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24 / F / My own little dre...
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09

HaTsu-ReNAii wrote:

Name: Tsukiyomi Yoko
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Human, or so she believes
Type: Both
Class: She doesn't attend class, only on rare occasions and it's usually at random.
Job: Modeling
Specialty/Skills: Gambling, Fighting, Sports, Playing musical Instruments, acting, modeling, Blowing stuff up at Home Ec (:
Appearance: Yoko has perfectly light porcelain skin with an amazing complexion. Her royal, azure eyes are accented elegantly with her ebony hair as it's layered perfectly between shoulder and waist length. Her slender, lanky build was built solely for speed and agility and with her long legs and arms, it helps her excel in many different kinds of athletics. Yoko is slightly above average for her age, standing at a lean height of 5"5.
Personality: Yoko is what you call your ideal top-student. Shes strikingly beautiful, top grades, and she looks beautiful and excels at possibly everything she does. She's very elegant and high mannered though she's still at the young age of 14. She keeps a bold and strong front and it's extremely rare to find her shed a tear. Despite all her glorious perfections, her additude sucks.Yoko is cold and blunt, avoiding any large crowds and annoying people as possible. She's rather anti-social and distant from society, and lacks an important emotion though she can't turn a blind eye against someone who's in need. Yoko dislikes idiots and anyone and anything annoying.
Background:]Born into a high class, prosperous family at birth, her birth parents had left a great amount of money as they kept as the inheritance. After their sudden death, the inheritance passed onto her being the heir of the family, making them the main target for many. At the age of 16 she then inherits the money for herself. Since her mother was born in Paris and Yoko lives alone in an overly large condo.
Familiar/pet: Her familiar is a pure white fox with sharp sapphire eyes. He stands out with his two tails and can shift into a human at will. When in human form, he wears a long sleeves yukata that reaches up to his knees, his ivory pale skin is kept smooth and elegant though male. He has a anbu like looking mask tied sideways on his head and his hair is a pure white, his eyes a melancholy sapphire tone. She calls him 'Yue'.
Crush: None

(With class I don't mean class from school)

Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/24/09

Name: Miyuki Kuroi
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Human
Type: Magic User
Class: Mage
Specialty/Skills: Ice magic, cooking, singing.
Appearance: Miyuki has perfectly straight onyx hair, that reaches a little past her shoulders. She has ivory skin, and piercing green eyes that gives her what some would call a hypnotizing look. Despite being physically short, she is extremely athletic but opts out of these kinds of activites due to her low self-confidence. She is shorter than most others at her age, having a height of 4'7".
Personality: Miyuki a kind-hearted girl with good intentions, but she is rather shy around new people. She has top grades in almost every class excluding Math, although she constantly neglects studying. She lacks confidence in almost everything she does, and prefers to be on her own rather than around large groups of people. In the past, she had an abundance of friends around her, but after she lost them she resorted to staying away from people to prevent making any bonds with them. Despite this, she will make conversation if someone approaches her; for she does not have the heart to ignore them.
Background: Miyuki was born into an uncaring and self-obssessed family, and was made to endure abuse for the first 9 years of her life. This is where she gets her quiet personality from. When her family was found out, they were imprisoned and she was taken into care by her foster family. By now, Miyuki refused to trust anyone, and always kep her feelings bottled up inside. She currently resides with her foster parents in 'The Village' in a traditional Japanese house.
Familiar/pet: She has a pet cat named Hayate.
Crush: None.

Name: Naoto Arai
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Human
Type: Weapon user
Class: Vampire Hunter
Job: He has a part-time job as a model
Specialty/Skills: Agility, Sharp senses, an effective calming ability.
Appearance: Naoto has dark brown hair that is an inch or so away from his shoulders. His skin is lightly tanned and he has a pair of clear grey eyes. He has a slender build and long limbs, which helps increase his agility, and also stands fairly tall at 5'5".
Personality: Naoto is very playful and energetic, with seemlingly boundless energy. He likes to make jokes and hates seeing people cry. Although he has a chirpy attitude most of the time, on rare occasions his serious and angry side will surface. It has been said that that alone is enough to make someone run for their life, although he says this is just a stupid lie.
Background: At the age of 9, his younger sister was killed by a vampire. The rest of his family barely escaped, and his mother became hospitalized. Because of this, Naoto came to have a massive hatred for vampires, and trained to hunt and destory them. Whenever in the presence of a vampire, he will never miss an opportunity to slaughter it. He currently lives with his father.
Familiar/pet: None.
Crush: None.
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24 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/24/09
Name: Kotone Watanabe
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Posted 2/23/09 , edited 3/7/09
Name: Dora-Chan
Age: 20
Race: Devil
Type:Magic (Fire/Dark)
Class: Beast Tamer
Specialty/Skills:She is a Fire and Dark user and summoning (there are three diff demons),
super sonic(slows down time for her point of view and really hearts ears), can see the persons biggest fear O.O, communication with animals ^>^ and dream entrance (not an attack it just lets me talk to you in your dreams and have a spirit mode and talk to spirits ooo scary)

spirit mode:

Personality:... Is looking to get world domination

Background:Her father was a vary well known devil and her mother a scientist.
Her parents died when she was only 2 years her mom and dad did not want to let her out into the world with no one so they asked for a fellow friend to take her in and also gave her 3 demons to help her grow into a devil they would be prod of.^.^At the age of 13 her parents friend started to teach her magic and gave her this weapon shield that was in her family for 500 years and now it is hers she uses it on her left arm.Now Dora is 20 and has set out to see a new


the other demon died last week..
the two demons:first is Werewolf,
then its The Death Bat Demon

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24 / F / in maplestory x3...
Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/27/09

lilolollo wrote:

The form you need to fill in:
Race: (examples: human, vampire(not too much!), angel, demon, part animal, ghost, elf, fairy, pixie, fully animal)
Type: Choose between: Magic user, weapon user, both(but that's special, so not too much), or nothing
Class: (exmaples: Demon slayer, dragon slayer, vampire hunter, healer, magician, reaper, pirate)
Job: You don't need a job (examples: model, librarian, singer, musician, artist, shopkeeper, gambler)
Familiar/pet: (if you have one)

- You can have up to 4 characters -

um..sorry for all these switches im soo sorry D: anyway i wanna switch again (i promise this is the last switch kay? :O)

Name:Yukino Kazumi (first name,last name) sorry about the same first name again i just got addicted o-o
type: dark magic user
specialty/skills:dark shield,fly,darkwand(makes wand apear and could use dark magic energy and destroy sumthing,dark blade

Yukino kazumi belonged to a vampire family she was only 3 years old at that time. One day a powerful king of light came it made the vampire world grow lighter and lighter now Yukino's parents had only one choice- it was to bring yukino to the human world for safety
Yukino still remebered the past so she tried to keep everything a secret.
Crush: NoONE
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27 / M
Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/2/09
Race: Demon
Type: Weapon User
Class: Beasts Tamer
Job: Military Soldier
Specialty/Skills: Can Handle Huge swords

Personality:Sleepy, doesn't think straight, hard-headed
Background:When he was little he was used to be beaten up
because his parents were very abusive until he attacked back.
Now he feels lonely and filled with anger.

Familiar/pet: (if you have one):

Crush:None Yet

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23 / F / Kakashi's World
Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/4/09
Name: Yura Mokoda
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Type: None
Class: Demon Slayer
Job: Musician
Specialty/Skills: Martials Arts, Learn To Fight With Swords or Katanas or Guns
Personality: Tomboy, Lazy, Bored, Not Sociable, Negative Sometimes, Sleepy, Read Novels,
Background: Parents Killed By Demons. Learn To Fight alone... to revenge.... what she not know is love and friendship exist to help her...
Familiar/pet: As Animal Form
As Usual
Crush: Not Yet...
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23 / F / Well I'm...Hey wh...
Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
Race:Bunny Girl
Type: magic user
Class: healer
Job: model
Specialty/Skills: gymnastic, anything that involves moving
Background:She doesn't remember past very much and she usually travels alot
Familiar/pet: Usagi

Usagi's human form
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27 / F
Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/21/09
Name: Alex Kurekusu
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Part Wolf
Type: Magic User
Class: Magican
Specialty/Skills: Animal magic, Wolf strengths and senses, talking to animals

Personality: Kind but can be really shy, she like making friends with animals
Background: Alex is a wolf girl who begin learning magic as a kid. She was raised by a loving family in the forest but left the den to expand her knowledge.

Suki is a little wolf pup that lost her mom from another pack, she treast alex as her mom and is natually curious.

