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first to comment!
I was expecting shii to be happy for that surprise..
demo something happened on the other hand all of a sudden..
waah what happened to her?!
how come she was unconscious!

i wanna know...waah!
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Lmfao, idk why but the spoiler thing isn't working for me atm, but enjoy anyways~

Chapter Eight

Kento was pacing up and down the hall.
Daiki was playing with the string of his hoodie, eyebrows knitted together.
Misaki was quietly speaking on the phone with somebody in the corner, looking worried.
Fuma had his eyes closed, head leaned back on the wall.
Yuto, Chii and Yamada were just sitting quietly, not speaking.
The girls were standing anxiously, waiting for the doctor to come out.

When Daiki was running to the hospital with Shii on his back, Kento was gathering the search team, telling them to meet at the hospital.
They had been waiting for about 20 minutes, while the doctor was inside doing a check-up.
Everybody was worried, because nobody knew what had happened that caused Shii to become unconcious.

After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came out, and everybody got up to their feet and were suddenly alert.
"Which one of you is Misaki Takahata?" the doctor asked.
Misaki stepped to the front. "I am," he told her.
"The patient would like to see you," she said. "Everybody else, please wait outside. You won't want to disturb her, she just woke up."

Misaki slipped inside the room, and everybody was left standing outside wondering what was happening.
The doctor watched the rest of the kids looking depressed and walked away, heart full of sorrow.

"Why'd she ask for Misaki?" Chii asked, confused.
"They're like siblings." Kento replied.
"Ohh," the Hey Say JUMPers said.

"I sure hope she's alright," Yuto said, full of concern.
"Yeah, I mean...Normal kids don't end up lying in a park unconcious, right?" Yamada asked.
Daiki kicked Yamada's foot.
"Not that she's not normal, no not at all," Yamada muttered, flustered about his comment.
"Yeah, I know what you mean." Kento said.
"I just hope she's fine," sighed Reiko.

Finally, Misaki came out. He smiled a little at the friends.
"You guys can go in," he said.
Everybody rushed inside to speak to Shii.

Shii was sitting on the bed, putting on her shoes.
While everybody was crowding around her, asking if she was okay, she just nodded and smiled.
She didn't look very focused on anything, she just stared at a corner of the room.
When she caught Misaki's eye, she quickly looked away.
"Argh, if Misaki accidently lets it slip, everything will be ruined." She thought.
So she took a deep breath and looked at her friends.

"I was just a bit tired and upset. And I'm sorry for causing so much trouble everybody." she said.
She started twiddling her thumbs.
"And I'm especially sorry to you, Nakaken." she apologized. "I didn't mean to be so rude."
"It's alright," Kento sighed.
"It's not like she could help it, she's always been like that." he thought.
"You can make it up by opening up my present." he smiled.

"OH YEAH!" Shii said, suddenly remembering.
She looked around. "Uhm, could somebody pass me my --"
"Here." Yamada said, cutting her off and handing her her bag.
"Oh. Oh. Thanks. " Shii said, blinking.

She rummaged through the purse and finally took out the envelope.
"May I open it now, mister?" she asked.
"Yes you may, miss." Kento replied.
She tore the envelope and took out a letter.

Dear Shii.
Happy birthday!
Guess what? I have a surprise for you.
Me, Misaki and Fuma are all together in a unit called BI SHADOW in JE. Isn't that amazing? I know you always wanted me to join Johnny's.
Well the truth is, I always wanted to too. I just liked being stubborn and watching your cute determined face when you swear to me that you will succeed in persuading me one day.
Well hey, you succeeded ma'am. ♥
Well I don't wanna tell you EVERYTHING on paper, but I promise to tell you any details you ask for.
Do you know how HARD it was to keep it a secret?
Everytime I saw your face, I wanted to blurt it out. Every. Single. Time.
Well, look inside your envelope for part two of your present.
I know you'll love it. Maybe one day you'll get to meet this guy too~
Nakaken ♥

She sniffed, and looked in her envelope.
That's where she found the autograph of Daiki.
She looked up at Kento and smiled. "Thanks." she said, a single tear forming at the corner of her eyes.
"I love my present."
"Well, I guess you've met him already. But Happy Birthday, Sayuki Shizuna." he gave her a peck on the lips and smiled.

