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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/18/09
This is BoA, that's what i found out on the ulzzang web site. She used to be an Ulzzang. But to me, this ulzzang doesn't look like the BoA right now nor the BoA @ debut times. Maybe the eyes, but everything else doesn't look like the real BoA.

What do u guys think?
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
th ones on the left doesn't really look like her
in the last one it looks like arisa mizuhara a bit

allthough the one on the right looks somewhat like her
those brown eyes sure are amazing
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
I have seen some of her photos & searched on the internet & found out that she is not BoA. Her name is Jung Roo.
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
ooo okie.
still the right one sorta looks like her
just a teeny bit
Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/18/09
Ulzzangs even though alot of people think they look creepy
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ulzzangs and i wish i could be one
But im not cute eough >.< HAHAHa
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Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/2/09
this pictures look like photoshop..( juss in my opinion)hehe
how come in her last pic her eyes r not same like one eyes r darker than other...thats weird

but she is cute..wish i was herrrrrrrr

Posted 5/5/09 , edited 5/5/09
To: nalinagurung

Ur probably right. Cuz most ulzzang used photoshop 2 make themselves more prettier & wouldn't have dark circles or pimples on their faces. U probably noe that ulzzang use circle lenses or contact lenses 2 make their eyes more attractive & bigger.

I hope the info i gave is helpful.
Plus, if u or any1 wanna b an ulzzang. U gotta have the circle lenses or double eye glue. & some makeup plus eyelashes
& TADA BAM....ur an ulzzang.
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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/9/09
huh? ph0t0sh0p can make 0ut pimples???? mee didn`t kn0w that O.o
i never tried making ph0t0sh0p 0n my pictures
i just added frame or my ic0n there or my name but.. pimples can be g0ne using ph0toshop D:
like n0h way!! never tried that be4

fr0m 0riginal bluleyy / leyy
n0rt the idi0t hu use myye acc
Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/12/09
To: bluleyy

Photoshop can make u look like a doll face look.
I think if u search on youtube, there r some ulzzang that use photoshop.

One that use em would b JungRoo. Which is the top picture above.
I'm not good with photoshop like other people. But it works & there r anti fans people think ur a fake by using it.
So, if i were u. Don't photoshop ur entire face. Or half of ur face. It won't look good.
Just stick with the white foundation & use a clear webcam or use sepia on ur camera. That's how i do it wen i have a pimple.
But i still have dark circles. hahahahahaa

I hope u understand. If not, message me.
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Posted 6/1/09 , edited 6/2/09
yup u can use photoshop to erase blemishes and pimple...i tried that before when i got a nasty pimple lol...worked great
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Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/9/09
um....okay it's obvious that, that girl isn't boa, it's jung roo...O.O
i wonder where ppl get boa from jung roo pictures, they don't even look alike
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Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/21/10
I have to say that...I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but eyes vary in Asia. A lot of people of East Asian descent (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) are considered to have the so-called typical small eyes compared to most people of, say, Southeast Asian descent (Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, etc.). I hope this makes sense.

I mean isn't that true???

since i was young, we all know that jap, chinese, korean are small eyes...

no wonder photoshop and contact lenses and any other stuff that will m8k your eye big... are so useful for korean and jap ulzzangs..

oh well, t
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Posted 1/23/11 , edited 1/24/11
i love them.i actually have a blog dedicated for them.not all ulzzangs undergo editing process in photoshop.a lot of them genuinely possess best faces.
anyway, you would know if a picture is already fake or edited right?
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