Crush: none yet
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28 / F / middle of nowhere
Posted 5/21/09 , edited 5/21/09
Gender: f
Race: human ((this may change...))
Type: magic user
Class: so far just a normal kid that can use magic
Job: none
Specialty/Skills: can use all kinds of magic but when she gets nervous the magic tends to dissapear

Personality: really shy, doesn't like to meet new people because of her shyness, but when you get to know her she's really entertaining ((she only looks goth-ish emo-ish in her picture that isn't her attitude=p))
Background: parents are dead (mom died after giving birth dad died in car accident) she lives by her self and learned that she could use magic, is still kinda touchy about the subjecct of her parents
Familiar/pet: kai

Crush: none yet =]
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24 / F / none of ur buisness
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
Name:Luna Misha (fist name, last name)
Race: Moon angel, witch

Type: Magic user
Class: magician, kind of pirate
Job: singer, violinist
Specialty/Skills: shes good with weapons and magic

Personality: shes smart, but likes to spend her time in the park with her dog, bella. Likes to learn new things everyday now and then, but loves going to school because she can leave her house for only that moment.
Background:Her parents lived in a realm where it was all dark, and there was only the moon for light. Her mom died during a battle and her father didnt have a choice, but to bring her to the human world and now she lives with her aunt in this big mansion alone. And she's not allowed to go outside without her aunt's permission. Her aunt's like the ugly stepmother, but worst, but Luna can escape from her once in a awhile. She discovers to use magic along the way and weapons, without her aunt knowing it. Luna can master water and air, but she still has trouble with her other ones.


Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
Name: Mitarai, Akako
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: half demon (lives a normal human life)
Type: Magic user
Class: healer
Job: shopkeeper

~element control
~regenerate (heals at a fast rate)
~cleric (can heal anything with the power of light)

Human form

Demon form

Personality: Akako is tough and hot-headed. She does have a kind side though.

Background:Akako was born of a human fater, Ethan, and a demon mother, Mai. Therefore is a half demon. She tries to live a normal life, but because of her parents constant bickering, decided to move out of the house and find her own place to live. Her parents send her a monthly check for child support. But, because she is of age, she found a job so she chould be on her own with her familiars/pets. She practices magic every now and then, and is verry good at it.

Familiar/pet: 3 half cat demons
The Twin Brothers
-The older twin, Felix, is quiet and reserved. Altough he may look mean he is actually rlly sweet, loyal and caring. He cares for Ruri when im out.
-The younger twin, Dante, is adventerous, mischievous and fearless. Despite that he is loyal to his master. He is mostly found by my side when im out.

The Stray
-I found a stranded kitten and brought her home. Upon ariving home she grew attached to the place and did not want to leave. So i decided to keep her and name her Ruri. She is shy and docile, but once she warms up to you she is quite playfull and loving.

Crush: none yet
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22 / F / Vocaloid world
Posted 6/16/09 , edited 6/16/09
Race:Half human/half vampire
Type:magic user
Class: Healing and vampire
Job:waiteress in a cafe
Specialty/Skills: can hypnotize and make people calm with her secret weapon.

Background:Ruu came from a vampire family,she doesn't want to be a vampire,because she scare the feeling when she bite someone and drink their blood,she only drink blood Rei's blood.
Race: Vampire
Type:Magic user
Class: Vampire history
Job: waitor in the same cafe as Ruu
Specialty/Skills: control ice and wind

Personality:quiet,cold at time,caring,kind.
Background:Rei is Ruu's twin brother,he always protect Ruu and give her some blood,he always hunt for some food for Ruu at night.
Crush:....don't want one.
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22 / F / Far away....
Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/28/09
Name: Midori Kaori (Kaori is the first name)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Angel, Demon, Pixie (Mother full angel, and father Demon and pixie)
Type: Magic user
Class: Healer/Magician
Job: Florist, and has a couple of shifts Lifesaving at the beach
Specialty/Skills: Healing injured people/animals, Planting plants, Fighting with dark magic, Singing.
Appearance: Her hair and eyes has no true colour, but when she was born it was blonde and she had blue eyes. Her appearance changes with each form she acquires. She looks perfect every time she goes out.
Pictures of Kaori:

Personality: Fun, friendly, outgoing, cheerful, but once angered, impossible to calm down. She strongly protects in what she believes in and is quick to judge.

Background: Kaori left her mother and father after a tip off from a friend about a injured horse, later that day, her friend, her mother and her father were all killed. Kaori's father didn't care for her, and her mother spent too much time organising a normal human singing class. As a result she got her family's inheritance, which amounted up to a lot.

Familiar/pet: Jade, Sapphire, Ruby, Goldie

Crush: Not yet

Is this accepted? PM me the answer lilolollo!

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