"AWW," Fuma said. "Well since you guys made up. May we have our party now?"
Reiko smacked his head. "That's rude, Kikuchi."
"Well, thanks, Takahisa."
"You're very welcome."

Shii laughed. "Haha, guys. Well, I don't mind. But I have to go check out of the hospital. Why don't you go ahead first?"
"Alright," they said, and filed out of the room to head to the studio.
Misaki lingered behind.
"Shii--" he started.
"Misaki, we discussed this already." Shii sighed.
"But I think maybe you should go --"
"But what if it gets worse? You were only allowed to come back because you were getting better. But now..."
"Don't worry. I'm fine. Like I said, I was just feeling tired."
Misaki lead her to the hospital counter, and helped her sign out.
"Okay. But if you get any worse, I'm putting you on a plane." he said, glaring at her with a serious look.
"Hai, hai~" she sighed and walked outside.

Misaki walked behind and sadly stared after her.
"I seriously wish you could stay here forever too, Shii. But that's just not going to happen, I'm afraid."
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what does that last line mean??????!!!!!!!
i hope it's not what i'm thinking right now!!!!!!!!!!!
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I finally read the latest 2 chapters~~
hhmmm, and from the looks of it, Shii has some issues...

I'm guessing she has an illness and just came back in Japan because she was feeling better but not until she fell unconscious at the park~!

looks like I easily guess fanfics too much...
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NOTE: Because of a dumb little mistake, of mine (I assumed that Massu's last name was Takahisa,, but its Masuda. lmao), Reiko's name is now "Reiko Masuda" instead of "Reiko Takahisa"
Doesn't really affect the story, it was just something i felt like adding to the story, not really a big part of the storyline. But still needs changing. lol.
Okaay i present to you; CHAPTER NINE! lol.
(Again, idk why the stupid spoiler thing's not working D: )

Chapter Nine.

It was getting late; almost 9 o'clock. The 7 friends and the 4 JUMP members decided to have a short party anyways, since they wanted Shii to have an unforgettable birthday in Japan.
"It's already pretty unforgettable," Shii thought, smiling and enjoying herself.

They ate cake and had lots of fruit. Ryosuke gobbled down many strawberries, and whispered "Shadow" to himself the entire time, humming a good, but unfamiliar tune while he stared at some cherries.
"Huh, that sounds pretty good," Shii thought, listening to him hum. "I wonder what song that is..."

She recieved lots of JUMP goods from Reiko, Ayumi and Mika.
"Here, when BI Shadow's famous one day, you can brag about being the first to have a personal autograph from the great master Kikuchi Fuma," Fuma said while handing over a photo of himself with his signature on it, attached to 2 free movie tickets.
Shii smiled. "Haha, thanks. It's an honour, Great master Kikuchi Fuma."

Next, Shii opened Misaki's present. It was a new black tote bag with a Daiki Arioka pin on it.
Seeing that, Daiki smiled.
"Well, I knew you needed a new bag." Misaki shrugged. "You're welcome."

The 4 HSJ members didn't prepare presents ahead of time, and felt bad.
"IT'S OKAY IT'S OKAY!" Shii told them, embarrassed when they mentioned it. "You didn't even KNOW me before this morning; and plus. Meeting you guys and having you at my party is MORE than enough for my present."
But the 4 guys wouldn't listen to her, and as a present, they signed all of the new HSJ goods that she recieved from Reiko, Ayumi and Mika.
"Oh my god, thanks!" Shii flashed a big smile, staring at all of the autographs.

