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Last chapterr!!

FINAL CHAPTER: Chapter 12.

Chapter Twelve

It had been a week since Shii's sickness had been revealed.
She had started crying and apologizing when she found out that B.I. Shadow knew about her lung cancer. Fuma, Kento and Hokuto were mad at her for thinking like that.

Somehow, a bond and been created between the 3 original B.I. Shadow members and Hokuto after what he did to help them.
He had promised to never do any dirty work for Johnny ever again, even if it DID mean that Johnny would fire him and he would have nowhere to go.

Today, Shii was going to be released from the hospital, and Hey! Say! JUMP, B.I. Shadow, Reiko, Ayumi and Mika would be there for her.
She was glad that she didn't have to hide the fact that she was sick anymore; it was like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.
And having all her friends with her was just what she needed. It already felt like an awesome day, although it was only 8 in the morning.
One by one, 17 people piled into the room and helped clean up and pack.

Hikaru and Daiki took her bags, Misaki went to check her out of the hospital, Kento led her out the door, Yabu brought fruits for her while Ryosuke was inconspiciously eyeing the strawberries.

Everyone was in a chipper mood, chatting happily about frivolous things like the weather -- at least, until Shii stopped walking and was staring straight at a couple standing in front of Kento's house.

"Mom?" she suddenly realized it was her parents. "Dad?!?"
She ran towards them, and the family hugged.
"What are you guys doing in Japan??" Shii asked, smiling.
Her parents looked at each other, and back at her. Then they glanced at the crowd of people who were standing there awkwardly, witnessing their family reunion.

"WHOA!" Her mom gasped.
"WHAT?!!?" Shii whipped her head around to see what was wrong, but all she saw were the confused faces of her friends.
"ISN'T THAT HEY!SAY!JUMP? AND DAIKI ARIOKA? THE GUY ON YOUR LAPTOP WALLPAPER??" she asked loudly, looking quite surprised.
"MOOOM!!" Shii yelled to try to cover up what she was revealing to the world.
The members of Hey! Say! JUMP just chuckled, amused.

"Hey! Misaki!" Shii's father waved when he spotted him.
"Hi uncle! Hi auntie!" Shii's mother walked over and gave him a hug too.

"Oh yeah, So this is Hey! Say! JUMP, as you already know," Shii introduced the members.
"Oh and that's Daiki." Her mother said when it was his turn to be introduced.
Shii groaned inwardly. "Yeah, it is."
"And this is Reiko, Ayumi, and Mika." The girls bowed.
"And finally, Fuma and Hokuto." they waved. " They're in the same band as Nakaken and Misaki."

At that moment, Kento's mother came out of the house to see what the commotion was, and the 3 adults were in deep conversation.

The 18 teenagers hung out in Kento's yard, where music was being played, everyone was singing, dancing and eating.
But as time droned on, Shii's parents made an announcement.

"Shii, it's time to go."
"Where?" she asked.
"But.. I'm already AT home.." she said confused. "Oh, did you want me to come to your hotel today or something?" she smiled
"No, we're heading back to Canada."

And everybody froze.
Nobody made a sound, nobody dared to breathe.
They were too shocked to think, let alone move.

And then, it seemed as if everybody was yelling at once.

Everybody's questions were in the air, reflecting the ones that Shii had deep in her own mind.
"Why though? You said I could stay in Japan!" Shii complained.
"No, if you remember correctly, we said you could stay until you got sick again." her father corrected her.
"That's true," Misaki whispered to Shii.
"But that's not fair! You can't just come...and make me leave everything here!!" Shii broke down, tears swimming in her eyes.

Her parents took a step towards her.
"Honey, you need to go and get treatment!"
Shii took a step back, and turned around, running to the park.

Her father was going to follow, but Mrs. Nakajima placed her hand on his arm.
"I think you should let her calm down a bit," she suggested.
He nodded, sat down and placed his head in his hands.

A few minutes later, everybody realized that Kento had disappeared.
"He probably went to comfort her," Daiki said.
Everybody nodded in agreement, and sat patiently, waiting for them to return.

At the park, Kento found Shii crying silently in the kiddy tunnel.
He went to the opening, and stuck his hand in there.
Shii looked up, puffy-eyed, and took it. He dragged her out of the tunnel and pulled her into a hug, letting her cry until she could cry no more.
Kento knew exactly what Shii needed, and it was a shoulder to cry on. And silence. Not a lecture.
Telling her "Everything's going to be okay" would make everything worse, and he knew it.

