Post Reply do you want this anime to have a second season?
Posted 2/15/09
Well, I'm quite satisfied with the ending, but I'm just wondering if you guys wanted to have this anime a second season,. as for me I'd love to see a second season since I cant get enough of chobits,.,. and chii is so adorable!!!!!! but I'm not really sure if they'll put a second season on this though because the first season has been released more than half decade now,.,.
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Posted 3/1/09
hmmmm. YES! This show was funny and cute. need more!!!
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Posted 3/14/09
i'd love 2..
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Posted 3/17/09
Yes, It's one of the best animes of all time and one of my favourites, but where would you go with a second season ?? The manga ends the same place as the TV show, so where you going to find more story to use? Are they going to get married and have kids ? NO ... Get old and gray together ? He will, be Chi won't .... I just don't see where you could take this for a second season ...
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Posted 3/25/09
Absolutely I can't get enough of Hideki and Chii. They are soo cute together.
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Posted 4/30/09
Posted 7/9/09
Sure its really funny.. but on the other hand its all been done? in order of a second season they need to have Hedeki and Chii living some where else for starters that apartment got boring.... there also needs to be some kind of organisation or something trying to get to her and he must protect her.. and Chii must have special powers and more smart then season1 XD oh and more footage of little cute mobile units like sommomo !!!!!! XD i'm in love
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28 / M / Tokyo, Japan
Posted 11/9/09
I suppose a second season for Chobits couldn't hurt ^_^
I'm saying this not just because it's a really great Anime but mostly because the main story line wasn't the most important, the side stories really did it for me : ))
I loved the way Hedeki was trying to teach Chii and the only thing she could mention would be Hedeki hentai! or tell other people about his Yummies ^_^
no matter how many times or in what kind of situation, it always made me laugh : >
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Posted 2/8/11
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