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Your Special Person
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/19/09
username: KeeKee13
age: 15
power: Control Shadows
Story:After the strange accident occured strange things would happen to Night. It was like darkness was following her. SHe left that thought in the back of her mind for awhile, but then one bad she was attacked by her father. Night was so mad that the shadows around her killed her father. Her mother,older brother, and twin sister( Yana) all ran away from her calling her a monster. Now Night lives alone in the darkness. Afraid she might kill someone else. But shes searching for her twin and brother
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/18/09

kster_9111 wrote:

power:( plese use one thats not taken)
side:(good or bad or nuetral)

username: cherrycupid
name: Mizuki
age: 13
power: crystal-like music
weapon: any crystal music instruments she can create to make lovely sounds or deafening tones
side: neutral

when transformed...

Story: Nothing is known about her parents since she lives with her guardian, Aunt Lucinda. at first sight, she seems like a very laidback kind of girl but when it comes to serious matter, a very different side of her comes out...Her grades are pretty good with almost perfect scores in every academic and physical test. One fateful day, she was so bored with being alone at home(as always) and went out to play only to fall into the river while playing tag with her friends. the last bit of special power in the river went into her and became music to her soul. from then on, she could create any crystal musical instruments out of thin air.
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28 / M / some were
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/18/09
name: james
power: can hide aney were , high-precision ,Mind reading only by look at people
weapon:daggers and aney Sniper
side: my side
my true form

Story: be for i was chang to this reptile form i was an assassin. at the time i was hiding form the cops. for some reson i got what i need to do my job and to hide, but i lost my looks. i usley put on a trench coat so i can cover my seth up now.
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22 / F / -s.e.c.r.e.t-
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/19/09
username: i-Dreamer
name: Tifa
age: 12
power:( plese use one thats not taken) tifa is really fast and controls musical instruments and other things related to the art of music. she can also tame animals easily, and can speak to them.
weapon:she has a jewel engraved into a necklace, that she uses to summon her "Doppuru", which is a little creature that can morph into many other creatures of all types and sizes~ *whew*
side:(good or bad or neutral) she's neither, nobody really knows. but she does have two sides, an evil and a watch out!~ >:3

Story: She has no memory at all of her childhood, meaning before she was 3. The necklace she has also helps her store up pieces of her memories and puts them together. Normally, her Dopporu is in a gun form. If not, its in a little animal form that sits on her shoulder or back. Her parents left her a few years ago to go on a mission, or so she thought. in reality, they left so that they won't harm her, for they were "special people" with abilities that have gone berserk and unable to control, so they left their daughter alone with the remainder of their money, which was quite alot, for her uses. Of course, Tifa knows nothing of this. She also doesn't know her real name. Tifa was the name given to her at the assasins club, when they found her as a young child crying in the woods.
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Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/20/09
username: Senrei
name: Sen
age: 15
power: Plasmid, able to controll all known plasma in the universe (plasma equals suns, starts, lightning, basically anything that temprature is above 500 degrees celcius
weapon: Plasma blade
side: Evil
Story: Sen was originaly an average teenager who was being bullied by anyone and everyone that knew him. he accedently drunk a glass of water that the fluid that makes 'special people' was in, after words when ever he got truly angry lighting would strike, after a long time practicing he finnaly can controll it, later he realized that stars were also exploding, strangly at the same time he got angry, afterwords he took the heat from the plasma of lighning anf shaped it into a sword that he always carried, he soon began killing those who made his life a living hell, unfortunatly for him he was captured knocked out and put inside a special suit that hurts him when ever he does somthig that was not an order from the military, now all he can do are good deeds.
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22 / M / in a planet far f...
Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/20/09
username: raimundo614
power:lightning able to move at speed of light and cast lightning and use it as a weapon
weapon:lightning blade (able to summon it any time)
pic :
story:as his father was a police he had been taught to help the innocent but when his father and mother died in a car accident ky was devastated and was bullied at school soon he was send to an orphanage and once he was at school and drink from a tap after club activites and the water that flow out was actually the chemical fluid to become special people and one night he was walking through an alley when a group of gangsters found trouble for him and he found that he could control lightning and he injured the gangsters and they was sent to the hospital
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
username: samiii_chan
name: sami
age: 17
power: telekinesis
weapon: bow & arrow
side: neutral

Story: ever since she was a child she had always loved archery for her parents were archers themselves. the first time she had held a bow & arrow she was a natural at archery. people around would call her a prodigy, someone that could surpass all others. one day at still a young age her parent had died in a tragic accident. after their death she had broke all of her bows & arrows and was about to give up, until a stranger came to her the night after her parents funeral. he had told her not to give up and before he left, the stranger presented her a small gift. as she was opening the package she was poked by a sharp needle on the side of it. at first she had tought nothing about it. then when she had opened the package the was only a letter, saying "you have a gift use it well." she didnt know what it ment at the time until she woke up the next day with cuffs on her wrist. wondering why the cuffs were there she tried to take them off. but it was bind to her rist. when she had no way of taking them off she just decided to leave them. the stranger came back to her house the next day and told her what was going on. the needle that had pricked her had something that was able to change her dna. he had told her that she was able to summon a bow & arrow at any time. he had told her that it has given her the power of telekinesis also. she had nothing to say to him. later on she had became accustomed to her abilities and continues to wield a bow & arrow whenever necessary.
Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/23/09
power: able to read a person's memories and create an illusion
weapon: bow and arrow.