While she was preoccupied, somebody tapped her and placed a box in front of her.
Being curious, she opened it.
"Here's part 3," Kento said. It was a silver chain bracelet, with a cute half-heart dangling off of it.
"I have the other half," he said pulling it out from under his shirt. It surely was the other half of the beautiful heart, hanging off of a black necklace string.
Shii beamed while Kento helped her put it on, and gave him a kiss.
"Thanks ♥"

From up above the studio, a man was staring down at the scene, watching the teens have fun, anticipating their every move.
"I guess it's time to remind them of the rules," he muttered quietly.
He turned around to a young male, who was hidden in the shadows in the corner of the big office.
"It's time to take action," the man said to him, placing his hands under his chin.
"Yes sir, Mr. Kitagawa..." the boy bowed, and backed out of the office.

The party was just finishing, and everybody helped clean up.
"AHCHOO!" Snii sneezed.
"You cold?" Daiki asked.
"Naw, I'm fine, it's just a bit chilly, " she said, picking up the garbage bag, and sneezing again.
Daiki took the garbage bag from her, and handed her his sweater.
"Put it on," he said. He pushed her to Kento. "You guys should go home soon, it's been a long day. Get some rest okay Shii?"
"Mkaay." She said, yawning.
"Thanks for the sweater," Kento nodded at Daiki appreciatively. "We'll return it to you soon."

After a series of goodbyes, Kento, Shii and Misaki left to go home.
They walked along the street, with only the natural shine of the summer moonlight guiding them.
After turning around the corner of the studio, Shii realized she forgot her bag.
"Guys, wait here. I'll be back soon." She turned around to head back to the studio while the 2 boys chatted and waited for her.

Suddenly, she heard a rustle of leaves in the nearby trees, freaking her out.
She jogged to the studio, quickly grabbing her bag and left to go find the guys.
"Uh oh," she realized her sneakers were undone. She bent down to quickly tie them, when a soccerball powerfully landed right in front of her.
"Oh god, that is SO creepy." She thought, and ran to the guys.

"Hey Shii," they greeted her. "Everything okay?"
She nodded, pale-faced.
"Wow you must be cold. You've turned white!" Kento said. "C'mon, let's hurry up and go."
He grabbed her hand and dragged her to go quicker.
She felt safe for now, but every now and then, she had shivers going up her spine, which caused her to frequently glance over her shoulders.
"What, you afraid of the dark now?" Misaki teased as they reached the house.
"N-no... Just seeing if i dropped anything." Shii reposed her composure and faked a laugh. "You know how clumsy I am."
"Yeah, we know." Kento scoffed sarcastically.

As the three of them went inside, a certain somebody was lurking outside, gripping tight to his soccer ball.
"I'll get you next time...Sayuki Shizuna..." the whisper fading away with the soft summer breeze.

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uwaa! i wonder who that somebody is..
i'm soo curious!

and aargh...I'm really having a bad view on
Johnny here.
How could he tend to do these miserable thing to them?

Lucky for Shii, hsj plus the b.i shadow group are all in there!
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Chapter Ten

Time flew by extremely quickly, merging with the busy schedules everybody had.
Days had turned into weeks, and weeks had turned into months.
The boys had already finished filming "Scrap Teacher", and were pretty well into the new year.
They had become so popular that they were featured in Hey! Say! JUMP's winter concert!
BI Shadow and HSJ got along very well, becoming close friends.

It was already February, and everybody had become quite busy studying for exams.

"Oh god, when are we ever going to finish?" yawned Kento, stretching in his seat.
"Neverr!!" Fuma joked.
Shii groaned. "Come on guys, you're making me depressed too!"
"Psh! English is easy for YOU, but not for me," Fuma whined.
"Alright, I'll teach you guys english." Shii said. "But in return, Misaki~ Teach me geography okaay? I never really learned Japan geo in Canada, so..." she begged.

He pretended to think. "Hmm, I don't know, I could easily ask Kento to teach me and he wouldn't ask me for anything in return......"
"NOO! PLEASEEE! I BEG YOU!" Shii put her palms together. "Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!" she begged.
"Hmmm," Misaki teased.

