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Pet Home
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29 / M / Away from CR forevaa
Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/21/09
This is where the lost pets are found and taken care of...

It is also the hang out for pets that have not yet been adopted..

There are the following kinds of Species to choose from:

-Fox Spirits
-Dark Angels

Fill out this form to become a pet officially:

Username: (link your username)
Powers: (2-5)
Type: (Cute, Cool, Cold, Charming, Flirt, etc... one word to describe ur people can choose that way who they want to buy)
Price: (Write 20 of whatever pictures you want, put in RED)


Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
Powers:Healing powers,water control,lightning control,super speed,super strong
Description:Sophia's parents were killed when she was little but when she was about to die she grew wings and she killed the demon after that day she promised to herself that she will protect anyone she loves my mastering her powers, she always puts her life on the line
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
Name: Stacey
Powers: Fire control, Super Speed, Super Strong,
Species: Fox Spirit
Description: Stacey has been lonely from the beginning and is dying for a friend.
Type: Cute
Moon Pet
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
Name: Fuyuhana Shirazuki (call her Zuki)

Powers: Darkness(which includes shadow), Ice(which includes water and wind), Manipulation/Hypnotism (specifically: voice pheremone/music pheremone and other kinds of pheremones), inhuman speed and strength, Healing.

Species: Dark Angel

Description: Shirazuki had been abandoned since she was little in a cemetary so she lived there till now. Even though, she was only 5 when her parents left her, she can remember anything from her past which gave her trauma and lost the will to speak. Her parents abused her and left her in the cold because she was a jinx in the family and she was the only Dark Angel. All in her family are demons. She gained her black wings when she tried to fight back her sister in her regular punishments. No one really knows of her real intentions or goals in life.

Type: Mysterious (because of this she's always emotionless)

A Pic of her if you want ^_^ NOTE: She has two personas

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28 / F / in bed.......seri...
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09

Powers: fire,transport,shape shifting,magic spells(love,luck,money and more)


Description:she was bitten by a vampire and cold and i don't have to tell u
Type: charmin and mysterious
Moon Pet
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27 / F / In Lemon Planet,...
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
Name: Sachi
Powers: Dark Magic , Fire , Summoning , Nature , Healing , Fast
Species: Can I be neko if can't fox.
Description:She really wants a friend....
Type: Cute , evil , hyper , childish , mean , charming
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????? ?????
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
Name: Rosy
Powers:can control natural elements like earth and air and water ,thunder, ice but also can use Healing powers
Species: forest spirit
Description: rosy lost her memory she doesnt remember anyhing about her past but when she loses her temper she changes her form thats the only time she remembers.
Type:Cute,friendly,positive,yet mysterous
pic: normal form

real form:

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F / My bedroom..which...
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/22/09
Powers:hypnosis,super speed,super strength,and summons demons.
Species:Dark Angel
Description:Arien's family was killed when she was young.Her parent were both dark angels.She is very rude to some people and ignores almost everybody.But when she needs to she will respect a person with great honor.And protect then with her life.Now arien just lives the life she can trying not to interfere with anybody.

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22 / F / the mysterious La...
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
Username: sakurachan515
Name: Luna
Powers: Flight, regeneration, invisibility, intellegence, swimming
Species: fox /neko
Description: I was left in the forest under a tree. I had grown wings and many talents as I got older. I'm very sweet though that I wouldn't harm a fly, but if it came to my master.. I'd mutilate it. I like high places like on roof top or tall trees. I dont have any friends for I havent seen anyone out in the forest..
Type: Flirt, caring
Price: 20 fox, bunny, or neko pics
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Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
Username: Itahzu
Name: Crow
Powers: Dark magic-Shadow Manipulation, Control the phases of the moon, good sense of smell, very fast reflexes and speed, see in the dark
Species: Fox Spirit (Lynx)
Description: a pet who is trying to find
his sole companion who is compatible with him, his sole purpose is to find his one true partner (if love) always lingering in the darkness with an iced heart, all alone in the shadow and yearning for love and affection, who is also haunted by his cruel deeds in the past
Type: Charming/flirt
Price: No price but a girl can only tame him (Nya)


Half Lynx

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25 / F
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
Username: suki_ai
Name: Kuki
Powers: can congure fire and ice, can heal anything but poison, can control the weather,
Species: angels
Description: Kuki is very passive. Low voiced unbiased leaves everything be as is. She does fight when she is in her tempermental state of mind and she fights with no mercy in that sense. She wants someone who understands that she needs to be ordered around to do anythiing properly. She has a good sense and knows when not to do something. She is completely loyal and protects everyone. She doesnt remember anything from her past and will forget nearly everything that happens and in order to remember her master must tell her what to remember. Until told otherwise. Prefers her owners to be guys. She has undecided issues with girls.
Type: Curious/ shy
Price: 20 flower pics
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25 / F / fl
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
Username: punkrockin_demon
Name: serenity
Powers: ice, wind, fire, mind manipulation, and dectection of prey
Species: dark angel
Description: she lost her way through many dimensions trying to find home again. one night walking briskly throught the
park i happened to spot her laying deathly still next to a dumpster a rotting corpse maybe? i went to check and found a beautiful
dark angel shallowly breathing trying to grasp life as it qiuckly sped off. so i took her in, shelterd her, healed her wounds. from that day on she stayed by my side and vowed to protect me from harms way. i vowed that nothing ever take her away from me and that i will forever
take good care of her.
Type: charming, sneeky
Price: 20

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23 / M / Candyland
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
Username: kookiesaregud
Name: Crimson
Powers: Healing,Repairing,Speed,Alchemy,Blue magic
Species: Fox Spirit
Description: His fur may be white but if your able to see through blue magic, its all red. Caused from his old owner, he was abused through for 2 years, he ran away vowing to himself to fight back some day again.
Type: Loyal
Price: 20 fox pictures
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23 / F
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
Name: Lily
Powers: Healing power, time manipulation, water and animal control
Species: Angel
Description: She has been abanded by her parents since she was small, her power just been discovered recently
Type: energetic. friendly, talkative, shy, childish
Form Animal :

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22 / N*w Z*a*a*d
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
Username: Happy_Panda123
Name: Rin
Powers: Can manipulate the wind, communicate with animals, control foxes and wolves, and super strength.
Species: Fox/Werewolf
Description: Doesn't like talking to much, hardly talks about herself, does like her human form for some reason and keeps in her beast form.
Type: Calm
Price: any 20 anime pictures
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