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Posted 2/17/09
Episode 17: Capture his heart! Heart-throbbing farm work

Fujimura-sempai (aka Fujipi) asks Honoka to help with the harvest on a farm owned by another soccer-player's grandfather, and they need all the help they can get, so invite anyone else she knows. Honoka, of course, invites Nagisa, knowing full well that Nagisa has the hots for Fujipi-sempai, hoping they'll get to know each other better. Of course, she doesn't tell Nagisa that Fujipi will be there until after she accepts the invitation to help out.

If you haven't caught on by now from the earlier episodes, any time Nagisa interacts with Fujipi-sempai, it's complete comedy. She gets embarrassed from head to toe any time he even looks at her. Since they're getting to spend most of an episode together, most of this episode is pure comedy.

Kiriya (a spy from the Dotsuku Zone, Poisonny's little brother, and also on the soccer team) comes along as well, and ends up being the only other soccer player there besides Fujipi and Kimata. They all pair up, Kimata with his grandmother, and Honoka quite conveniently suggests that Nagisa and Fujipi pair up, and Kiriya can come with her.

Lessons are learned in both pair-ups. Nagisa does the learning in her pair, and Honoka does the teaching in hers.

Funny moments (not counting Nagisa/Fujipi interactions, which are a given) :

Other notes:

This episode rates far higher on my favorites list than the previous one. We get a good deal of character development here for both Nagisa and Kiriya.

Your thoughts?
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Posted 7/14/09
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