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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/17/09

Please Fill out the following you want a Icons.
Text on Icon:
Size (100x100 or larger):
Extras (brushes, swirls, hearts.etc):
Animations (falling hearts, lighting, etc):
Certain colors:
Pics uploaded?
Which mod?
Pic: [in spoiler]

1. Only request 3 at the maximum.
2. Please upload 3 pics to our album each request you make.
3. No rushing the mods.
4. Make your request clear.
5. Put your pics in different spoilers if more than 1. If 1, then 1 spoiler please. o-o
Please follow these rules. [:

Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
Username: Coco144
Text on Icon: Coco144, Coco
Size (100x100 or larger): 100x100
Extras (brushes, swirls, hearts.etc): Some Brushes
Animations (falling hearts, lighting, etc): No
Certain colors: Any
Pics uploaded? 9
Which mod? Any
Pic: [in spoiler]

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