Kento smiled and his eyes wandered around the house.
"Hmm?" he looked back out the window. "I swear I just saw somebody outside...." he thought. Then he shook his head and lay it down on the table. "Huh, maybe I'm getting delusional because of all this work," he reasoned.
He looked back at his girlfriend and his best friends. They had settled down, and got back to work, furiously going over their study notes.

"Guys, let's go to sleep." Kento suggested. 'It's already 1am, and we have to work tomorrow."
"Alrightt," Shii yawned. "I'm really tired anyways. Good night!" she went upstairs to her room, leaving the three boys alone downstairs.
When they finished cleaning up, they also headed upstairs and turned on Kento's laptop to check their e-mail.

"Hey look, there's one from Johnny..." Fuma said, pointing to the screen.
Kento clicked on it and the 3 started to scan through the message.
When they were done reading, they all exchanged a glance.
"Well, I guess we'd better go to bed now..." Misaki said. "We have 5 more hours of sleep."
They turned off the lights and quickly doze off.

The next morning, they woke up to the sounds of chirping birds and got dressed.
"God! We're going to be late!" Misaki said worriedly.
"It's all good, we'll make it. We have 15 more minutes." Kento said as he ran downstairs to grab something to eat.
The three of them quickly gobbled down some bread, put on caps and headed off on their bikes.


"It's been months already." Johnny simply said.
"Yeah," the boy replied.
"The girl's still around my precious money-makers and my new-found popular juniors." Johnny said, eying the boy.
"You mean, Hey!Say!JUMP and B.I. Shadow?"
"Yeah, yeah."
"Well, I've been collecting background information."
"Well, make your move, and quickly."
"I will, but I need to get near them."

Johnny scrutinized the boy with a serious expression.
"Alright, I can make that happen. Welcome to Johnny's Entertainment, my little ninja." he said, cracking a smile and turning to the window just in time to see 3 little figures parking their bikes outside the studio.
He laughed maniacally and the boy backed away slowly, confused.


As the 3 boys entered the studio, they were greeted by all the staff and fellow juniors.
"Hello, boys"
Everybody looked towards the stairs to see who was speaking.
When they saw who it was, every single boy in the jimusho stood up and bowed.
"Good morning, Kitagawa-san" they all greeted politely.
"No need for the formalities," Johnny said, scanning the crowd. His eyes stopped and lingered on Kento, Misaki and Fuma.
"Ahh, my BI Shadow!" he smiled, walking towards them.
"I'd like to announce something special!" everybody gathered around when Johnny said that.
"Alright. Well, we all know that this new unit, BI Shadow, has been quite popular. "
The juniors around them murmured in agreement, nodding their heads and smiling.
"WELL, I'd like to see what would happen if we added a new junior -- a fourth member-- to BI Shadow." Johnny exclaimed.

Everything went quiet. There were many whispers of "What? Fourth member?" among the boys of the jimusho.
But upon seeing the serious expression on Johnny Kitagawa's face, they all feinted false excitement.
"Oh, cool!" Fuma said mechanically. "Who is he?"
"Glad you asked," Johnny said, flashing a creepy smile at Fuma, causing him to shiver.
Johnny took no notice of his action, and called his assistant to bring over the new junior.

A boy walked uncomfortably along beside the tall man who was Johnny's assistant, not looking directly in anybody's eyes.
He stared at the floor, pretending to be fascinated with the patterns on the floor, looking like he didn't want to even be here.
He was just a teeny bit shorter than Fuma, and a little taller than Misaki.
Johnny cleared his throat, causing the boy to cringe and look up from the ground.
"Care to introduce yourself?" Johnny asked, once again smiling his creepy smile.
The boy was just as creeped out about the manager's smile as Fuma was, although he had a better control of his facial expression.
His eyes quickly flickered off Johnny's face and looked around at all the junior boys standing around him, waiting for an introduction.

