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Who would you like as your...
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23 / F / Pella,Iowa
Posted 6/6/09
1. BROTHER Daiki-older brother
2. PET chinen as a puppy
3. COUSIN Nakajima
4. BEST FRIEND okamoto
5. LOVER Yamada
6. HUSBAND Yamada
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24 / F
Posted 6/13/09
1. BROTHER Hikaru older brother and Ryutaro younger
2. PET Chinen as my puppy or Yamada as my hamster ^_^
3. COUSIN should be Keito
5. LOVER Yabu
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Outer space
Posted 6/14/09
i like if...

1. Chinen Yuuri be my Husband i think he is so sweet and i like him so much :D
2. Yabu, Yuya and Daiki be my old Brother. i want to have old brother like them.
3. Ryutaro be my Little brother. he is so cute.... :D
4. yama chan, N inoo be my BFF
5. Yuto be my Lover..
6 Hikaru be my Pet..(as griffin..hahaha i'm kidding)
Posted 6/17/09
lil brother ryutaro
big brother yabu
pet cat chinen hamster daiki
cousin inoo and hikaru
best friend takaki
lover takaki
and lastly for husband of course takaki.................
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 6/19/09
1. BROTHER- Keito ( older ) ryutaro ( younger )
2. PET- chinen!!! doggy~~~
3. COUSIN- daiki
4. BEST FRIEND-hikaru
5. LOVER-yamada
6. HUSBAND-yuto~~~
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21 / F
Posted 7/2/09
1. Brother - (older) Yabu. (I can't have a younger brother, since I'm younger than all of them ^^;;)
2. Pet - Ryutaro as a puppy ^__^
3. Cousin - Inoo!
4. Best Friend - Daiki - because he's sweet! (:
5. Lover - Yamadaaa! (:
6. Husband - Chinennnn! : D
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23 / F / Yeah, You Wish.
Posted 7/11/09
brother; ryutaro.
pet; inoo.
cousin; yabu.
best friend; chinen.
lover; daiki.
husband; yamada.

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27 / F / Toronto
Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09
1. BROTHER - It would be awesome Ryutaro as a little one. For older I'll pick Yabu.
2. PET - Inoo of course as my dog! He'll be loyal xD. And plus his name Inoo kinda sounds like Inu which means dog in Japanese xD.
3. COUSIN - Keito and Yuya xDD. But I might fall in love with Keito!
4. BEST FRIEND - YAMADA, HIKARU, and CHINEN! ohh yeaa lol, we have so much fun together xD.
5. LOVER - Yuto! Yuto! He was one of the first that i liked and I still like him now <3..
6. HUSBAND - Daiki! I love him too! But he seems more as a husband kind of material than Yuto!

haha~ this was fun!~ ^^
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24 / F / Calgary,Alberta,...
Posted 7/21/09
brother: (older) Yabu, or yuya
Pet: ???
cousin: Chinen
Best friend: Keito
lover: ?? : ??

i think that they hey say jump would make great brothers, cousins, or best friends
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23 / F / in the earth
Posted 7/24/09

brother...hikaru(cuz he is so funny)




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23 / M / woRld of lOvE ♥♥♥
Posted 7/25/09
brother- chinen yuuri and yamada ryosuke
bestfriend inoo kei and yabu kota
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24 / F / Physical:Ohio M...
Posted 8/1/09
Big brother Inoo. we have the same personality so I think we'd be close siblilings, but still act like a big bro.Little bro is def. Chinen, a little brother has to get in a lot of shinanigans!

Pet: Hikaru as a turtle! I don't know why the first animal that poped in my head was turtle.Takaki can be a rock, He would be the coolest pet rock ever and you could take him everywhere.

Cousin would be Yabu! He would go great with my big bro Inoo! and ryutaro could be brothers with Yabu can hang out with Chinen.

Best friends would be Yamada and Daiki! I think we would be our own little posey! Have our own secret handshake and language too!

Lover: Keito! He is so smexy! Plus he's my age! (yay!) Plus I don't think he'd be too demanding or perverted, but maybe just a little. I'm cool with that (actually if he wasn't I think, I would get freaked out!) Plus have you guys seen his body lately?! OMG

Adding a new category! husband's best friend so he is also your best friend: Yuto! They are so tight, Of course Yuto not allowed to join my posey.

Husband: Keito!!! I think he would be perfect! He has gaget smarts + good looking + good personality + cool in-laws + he speaks ENGLISH! + those eyes + his voice + I think he could make cute kids + that hair + he likes fried chicken + he doesn't like much seafood + he doesn't try to force all the attention on himself.
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22 / F / Somewhere dancing...
Posted 8/2/09
Gonna try and get all the member of Hey!Say!JUMP into this:

Little brother: Chinen - because DUH~!....and he's just so kawaii
Big brother: Daiki - he's also kawaii; plus he and Chinen get along so well!
Twin brother: Ryutaro- because he's my age and we are kinda the same!

Pets: Hikaru - as a little yorkie puppy; like from Mayonaka no Shadow Boy making
Yuya - is puppy Hikaru's buddy and would be a poodle probably

Cousins: Yabu and Inoo would be great cousins, and get along great with my brothers!

Best Friends: Yuto - because he's cool and we'd get along well!
Keito - he's smart, muscular, and can speak english!

Lover: Ryosuke - if he's my lover, than you have the answer for my husband~

Husband: Ryosuke - because he's hot/cute/handsome, sings so beautifully, acrobatic, good actor, loves strawberries also, sweet, caring, smart and is just too perfect!!! <3<3<3
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26 / F / Taunton, Somerset UK
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
1. BROTHER - Chinen-kun!!! he's just the cutest little thing and he's gonna be the best little bro ever!!

2. PET - Ryutaro... i want him to be a kitten... so sweet and innocent.. neko-chan!!

3. COUSIN - Daiki and Inoo... they're gonna be fun to play rough housing with

4. BEST FRIEND - Hikaru would be the bestest bff ever... funny and happy-go-lucky... i guess we'd be playing pranks on people 24/7

5. LOVER - Yamada (but then he's too young for me..) and YABU!!

6. HUSBAND - YABU forever.... so responsible and always looks after about those people he cares about...esp. the HS7 members...
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22 / F / Indonesia
Posted 8/15/09
1. BROTHER - Older brother, Yabu-kun! He will be a nice BIG.BRO Hehehehe

2. PET - Hikaru (Puppy dog), Yamada (Hamster), Chinen (Cat), Ryutaro (Rabbit), Yuto (Giraffe) Kiding, Inoo (Gold Fish), Daiki (Parrot)

3.COUSIN - Hm... Maybe Ryutaro, Keito, and Daiki will be nice!


5.LOVER - Don't know. Hehehehe

6.HUSBAND- I don't know either. Hehehehe
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