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Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/19/09


To request please fill in this form:
Type of product: [Ava/Banner/Icon/ID/Profile/Wallpaper/Divider/E-card/Gift/Button/Crest/Logo/Manga Colouring]
Text on product:
Color Of Text:
Where To Place Text:
Picture(s): [in spoilers please]
Other requests: [animation - blinking characters/glittering/flashy texts/moving brushes;; details for ID designs -name/age/rank/whatnots;; ]
Email: [for wallpaper,name tag and ID - you can also pm it to me if you dont want to expose it to others]

Prices for:
Avatar request: 3 pics
Banner request: 4 pics
Profile request: 8 pics
Icon request: 3 pics
E-card(/gift) request: 3 pics
Logo(/crest): 4 pics
Divider request: 1 pic each
Button(/Name Tag) request: 3 pics
Manga colouring request: 10 pics (or depending on how big and complicated the page is.)
ID design: 4 pics
+Animation addition: 4 pics for each addition.

Take note:
(Manga colouring will take one week to complete. Each additional animation effects will take me longer than usual to finish. So be patient if you chosen to request those.)
(ID design: you will need to provide me your email so i can send the PSD file to you so you can fill in the details.)
(if you have other requests that is not listed here, pm me to see if i can fulfill them)

Please pay by uploading pictures into the Miichiko's Payment Album.
Will not work on unpaid request, sorry.
tip: quote me if you want me to work on it immediately.

Examples :
Manga Colouring:

Ending Note:
If you are not satisfy with end product you may request for a redo without any payment.
Thank you.

Posted 2/16/09
This is very cewl!! :3 nice job creator!!
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27 / F / Malaysia
Posted 2/16/09
Thank you. (*u*)
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
Type of product: [Ava/Banner/Icon/ID/Profile/Wallpaper/Divider/E-card/Gift/Button/Crest/Logo/Manga Colouring] Profile Layout plz!!
Size:big enough 4 my profile
Text on product:
About Me:
Hey minna-san! Everyone here can call me Aki-chan, and I'm 15 (turning 16 in about 3 months though). I LOVE anime and mangas and I watch (or read) them alot! =D I also like to sing, dance, draw, play sports, and browse the internet. My backround is Vietnam. My favorite food is either watermelons or mangos. Oh and I hate tofu >.<

My favorite Anime:
*Ouran School Host Club
*Shugo Chara
*Shugo Chara Doki
*Vampire Knight

Favourite Anime Characters:
*Ouran School Host Club-Hunny
*Shugo Chara/ Doki- Kusukusu

Favorite Japanese Singers:
*Tamaki Nami
*Mami Kawada
*Ayumi Hamasaki
*Stereo Pony

Color Of Text: anything that matches
Where To Place Text:u pick
Decorations: Lots of brushes to make it look magical a bit
Picture(s): [in spoilers please]
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