"Uh.." He cleared his throat.
"I'm... Hokuto. Matsumura Hokuto." he said.
There was an awkward silence as everybody else waited for him to speak some more, but he didn't continue on.

"WELL," Kento said, walking towards Hokuto. "I'm Nakajima Kento, nice to - - "
"Yeah, I know." Hokuto said, cutting off his sentence.

Kento blinked.
"Well...anyways, nice to meet you!" he stuck out his hand and smiled at the boy, attempting to make the situation less awkward and to make the him feel welcome.
Hokuto slowly stuck out his hand and shook it.
"Whoaa, what a tight grip," Kento thought, trying to keep the pain off his face.
When they let go of each other, Kento rubbed his hand and sneaked a glance at it. "Crap, he left a mark on my hand! What a strong guy.. Wouldn't wanna mess with this dude!" he started laughing as he imagined trying to fight Hokuto.

"What?" asked Hokuto bluntly.
"Huh?" Kento didn't realize he had laughed out loud. "Oh, nothing. I do that sometimes. You'll get used to it."
"Yeah, it's totally annoying. He used to be all quiet and depressed, and now he's always laughing." Fuma teased.
Kento hit him on the head. "Shuttup."
"I'm Misaki, and this is Fuma." Misaki said, coming up from behind Kento.
"Welcome to Johnny's Entertainment!" Fuma said, laughing.

Hokuto blinked rapidly, and stood there awkwardly while everybody else took turns introducing himself.
Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Johnny Kitagawa slowly backing up the stairs, mouthing the words "I'm counting on you, my little ninja!"
Annoyed, Hokuto quickly looked away and sighed.
"Let's just quickly get this job done." he thought silently.

The next day was the filming of the March Shounen club episodes, and Hokuto was added into the Junior ni Q. segment.
Hokuto was slightly nervous, but decided to become more "excited", as Johnny had suggested.
Last night, when everybody had gone home after a day of work, Johnny had pulled Hokku back into his office and advised him to seem more involved and happy.
Hokuto sighed as he was pulled into the room to talk to Koyama Keiichiro and Nakamaru Yuichi, and quickly put on a smile.

He was really nervous, and said "I'mMatsumuraHokuto" extremely quickly, all in one breath, causing everybody to laugh.
He found it really easy to talk to his seniors, although he still wasn't very comfortable around the camera.
Even though his true intention was not to become famous, he still had lots of fun. "Wow, I'm actually looking forward to performing with BI Shadow now," he found himself thinking after the filming.

But as he walked out of the NHK hall, he saw Kento and the girl.
The one he'd been ordered to get rid of.
He stayed far away, watching the couple laugh and link hands.
Suddenly, Kento turned around and saw him, so he waved him over.
Hokku cautiously walked towards them, keeping an eye on the girl, who looked nothing but warm and welcoming.

"Hey, Hokuto!" Kento said. "How did the filming go?" he asked sincerely.
"Good," Hokku said. Then, in an attempt to seem less cold and distant, he added, "it was funner than I expected." he smiled.
Kento, seeing Hokku become more comfortable around him, became happy.
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to introduce you guys!" he put his arm around the girl.
"This is Sayuki Shizuna, my girlfriend." Then he patted Hokku on the shoulder. "And this, Shii, is Matsumura Hokuto, the new BI Shadow member."

"Ohh, so you're the new kid! Cool, nice to meet you!" Shii said, sticking her hand out to shake his hand.
Again, Hokku slowly took it and shook it. "Nice to meet you too," he said, trying out another smile.
Suddenly, Kento remembered Hokku's tight grip and checked Shii's face for any signs of pain.
"Are you okay?" Kento whispered into her ear inconspiciously.
Shii looked up, puzzled. "Why wouldn't I be?"
They had stopped shaking hands by then, and Kento glanced down at her hand.
"Phew, It's not marked." he thought, relieved. Still, he took her hand in his own and rubbed a soothing circular pattern with his thumb on the back of her hand, in case it really was a tight handshake.

