Vocaloid Story 10
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Posted 2/17/09
o bored without Len” Meiko lay back on a red chair with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed thinking about Len. Suddenly the door slammed open and in sight was Rei! (Rei is Kodies imaginary-self/would-be-self, but I’ll make her as close to me as possible for this).
(Heres how Rei looks :D)

She smiled cutely and walked into the room, everyone had a questioned look on there face. Miku walked up to her “Who are you?” Miku asked. “I’m Rei Aikawa~, I’m your Author, well your real authors name is Kodie” Flowers and hearts etc. surrounded Rei, she was so happy so see everyone. “Wha-“ Miku was confused “OH! I also brought some friends! I brought the Pineapple Master “Lokkin” and “Kurodo-j” and a extra friend “Renasaga I brought her in at last minute” Rei wald over to Teto and hugged her “aww, you’re my favorite Vocaloid Teto”.
(I didnt really get to ask them for a pic so I'll just use some of mine :D)


(Pineapple Master Lokkin)

"If so, where are your friends?" Miku asked, "Well, Rena's over by the door and Kurodo and Pineapple Master went to see Len :D" Rei started doing Tetos hair. "Ah, Nice to meet everyone" Rena walked in and went by Kaito giving him a hug "I LOVE YOUR VOICE!" she kissed him on the cheek.
"Where did Rei say Lens class was again?" Pineapple Master asked "She said it was A7" Kurodo replied. Pineapple Master suddenly stopped and opened a door, heading into a room. "Ah! Pineapple Master! where are you going!?" Kurodo ran into the room and saw looked at the Pineapple master, SHE WAS HUGGING LE NADN GIVING HIM KISSES! Kurodo gasped "How could you PINEAPPLE MAStER! WITHOUT ME! " Kurodo went into a corner crying. Pineapple Master noticed amd walked over to her "I'm sorry Kurodo, I wont do it agian, from now on lets hug and kiss Len togethor" Pineapple Master set her hand on Kurodo and she turned her head "Thanks!" Kurodo got up and hugged Pineapple Master. They both headed over to Len and started to attack him in love "Remember we got to meet up with Kodie at the Train Station" Kurodo told Pineapple Master while kissing Len on the cheek "Ok" Pineapple Master replied.
"La la laaa~ This is so fun~ XD" Everyone was in a circle playing Goldfish "Gakupo, I want yo uto know that even though i dont listen to your songs much, that I'd listen to them ALOT MORE! if you sang with Rin Kagamine :D, Oh and Kaito got a 5?" Kaito handed Rei a 5. "Thank you Rei" Gakupo told her "I'll try to more often, and Rena got a King?" Gakupo asked. "No" Rena told him.
"Prima, got a 6?" Akita asked
""No" Prima replied
"Sai, got a 3?" Haku asked
"No" Sai replied
"Mikuo, got a 10?" Miku asked
The Goldfish game continued for hours! Finally it ended "Nee, Everyone it was nice stayin wiht you but me and Rena got to go, bye" Rei and Rena left closing the dooor behind them andh eading to the train Station.
"Pineapple Master we better go before were late!" Kurodo told her. "Fine" Pineapple Master stopped stealing stuff from Len like his hair and shirt and tie and shoes for souviniers "Bye Len" Kurodo and Pineapple Master waved good-bye "We'll miss you" kurodo and Pineapple Master were soon out of sight. Len stood there with his mouth wide open "Scary " Len left the class room and went to lunch.

Thank you for reading Vocaloid Story 10! for the next chapter Prikas comin back!c annot as a kid! But as a TEEN! and Taito and Black Rock Shooter handle baby sitting them again?
Find out next time on Vocaloid Story 11"
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