Who is Heman?
Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09
Well we all have seen those cartoons in our childhood which includes Heman,Super man
a man that stands for justice a man thats fights for weak ppl a man that fights with evil

I beleive its not a person its a charcter that anyone can achieve
so this topic is all about defining a Heman in ur words what do u think who really heman is and how can someone be Heman
Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09
As far as i can think of Heman i think
1.It can be anyone a woman a man a child anyone
2.The one who has desire to achieve the truth at any cost
who never settles thinking that what ever he has achieved is ulitimate
whoes hunger for truht never faints
who is always striving for better better and more better
who never thinks that he is 100% right and closes all doors of knowledge upon him
who has the courage to accept his defaets and admit his mistakes
who has stregth to change his views
but all his quest is not for money is not for material but for truth and knowledge
this is waht makes a Heman from a noman

Life is all about learning and then benefitting humanity

And this is what A Heman is All about
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