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23 / F / Guess where~
Posted 11/25/10 , edited 11/25/10
Name: Alyce
Age: 16
Description: Black long hair with a tint of purple and red with red ribbons, Dark blue eyes, Average height, Has a purple ribbon tied around her neck, Carries around two daggers on her thighs
Personality: Split personalities-cheerful, bright, wild (dont know how to say it), clumsy, devilish, people think she's a bit weird, innocent
Other personality-dark, rough, killing intent, kills whatever anyone tells her to kill, no inner emotions
Past: Had been abandoned by her parents with her three siblings because of her bipolar personalities. People had used her as a killing machine when she was at a young age. She has an older brother Ray, and an older sister Autumn who are twins-18 yrs old. She has a younger sister Evalyn (calls her Eva) who is 9 yrs old. Ray and Autumn gave her the purple ribbon around her neck to lock away her inner personality and protect her.



Older Sister:

Younger Sister:
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20 / F
Posted 12/19/10 , edited 12/19/10
Name : Shana
Age : 12
Description : Silver hair , gold eyes
Personality : Kind , mysterious .
Past :
Picture :

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27 / M / following in the...
Posted 7/3/11 , edited 7/3/11
im already a student but i cant remember my character for it so heres my new one

Name: Zelman Clock
(titles that i am known by)

Age: over 800 years old

Description: (hair,eyes,height,weight,etc)




extra stuff:

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17 / F / Narnia
Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/14/11
Name: Akira
Age: 15
Description: (hair,eyes,height,weight,etc)blue hair,blue/purple eyes
Past:her family lived in a mansion and was till on day ruined her life,......her house was in middle of a war.Her parents sacrifed their lives to let her live.So now she always dreamed of having peace.oh and she's a vampire and she doesn't know it.has a alter ego
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Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/15/11
u know the first one ... just wanted to add a new one too

NAME: unknown ( zebacly calles it voice )
Age: unknown
Description: a voice that speaks to zebacly and anyone can listen to him.
Personality: calm, intelligent and vain.
Past: unknown ( he sticks with Zebacly always, but when she ran away from her family he has been lost. Now he found her again in the school)
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21 / M / Sea of Nostalgia
Posted 1/14/12 , edited 1/15/12
Name: Shujin
Description: Average
Personality: Cheerful, makes friends easy, slightly perverted, reliable, honest, short temper, sometimes violent
Past: Youngest of three brothers, did well at school, desires to start a photography club. Is known for his "connections" and always walks around with a camera somewhere on his person.
Posted 8/5/12 , edited 9/23/12
Name: Tori Ayame
Age: 13
Description: (hair,eyes,height,weight,etc): hair Dark brown, eyes change color depending on mood: red-angry, green-calm n happy, blue-sad, purple-confused, brown-worried, black-scared
Personality: friendly, shy, calm, sweet, secretive, sensetive, smart, sometimes quiet, fun, loveable
Past: Was born in2 a family of 7: mom, dad, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, n myself. Lived in America then moved 2 Japan cuz of her family's company. Has only attended academy's b4 n first time attending a regular school. Only lives with mother n father now cuz all siblings were murdered. Parents work 2 much so she basically lives alone in her home. Is FILTHY RICH. Loves 2 sing. Also wants 2 find love 1 day
Picture: send 1 l8r
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