Hokku noticed this, and realized that he had probably shook Kento's hand too hard yesterday.
He couldn't help but let a smile slip.
"Hey you seem pretty happy today," Kento observed.
"Huh?" Hokku said, caught off-guard. "Yeah...I guess." he slowly said.
Shii just smiled at him, which made him look away.
"So this is how it feels to be...happy..." he thought to himself.

"Okay, well..I gotta go home now. I'll see you tomorrow," he told the other two, dismissing himself.
"Alright, See you!" Shii said.
"Byeee," Kento said, waving.
Hokuto walked away, thinking about how nice Shii was.
When he turned around again, she and Kento were walking along the sidewalk, hand in hand, the light of the sunset shining upon them.
They were laughing and playing happily.

When Hokuto arrived at the outside of his small home, he found his soccer ball lying on the floor.
He picked it up, remembering holding it months ago, swearing to get rid of Shii when he first saw her.
"I'm not so sure if I'm doing the right thing anymore..." he said to himself.
"But...An order's an order," he sighed quietly, throwing it into a corner.
He walked up the stairs of the old apartment, greeting his landlady, and entered his room.
He flicked on the light, coming home to a big pile of mess.
He sighed, looking for a new cup of instant noodles.
As he boiled water for his dinner, he looked outside the window and saw a bird.
"I wish I could just be free and fly away to freedom..." he said, watching it.

He sighed for the millionth time of the day, feeling depressed while he slowly ate his cup noodle.

Meanwhile, Shii was lying in her bed, wondering what happened to that little stalker of hers lately.
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looks like troubles brewing even more~!
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oooh! my dear hokkuto's here! oops scratch the dear part!
anyway, i would never thought that he would be johnny's little ninja in here
but then I just can't even imagine having a tight grip on kento's hand.
I feel sorry for kento though.

hmm, i smell something fishy in the end!
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Posted 5/13/09 , edited 5/13/09

Geh-san wrote:

oooh! my dear hokkuto's here! oops scratch the dear part!
anyway, i would never thought that he would be johnny's little ninja in here
but then I just can't even imagine having a tight grip on kento's hand.
I feel sorry for kento though.

hmm, i smell something fishy in the end!

LOL! Yeah, because of his karate skills ♥
Haha, thanks for reading and supporting me ne~

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RandomnessX wrote:

Geh-san wrote:

oooh! my dear hokkuto's here! oops scratch the dear part!
anyway, i would never thought that he would be johnny's little ninja in here
but then I just can't even imagine having a tight grip on kento's hand.
I feel sorry for kento though.

hmm, i smell something fishy in the end!

LOL! Yeah, because of his karate skills ♥
Haha, thanks for reading and supporting me ne~

hehe i know! I love hokuto more because of that! XD
of course..i'll always support you..
i hope you have time to read my fics as well ne~
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Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/15/09

Do you have a suggestion of one that you really want me to read?
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Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/15/09

RandomnessX wrote:

Do you have a suggestion of one that you really want me to read? :D

Hmm..I suggest if you read first my oneshots...since they are easier to read..
i mean you can finish at a short amount of time..hehe
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SORRY FOR THE LATE POST, i had an extremely long writer's block.!
So here, the chapter's a bit long lol.

Chapter Eleven

Fuma left his house and headed towards Kento's. He planned on surprising them since he had nothing better to do with his life on a Saturday morning.
As he approached, he saw Kento, Misaki and Shii leaving the house. He was about to call out to them, when he spotted some movement in the bushes.
"Is this the stalker Shii told me about...?" Fuma thought. He was the only one who knew, because Shii didn't want Misaki or Kento to worry over it, and she knew Fuma wouldn't fuss too much about it.
Fuma decided to stalk the stalker.
He carefully kept his distance and put on a cap and mouth-mask to cover his face. He followed them all the way to the beach, and sat in the shadows, anticipating the stalker's every move.