So he waited until she calmed down before he spoke.
"Maybe going back to Canada to recieve treatment would be what's best for you," even as he said it, his heart was in pain.
"No." she simply replied, stubborn as ever.
"Why not?"
"Because what?"
"Because you're here."
"And...?" Kento asked, already knowing the answer.
"And that means you're not in Canada." she simply stated.
"I knew it." Kento sighed.
"You know, you could always go get treatment and come back, right?" he asked her.
"Yeah, but who knows when that will be?" She asked.
"I don't know, but whenever it is, I'll be waiting for you." he said sweetly, looking into her eyes.

Embarrassed, Shii looked pulled her eyes away from his gaze.
"But it could take years... Or maybe, what if I never get better?"
"That's too bad then, you'll have a disease, AND you'll have to deal with me." Kento teased. "But seriously. Your number one priority is your health. If you're not here anymore, who will be able to replace you?"
"That's so corny," Shii finally laughed.
"I know," he said. "but it's true."
And he leaned down, placing his lips on hers.
She was surprised, but happily closed her eyes to kiss him back.

A minute later, they heard some coughing. They pulled apart, looking for who it was.
"Whoohoo, cheesy lovebirds, down here!" called Fuma.
Shii blushed. How embarrassing.
Kento just brushed his comment aside, not affecting him at all.
"Ready to go back home?" he asked Shii.
She nodded, and was pulled towards the slide. They slid off of the playset and chased after Fuma, who was still making fun of them.
After a while though, he said, "But anyways, I agree with Kento. You should go to Canada and treat your health first"

Shii thought it over, and reluctantly agreed.
"You guys won't forget, or ignore me next time I come right?" she asked.
"Depends if you bring us souveniers," Fuma joked.
"Alright then, a maple leaf for Fuma."
"WHAT??" he yelled.

Kento and Shii laughed, as they walked home hand in hand, followed by a complaining Fuma.

When they reached the house, everybody was worried sick.

Shii bowed. "I'm really sorry, for causing so much trrouble." she said. "But I've thought things over, and decided to go back to Canada for the time being."
Her parents smiled, and relaxed.

Her friends sighed. "We understand," they said. "Health should be your number one priority~"
Everybody was crowding around her, wishing her all the best.
"We'll be waiting for you, alright?" Keito said, giving her a reassuring pat on her shoulder.
"Thanks," she said.
"Maybe we could have a special performance, just for you!" Ryutaro suggested.
"Ch'yeah, featuring DAIKI ARIOKA." Inoo laughed.

"REALLYY?" Shii's eyes brightened at that comment, and everybody just laughed.
"Really." Daiki said, smiling.
"But only if you promise to come back to Japan, and entertain us all one day." Hikaru added, poking her cheek.
"It's a deal," Shii happily complied to his request.
That night was definitely one of the best nights of her life.

The next morning, every single one of them were with her at the airport.
As they were all exchanging teary goodbyes and hugs, Shii said to Hokku:
"Hey, just pretend you got rid of me, alright?"
"Then you can stay in JE right?"
"Maybe, but.."
"Don't worry. The next time I get back, we'll think of a plan to change that old man." Shii said determinedly.
"And we'll help," the members of HSJ and B.I. Shadow chimed in.
"You've now got a bunch of friends looking out for you, Hokku," Shii said to him.
"So don't disappear from the agency, we need you. For the time being, let's pretend you got rid of me, alright?" Shii said, lightly punching him.

Hokku looked around at all his new friends, and grinned.
"Alright. And we will all be waiting for you to come back, so don't disappoint us, okay?" he asked back.
It was Shii's turn to grin.
"Alright, it's a deal."

She turned to Kento, and they had a big, long hug.
Soon after, she felt another set of arms around her. It was Fuma.
Then another set. It was Reiko. Then, more and more people joined this group hug until every single person was included.
Kento just laughed, and quickly kissed Shii.
"That's something they can't ever join in," he whispered into her ear.

She laughed, and the everybody let go.
The last of the goodbyes were said, and Shii was heading off to her flight, getting farther away with every step.

At last, she was through the gate, and was extremely determined.
"I've made a promise. It's a promise I intend to keep. Look out Japan, I will be back. All the bad things that have happened up to this day will forever be locked... in the shadow of our hearts."

And everybody else was thinking the exact same thing.

~~The End ~~
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23 / F / Yuto's BED!!!(:
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will there be a sequel???
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uwaa...i demand for a special PART!
you left me hanging in here
but overall!
I love it!!!
hokuto's finally found some friends!!
and what a happy ending for shii and kento!
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xiaoqian94 wrote:

will there be a sequel???

Lol, MAYBE :3
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Geh-san wrote:

uwaa...i demand for a special PART!
you left me hanging in here
but overall!
I love it!!!
hokuto's finally found some friends!!
and what a happy ending for shii and kento!

LOL! Thanks for reading ♥♥
Haha, I will try to write one :3
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