of the co-actors cried too


Tokyo Dome ended〜

Thank you very much!
Please do come for the tour too

I'll say it again


Speaking of tour...

I want to do a tour with MousePiece too


Romeo&Juliet encore....



I mean, of course I want to be in a drama again...



*Note: よろちくびー = Yorochikubi, which is a popular (and outdated) gag for Yoroshiku. Chikubi = Nipples 8D

ドカーーーーーーン = DOKAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, ... think fireworks sound effect.

Credits to MAISHAMPOO @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
[ Koki Tanaka ]
Date Unknown

Kawaraban Dei!

It's Friday
Everyone gather up~
Everyone knows without having me to tell you right?
It ends after today and next week
You'll regret it if you don't watch it today
Today is the episode when I say that legendary famous line
I'm also going to watch it sitting properly in front of the TV
Anyway, I went to the gym yesterday so it's tough moving around today
I ended the day by eating ramen{picture of ramen} after going to the gym
But going to the gym after going to the pool is...
I'm not smart
So yeah...
I'm going to sit in front of the TV properly for the whole entire day
Bye for nowchu

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
[ Yuichi Nakamaru ]
Date Unknown

Yesterday and today, I ate Margherita pizza

Good Evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

There are more rainy days lately

Is it the rainy season

I have frizzy/wavy hair so every year it was terrible at this time of the season but thankfully I have short hair so I don't get that effect anymore

I can't stop getting short hair from now on

Well, see you again!
Click, beep--beep--beep--

Credits to KATTUNLOVE @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
[ Koki Tanaka ]
20 June 2009

Ren desu!

I'm hungry
Today was a full day of shoot since this morning
Today's my 11th Anniversary since I joined
It's been a long
I've been here for half my life
I was 12 back then
I was a normal average kid
I wasn't exceptionally smart
Nor was I exceptionally good at sports
I couldn't sing, nor could I act or dance.
My mum just brought me to the audition out of the blue and I thought, since I was doing it, I wanted to do my best but I thought it was impossible.
Everyone was doing backflips and singing, but I could only do some somersaults at best.
But I was called to work, a little bit by bit...
My life started to change from this very day, 11 years ago
It felt weird initially.
I wondered why was I here and what was I doing
In fact right at the start, the feeling that I was being forced to do it, was stronger.
It was felt something like tuition classes
I experienced many units, and ended up in KAT-TUN
I was in the midst of my negativistic age and everyone reflected as enemy in my eyes
I rebelled against all who reflected in my eyes.
I hated my parents, KAT-TUN and even my frie3nds
I even told the boss that I wanted to quit
When I just became KAT-TUN, I was constantly pulling everyone's leg
It was because my motivation was clearly elsewhere
But when we first held our first concert, things within me began to change slightly
And when I realized it, this became my precious homeground.
I think the one that changed me the most was our debut live
I've said this on TV before and I am sure some people are aware
Three days before our debut showcase concert, Jii-chan (grandfather) passed away
I disliked Jii-chan.
He was scary, he hit me and scolded me too
But he was also the one who cried watching my drama
He was the one who supported me the most
But I refused to look at him who was weakening away and I didn't visit him at the hospital.
But I told him when he was unconscious
"Jii-chan, ganbare"
He was unconscious but he replied to me

"Kou-chan, ganbare"

Even when he was the one in pain

My mum told me that I could show them my weak side infront of her and my elder brothers, but I thought I had to be strong.
It was painful.
I cried a lot.
I was awed at how much water I had
Things became abnormal after Jii-chan died.
The phrase "a hole in one's heart" fit perfectly.
Emptiness was what it felt like
It was overwhelming.
But after 1 month
I suddenly thought that I couldn't keep doing things this half heartedly
Jii-chan is watching.
If I kept doing things half-heartedly, I can't lift my head to him
I wanted to be a guy whom Jii-chan can look at point at from above and tell the others around him "See? That's my grandson!"

I don't know if I am that guy yet but to be able to become that guy, I want to constantly be at the edge
When one is climbing the mountain, the top is covered in clouds
But it's just nice when it's hidden
When you are able to see the top, its the end
As long as you don't decide the top, one can always keep climbing
More so than other's who decide that "this" is the top

It became long
Anyway, one doesn't know when what will happen
But I am still nobody
And there are still many assignments to complete
I'm lucky that there are many assignments
Because this means I can go higher
To all the people who have supported me

Thank you for everything till today and
Please continue to support me from tomorrow
Bye bye chu

Credits to Maishampoo @ LJ
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25 / F / Sunny Singapore
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
[ Koki Tanaka ]
23 June 2009

Yesterday was Father's day,
did everyone do something?

I will change the topic but yesterday was Father's day.
Everyone, did you do something for you Papa?
Please treasure your parents.
Even for those who have the stupid mentality that "I can live alone" or "I am living on my own".
Who was the one who supported you till you could think this way.
Till today, my parents help me a lot.
And till today, I've caused my parents a lot of trouble.
So I want to borrow this opportunity to say it here

"It's okay, don't force yourselves.
I am an adult already.
But I've not cause you guys enough troubles

Please let me trouble you guys a little more
Please live longer, and be my parents for a little more
I know that this gratitude is not something I can fully return while you guys are alive,
but please give me the chance and let me return it for a little while more
Thank you for everything."

Its really embarrassing and I can't say it

So once in awhile, let me abuse this for my own use?
Forgive me!
It doesn't have to be pretty words
Even if its poorly said, or awkward,

It's the feeling that you want to "convey" and the effort of you "conveying" that is important
So everyone, do try to convey something
Filial piety is not pricey presents
Filial piety is not travel tickets to somewhere
it's your straightforward feelings.

Credits to Maishampoo @ LJ

did i say how much i love this man? :3
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