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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09

★☠ Hi all,, introduce yourselves ☠★

feEl free 2 talk aboUt ur self ^^ puT ur pics or anything u want
ok i will begin...

i hate 2 talk abouT ma self

♥~[☆ am an EMO girl,, luv 2 make emo frin like me
♥~[★ call me tema chan << ma japanese name!!
♥~[☆ am 17
♥~[★ weird
♥~[☆ lonEly
♥~[★ very sensitive ,, like ay other emo girl
♥~[☆ luv rock music =D specially Jrock band like gazette ^^
♥~[★ hate ppl even my frin =__= dun know why!!~
♥~[★ my frin call me funky~emo
♥~[☆ i luv doin noThing =D i don't think i get bored XD!!
♥~[★ playin the bass guiTar ♫♫♪ it's my way of showin ma feElin coz i hate 2 talk to other about how i feel =__= no1 understand

my calculator

my baby,, jojo


../ `---۵ ♥ ۵ ♥ ۵ ♥ ۵ ♥ ۵ ♥ ۵ ♥ ۵
./_==o _________________|
...),---.(_(__) /
..// (\) ),----".'
/`-----' /

BanG BaNg

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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09
Heey. I'm Maddie.

*13 years old
* 5 feet tall
*writes poetry
*Play guitar. violin, and piano
*love rock (Flyleaf, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, Tokio Hotel, Bring Me the Horizon, Rise Against, etc.)
*Um... I go crazy at rockin' concerts
*Lub my knee-hi chucks
*Independant\ a complete individual
* and I hate how long it takes to fix an emo hairstyle x.x

aDd MeH PeOpLe!
Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
I'm Erika.
U can call me Le Ya, it's my surename.
~ I'm 15, in a month 16
~ I love painting, and drawing
~ I can play piano, and flute, and on people nerves
~ I love music, any kind
~ I love my friends more than family
~ I hate HAPPY people
~ I love fruit and vegs
~ I love all animals
~ I hate preps, and stupid girls
~ I love being alone
... I can add more, but I'm lazy..

Add me. ><
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Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/5/09
Hi, Iʻm Demitri
~Sora, thatʻs my japanese name
~Iʻm fifteen
~I like to draw, and play softball
~I play piano, euphonium, and the lyre
~I like alt. metal and alternative music
~I donʻt trust people
~Happy people suck
~I only ear fruits and some vegetables
~I kick puppies (not really)
~I had prefects and girly girls
~being along is my thing, and i hate being disturbed in my darkest hour
~I also like.... black roses
~I like emotionally unstable characters (like Gaara and Ritsuka)
I donʻt make friends very well, but feel free to add me. Iʻll be checking out your profile before I add you though...
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24 / F / ...In hell... com...
Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/5/09
omg, i love rise against
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Posted 9/7/09 , edited 9/8/09
SUP! I'm Natasha.You can call me Tasha though...
~I am 14 years old
~My b-day is April 13th
~I just broke up with my bf
~I am in 9th grade ( freshman... -_- )
~I play the flute
~I LOVE motercycles
~I HATE it when my friends smother me xP

And just cuz I am bored,here's a pic I made for another website.

Be sure to add me.'Kay?
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Posted 9/15/09 , edited 9/16/09
Koneko is the name
۵my "emo" name is Met
۵i love my bf but we go through a lot of crap, which leads to tears
۵i'm 13
۵ i'm considered a "goth" at school
۵almost all my friends are "emo" and i love them
۵my fav bands are escape the fate, story of the year, my chemical romance, three days grace, underoath, slipknot, papa roach, and panic! at the disco
۵i play the violin, viola, and guitar
۵i love to write overall
۵preps, jocks, posers, and stereotypers can go to hell ^^
۵i'm a rebel who's not afraid to tell ppl how i feel
۵i don't trust ppl til i am relle close to them
۵i hate anyone who looks at me funny cuz i'm emo
۵i'm addicted to everything vampire
۵i'm obsessed with Alex Evans
۵and i love blood and gore

add me but if your a poser your automatically removed
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