Celina Jade / Legendary Assassin
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Celina was born and raised in Hong Kong, one of the most vibrant international cities in the world, often referred to by international businessmen as the ‘gateway to China’. Her Chinese mother and American father decided not to compromise on her tri-lingual education, so she quickly found herself faced with the task of becoming fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English as well as both Eastern and Western cultures. She studied in Chinese schools until the age of 14 and then shifted to an international high school with an English-based curriculum. Her artistic and intellectual talents became evident at an early age. As a musician, her first public piano performance was at the age of 9 during a Dragon Boat Festival while her love of singing emerged at the earlier age of 3 when, during a live Christmas performance in a local 5-star hotel, she spontaneously clambered on stage to join the lead singer in both Chinese and English versions of popular Christmas carols. Celina entered the Hong Kong modeling scene at the age of 15 and has since appeared in ads for enterprises like Marks & Spencer, JeansWest, Shiseido, Sofina, Chanel, Motorola, Sharp TV and PCCW and has also appeared in magazines like Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Fashion and Beauty and Cosmopolitan. She has also appeared in a number of television variety, and radio talk, shows. A fortuitous meeting with renown Japanese music producer, Tetsuya Komuro (TK), in the year 2000 led to a contract for the production of her first two albums as a recording artist: ”Good News Bad News” and a Christmas twin CD featuring “Kwong Ying Zi Zian” which eventually hit top of the Taiwan charts. The release of the first album was coupled with a performance beside Namie Amuro at the G8 "Okinawa Summit" (July, 2000) before 8 Heads of State. After the performance, Celina walked boldly through layers of secret service agents and introduced herself to then President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea. She then followed TK for some further promotion in Tokyo. Other live performances ensued, including a charity event for the Hong Kong Children’s Heart Foundation at the 12,500 seat Hong Kong Coliseum, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone launch, and another charity event involving Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Tung Chi Hwah and business magnate, Lee Kah Shing at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. Celina decided to temporarily suspend her singing career in order to attend university in 2003. Even so, in 2005, she entered and won the London D&K Singing Competition, an all UK Chinese singing event and, during her university years, performed in about 10 charity shows at the LSE and Imperial College. Over summer vacations, she hosted and performed live for sponsored events like Formula One in China and A.J. Hackett’s record-breaking base-jump at the Macau Tower. Celina’s musical talents are complimented by astute management and business capabilities. In her teens, she served as the President, Head of Events & Fundraising for her high-school Student Union. She also topped her year academically which led to acceptance at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management, London School of Economics (LSE). She graduated first class honors in July, 2006 with a BSc in Management. At the LSE she served two years as president of the 350-member Music Business Society which was awarded as a 'Highly Commended Society' by the LSE Students' Union. She hosted speakers such as Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, CEO/ former chairman of Sony BMG, Europe; Chris Green, CEO of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters; and Brandon Bakshi, Senior Executive of BMI London. She also organized large social and charity events like Rock the Quad headlining LunarMile, BMI's Hansom Pilot and XFM RockIdol’s national finalists to raise money for Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy. During university, she received various awards including highest score in a university research methodology project, 'Outstanding Individual' by Freshminds 'Ones to Watch' and 'Outstanding Individual Contribution' to the LSE and LSE Students' Union. Upon completing her tertiary studies, Celina participated in a 3-month professional performance course with Vocal-Tech in London. At this time, she also signed with BMI as a songwriter and met, Shakim Williams, the platinum producer of Akon’s Trouble at a London party for the music industry where she agreed to sing, on the spot, for a gathering of industry executives. Shakim immediately recognized her potential and began working with her to develop her music. Celina is presently collaborating with Shakim to record her first international album. Celina is outgoing, upbeat and highly intuitive. Her creative inspiration and passion for music is coupled with a broad universal outlook that bridges both East and West. In her teens, she worked with the handicapped and under-privileged. This experience has given her strong humanitarian inclinations. She has a genuine love for learning and collaboration with others. Her self confidence, unusual perspective and creative problem solving abilities have positioned her to pioneer artistic, social, economic and intellectual initiatives with strong cross-cultural overtones.

Celina Jade-Once,heartbroken 靖姗-曾经心痛(Legendary Assassin OST) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aFQJDnca7s

Legendary Assassin is a 2008 Hong Kong martial arts film that marks the directorial debuts of actor Wu Jing and fight choreographer Nicky Li Chung-Chi. The film also marks the screen debut of singer, songwriter and model Celina Jade. Wu stars as a mysterious martial artist, who become a female cop's prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Cast and characters
Wu Jing as Bruce, a mysterious martial arts expert whose warmth is masked behind his chilly facade.
Celina Jade as Holly, a small-time cop stationed on an outlying island.
Hui Shiu-Hung as Guan Gong a veteran cop on the outlying island, who is a father figure to Holly.
Alex Fong Lik-Sun as Handsome Bao, a narcissistic cop.
Sammy Leung as Tarzan, the lowest-ranking cop on the island, who uses his arrogance to hide his inferiority complex.
Ronald Cheng as Uncle Zhi, an eccentric, restaurant owner.
Kou Zhan Wen as Master Ma, a ruthless crime boss and the world's most wanted criminal. Kou and Wu Jing grew up together as members of Beijing Wushu Team and Wu considered Kou as his senior.
Japanese actress Aoyama Noriko as Madam Ma, the wife of Master Ma, who eventually takes over her husband's organisation.

Legendary Assassin 狼牙之阿布- International Trailer (english) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6byXGg7iHu8

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