Meanwhile, Hokuto was just spying on the trio, extremely bored.
He had nobody to talk to. Nobody would even talk to him, aside from Johnny...And, well... B.I. Shadow + Shii.
Those were the only people who would even give a damn about him.
And those were the people he had to hurt, most likely.
He kept a low profile today, not exactly in a rush to somehow make Shii leave Kento, or as Johnny thinks, "better yet, make her leave Japan."
He leaned against a tree in the shadows, slowly getting tired from the soothing sounds of the ocean.
Little does he know, he has a stalker of his own.

Fuma was tempted to text Shii to tell her about what was going on, but he was afraid that the stalker might find out.
So he just stayed put, watching the creeper spy on his friends.
"Holy crap, doesn't this loser ever get tired?" Fuma thought, his legs falling asleep.
He walked around in little circles, waiting for Mr. Stalker to make a move.

After what seemed like ages, Shii got up and headed towards the restroom.
Hokuto swiftly followed in her footsteps, and Fuma followed suit, attracting Kento and Misaki's attention.
The two were about to call out to him, but were signaled to shut up.

Fuma quickly texted them to inform them of what was happening, while keeping a close eye on Shii.

Shii's being stalked.
Found stalker.
Going to keep an eye on them.
If you're following, then be quiet.

He shut his phone and focused on the stalker, hiding close enough to attack if needed.

Hokuto wanted to quickly get over with his job, and needed something to report.
He picked up a soccerball from the ground and played with it while waiting for Shii to come out.
"I'll just throw it at her legs. That way she won't get THAT hurt." he thought to himself, content to find a way to end the day.
The moment Shii came out, Hokku hurled the ball at her legs with all his might.
But just then, Shii bent down to tie her shoes.

"CRAP!" Hokku screamed, having not intending to hurt her.
The ball went full-speed towards Shii's face.
Kento and Misaki ran towards Shii, and at the exact moment that Shii saw their horrified expressions, the ball drilled into the side of her head.
Fuma yelled and attacked Hokuto, who, by reflex, punched him back.
He was a very skilled martial artist indeed. Fuma was flung into a tree trunk, rubbing his throbbing jaw.
Misaki saw this and ran full speed towards Hokku, and pulled off his hat and bandana, revealing the stalker's true identity.

Fuma, Misaki and Hokku froze.
Kento was too busy fussing over Shii, making sure she was okay.
However, she seemed to be perfectly fine, aside from having a coughing fit.
Kento took Shii's head and brought it to his chest, stroking her hair.
"I thought you were going to die," Kento whispered.
Shii looked up, deep into Kento's eyes. "Come on, don't be like that. You're going to make me cry," she said.
"That might make you a bit more normal," Kento said, slipping into a depressed mood, hugging her close to him.

She couldn't help but start crying. Tears slowly formed at the rim of her reddening eyes, soaking into Kento's shirt.
"Ah, so you are normal." Kento teased, using a relieved tone.
But Shii kept crying, her mind not thinking about the soccer ball incident at all.
"He THOUGHT I would die. And he's this sad. I don't even want to imagine what would happen if I really DID have to leave this world..." thinking about that triggered more and more tears, and she struggled to keep them from flowing.

Meanwhile, Fuma and Misaki had Hokku cornered. Hokku didn't intend to fight back; he was too tired of this game.
"I give up," Hokku sighed, sitting on the ground.
Misaki yanked Hokku up, and dragged him towards the now-calm Shii and Kento.

They were surprised at who was behind all this.
"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!!?!?" Kento yelled at Hokku. "What did we ever do to you? What did SHII ever do to you to deserve this?"
Shii was staring at Hokku, analyzing his expression.
"Shh, shh." Shii flapped her arms at Kento. "I'm sure he didn't mean it." She reasoned, trying to defend him.
Hokku was surprised. She was actually trying to help him.
"Are you stupid?" he asked. And it all came flooding out -- the reason he was here, the reason why he was following her.