Story: Korena went an all-girls school where the students were expected to know manners and poise. Korena, bored with all of the strict rules, broke one and learned archery with her friends(mostly girls since she is shy around guys) when she had the tie out of school. Soon, Korena could fire at 50 foot-100 foot targets. Shes kind and caring, although she likes her solitude sometimes. Getting into big parties are fun, but not her usual scene. Korena would rather be outside in the moonlight, watching the water. She learned she had the power to create illusions when she was on her little escapades one night. A water spirit, found her and gifted her with illusions and mind reading inexchange for Kornea's companionship twice month. Now, Korena uses her powers to help others in their times of need. Korena dislikes lies and fakes most.
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22 / F
Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/27/09
Username: Look to your left and maybe you'll see it~
Name: He goes by Yue meaning 'Moon' in Chinese.
Age Looks 14
Power: Alchemy/Magic but usually just uses flames which he can bend at will. The flames will change color and may sometimes change effects depending on his mood swings
Weopen A fan
Side: Neutral. As long as nobody gets on his bad side, they're good to go~ ^_^
Appearance: [Will add picture later on.]
His familiar form is a pure white fox with sharp sapphire eyes. He stands out with his two tails and can shift into a human at will. When in human form, he wears a long sleeved white yukata that reaches up to his knees, his flawless ivory pale skin is kept smooth and elegant though male. He has an anbu like looking mask tied sideways on his head and his hair is a pure white, his eyes a melancholy sapphire tone. His ivory white and slender fox ears and two tails might appear time to time though.
Story: Born sealed to a shrine years ago, he's long forgotten his memory of his childhood and the memories in between while trapped in the old shrine. His past remains secret though his powers are yet unknown from it's full potential. It's said that he'll be taken as a familiar by will or not if the person kisses him. His mastery with old styled weapons are his forte, such as bow and arrows, fans, katanas, and so on in that category. He HATES modern technology since it confuses him and being social, not being used to the present. Don't expect to recieve anything written by him as it's always in complicated kanji.
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 3/3/09
username: dakoya
name: Lucifer von Hellspike
age: 17
power: manipulates space and time
weapon: Projectiles (aka.. mainly guns)
side: EVIL
Story: He was found at an orphanage that belonged to the Yakuza, when the orphanage couldn't pay the yakuza anymore, the orphanage was burned down, but he survived. Later on, after being taken in by the yakuza he was trained all over the world by people involved in the underground. While being employed to chase down some "dirty" money in the sewers, he fell into the water and later on developed this strange ability of him. He doesn't use this ability much perfering his old methods to fight instead of relying on this ability he had manifested. He has short-term memory b/c of the percentage of his brain needed to control his reactive ability.
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27 / M
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 2/28/09
power:Has power of the sharingan and do what it can do
Story: When David was a young boy, he got separated
from his real parents and was given to foster parents and
when he touched the liquid he suddenly got the power of the
sharingan and now he uses it for good and tries to defeat all
Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/3/09
username: Lee1819
Name: cameron (nickname: cam)
Power: able to manipulate peoples power and use it for her own use.
Weapon: Sword
Side: dont care its none of my buisness but if u piss me off i'll kill you.

story: Cam was brought up in a very violent family. She would do anything for her parents, but iin the end her parents hated her and used to hurt her very badly. She was once a quiet and shy plus extremely clumsy girl until one day she decided to run away from home and because she was clumsy she slipt and feel in some strange liquid. Now she has the ability to manipulate peoples powers. It also changed her personality. in the end she killed her parents. She stopped carring cause no one caed for her so she hates every1 and everything. She is also very skill fill with swords.

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F / "that place." "oh...
Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/1/09
username: mimilikee001
name: merlinda
age: 14
power: open portals and levitate things
weapon: sword that can turn into a staff
Story: was living in a village when a stange fire occured, she got burnt by it and fell unconcious. she woke up to a different place than she was in before and discovered her power , she uses it for travel not knowing what lied ahead of her. she got attacked by mad scientists and then she fell unconsious again. she woke up to a different area again and didnt know what the scientist did to her, she is still serching to find the answer . nothing is wrong with her powers YET
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
can u fix the front page?? its not make memories but create illusions and reading minds. thanks!!
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22 / F / antananorivo, mad...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
username: pandasrockoutloud
name: Olivia (kep my name formal or can call me by nickname doesn't matter)
age: 13
power: my eyes turn red and my arms will light up with writing on them and when i touch someone that part of the body will come off sorta like acid
weapon: her arms natrualy but at times when shes too tired she has a necklace in the shape of a axe and she can make it a huge axe by reciting the writing on her arms and when using the axe she only uses a third of her power
side: nuetral
Story: when she was younger she was mawled by a bear and scarred on her back with claw marks. this happened because she had to run away because her father tried to put her inside a cave in an active volcano. but now she's been liing off land which includes bugs unfortunately. shes a really nice person but really distant to most pple
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