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Keep inviting your friends to join Skip Beat! World!

Once you become a new member of this group, you already gain points!
=Please refer to the rest of this guidebook for credit legend/ criteria.

Keep Yourself Active in this group! Upload pics/videos/ post at forums/ RP/ make friends within this group/ invite more people to join our group/ suggest ideas which could benefit you, everyone, and the whole group!
= You don't have to come like the whole time, but when you participate in our forum and help make our group alive, then of course you will gain points!

Participate in Competitions and Games at the forums!
= your points will be based on the criteria given. Both Winners and Non- Winners will receive points!

Member of the Year, Moderator of the Year/ Month, Monthly Hall of Fame, Recognized Member of the Week, Member's Quote of the Week, Avatar and Banner of the Week winners will also receive points!
= Please refer to the rest of this guidebook for credit legend/ criteria.

Moderators are part of the credit earnings. Active Moderators will also receive points! Moderators can also join in competitions to receive points!


First, you must become a member.

Keep Yourself Active in the group.

If you have proven yourself active by showing your participation, then you can apply for a moderator! We'll gladly accept you onboard because we definitely need staff crew members!


Avatar and Banner of the Week~ competition is done weekly and will be judged by the Moderators. Your banner will be posted at the main page, or your avatar will then be used as the official group avatar for one week. Another work will then be chosen for the next week depending on the contestants who joined. If there are no members for that week, the last week's winning avatar will remain as it is. Winner/s will gain points.

Member's Quote of the Week~ quotes/ sayings of a member will be chosen every week. The quote will be posted at the main page of our group. Winner will gain points.

Recognized Member of the Week~ an active member of that week will be chosen. name will be posted on the main page. Winner will receive points.

Monthly Hall of Fame~ list of active members; winners of competitions, recognized member of the week, member's quote of the week, avatar/ banner of the week winners. This will be placed on the main page. Each of them will gain points.

Member of the Month/ Year~ highest position with incredible points rewarded to a winner. the most active member participating in the group or the member with the most points (they still sound the same) accumulated within a month. Name will be posted at the main page. winner will gain points.

Moderator of the Month/Year~ the highest position with incredible points rewarded. The most active moderator of the group of the month or the moderator with the most points accumulated within a year. Both names or one name (if she/he have both) will be posted at the main page of the group. winners will gain points.


New Members = 5 credits (worth 50 points)

Uploads (Pics/ Video/ links to downloads of Skip Beat! manga and/or anime) = 6 credits (worth 60 points)

Forum Post (at any part of the forum except RP) = 7 credits (worth 70 points)

RP = 8 credits (worth 80 points)

Avatar and Banner of the Week = +10 credits (worth 100 points)

Member's Quote of the Week = +20 credits (worth 200 points)

Recognized Member of the Week = +30 credits (worth 300 points)

Monthly Hall of Fame = +50 credits (worth 500 points)

Member of the Month = +80 credits (worth 800 points)

Moderator of the Month = +100 credits (worth 1,000 points)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here! Thank you!
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