Ever since he was young, nobody had taken good care of him. His parents left him in the care of an old lady who couldn't care less about him. He did everything by himself.
His family was skilled in karate, so it was a necessity to learn the art, and he became exceptionally good at it.
He became a very independent boy, often cooking his own meals when nobody else did it for him.
One day, he ran away from home, not knowing where to go. He got into a fight with some high school drunkards, when he met Johnny Kitagawa.
Johnny stopped the fight and bought the hungry Hokku dinner, asking him about his life.
He told him: "Why don't you come work for me?"
Hokku automatically agreed, although he knew nothing about what he was getting into.

His job? Getting rid of the girls that were getting too close to the Johnny's boys.
Not that he had to KILL them, but he had to hurt them in some way so that they would eventually leave the boys alone, so Johnny can control them.
And Shii was his latest target.

"But I don't WANT to get rid of her," Hokuto explained, wanting them to know how he feels.
"You guys are the only people who talk to me like a human being. Nobody else cares about me, Johnny only treats me as a 'ninja'! I've never known how to smile, until the day you guys talked to me. I seriously treat you as a friend, and do not wish to do any harm... But as I was aiming for her legs, she bent down!"
Hokku turned to Shii, and bowed deeply. "I'M SO SORRY! Sorry! You could have gotten seriously injured. I hope you'll forgive me." he apologized sincerely, and Shii told him to stand properly.

"It's okay, I could tell you didn't mean it." she said, giving him a litle smile. "I've been through worse. Some 5th grader kicked a soccerball and it hit me right in my face when I was in grade 1. Gave me a nosebleed.." she laughed at the memory.
Hokuto just looked at her, trying to figure out how her mind worked.
How could anybody be that forgiving?

But Misaki and Kento weren't as forgiving. As Fuma looked for ice with Shii, Misaki and Kento yelled and yelled incontrollably at Hokuto.
"YOU KNOW SHE COULD'VE GOTTEN SERIOUSLY HURT RIGHT?" Kento yelled, grabbing Hokku by the collar.
"YEAH, I KNOW." Hokku yelled back, but made no attempt to escape or defend himself when he was punched. He felt too ashamed. Karate, like all martial arts, is used for self-defense. He knew he shouldn't have fought or hurt anybody. He deserved to be hit a few times; they didn't hurt anyways.

Shii and Fuma came back, laughing about something.
When they witnessed the scene before them, Shii stepped in the middle.
"Hey, hey, break it up!" she said, handing them each a bubble tea.
"Let's just enjoy the rest of the day, and not mention this ever again, 'kay?" she suggested.

A crowd of teenagers passed by, smoking. It looked like they were walking in the middle of a cloud, with all that smoke coming from them.
Shii saw, and tried to turn away, but it was too late, she was already coughing badly.
"SHIT!" Misaki yelled. He quickly went over to Shii, and patted her back.
"QUICK! We need to go to the hospital!" He said to the others.
Kento was tired out from attacking Hokku, and Fuma's shoulders were hurting from colliding with the tree.
Hokuto, being both tall and strong, picked up Shii and started running.

The other 3 were still standing in the same spot, stunned. They never expected that.
Hokku saw they did not follow, and yelled over his shoulder, "YOU COMING OR NOT?"
The three snapped out of their little phase, and ran behind, following them.

Shii was still coughing uncontrollably when they arrived from the hospital, and Misaki had to inform the nurse on her condition.
He had no choice but to say it out loud, in front of the others.
"She's suffering from lung cancer. A bunch of smokers were passing by, and probably triggered her sickness."
Misaki wasn't enthusiastic about letting the others know this way, but there was no other choice.
Before he turned away from the nurse, he could already imagine their expressions.

He took a deep breath and looked at them.
They had looks of horror plastered on their faces.

After a long silence, Kento whispered, "Lung cancer?"

Misaki nodded slowly and reluctantly. "Yeah."

And tears started to form in the eyes of all four boys.
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