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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/15/09
What about if we create our own version of nana's story??
I mean everyone knows the beginning of the story right? What if, knowing the beginning, we narrate the strory as we want?
Of course we must use the real characters and respect a little the hard work of the author......

Here some rules:
►►►Those who want to participate should not write 2 times subsequently;
►►►Do not quote other users, this way it ll not cause any confusion;
►►►Each one must not write more than a 3 phrases;
►►►Try to write properly (without any contractions and that way...);
►►►Do not introduce new characters;
►►►Be original!!!!!

This is a Little Summary, it could help....

While on board a train to Tōkyō to meet up with her boyfriend Shōji after a long time apart, 20 year old Nana Kōmatsu happened to sit beside 20 year old Nana Ōsaki, who was traveling to Tokyo to fulfill her dreams of becoming a musician. The vocalist for her punk band "Blast", Nana’s goal is the debut for "Blast" in Tōkyō where her ex-boyfriend, Ren, is the guitarist for the popular band "Trapnest". Sharing the same name and age, both girls quickly form a bond of friendship. In addition, fate seems to play a part, as they both end up looking for the same apartment at the same time, and soon move in together. Together, the two go through their love lives and peruse their careers in the city of Tōkyō.


Here is the first post:
Nana K. was looking for shoji desperately and she didn't notice that her new friend went away. She said herself to calm down and wait for his boyfriend. Suddenly the other Nana appeared and the two started to talk each other again, time never passed so quickly.


Posted 6/13/09
So far it is clear that Shoji left Nana K. Nana (I will just call her Nana) felt attached to the girl standing in front of her in a pair of white heels. 'Gosh!' Nana thought to herself, 'this is too much for one day.' As Nana K. turned around to search for her boyfirend, Nana grabbed Yastu and quickly paced away from the train station.
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