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Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09

miki goes first!
miki is a great artist who loves to draw whatever she would like to.she`s really good at giving amu advices and makes amu a more better and supportive person. so if any advice just ast miki!:D
okay now is ran
ran is a sporty girl who does practicly all sports there really is!one is ballet,soccer,bolly ball ,dodgeball,and more of thoses sports.ran is also making amu feel better by telling her stuff kinda hard to explain!
and just if you thought we were going to leave up su here she is
she enjoys cooking meals that everyone will enjoy!although sometimes she could get a bit too much spoiled and make bad things happen like make a plate full of done well cooked cookies split into the floor but suddenly picking it up with her green towel.
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